Marije Demuynck was married to a famous Swedish criminal named Clark Olofsson. He’s well known for doing a big robbery in 1973 and for being part of why people talk about something called Stockholm Syndrome in psychology.

Marijke Demuynck’s Early Life

Marijke Demuynck is a woman from Belgium born in 1957. We don’t know much about her early life, but she married Clark Olofsson in 1976 when she was 19 years old going against her parents.

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Marijke Demuynck with other hostages in 1973 Bank Robbery.

Similarly, Marijke worked as a director at Philips, a big electronics company, which means she was part of a rich and important family.

Marijke Demuynck’s Married Life

The media personage Demuynck is married to well-known Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson, famous for his involvement in the 1973 Norrmalmstorg robbery. They met in 1976 while Clark was fleeing from the police. Marije, from a wealthy family, fell in love with Clark despite his criminal past. They got married at the Kumla Prison in Sweden, where Olofsson was serving time for robbing a bank.

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Marijke Demuynck was married to Clark Oloffson. Image Source: Pinterest

However, the love mates’ marriage ended in 1999, and Clark briefly got engaged to another woman named Angelique, with whom he has a son. In an interview in April 2018, Clark mentioned he and Marije still keep in touch and talk often. Likewise, Marije prefers a private life away from the media.

Mother Of Three Kids

Marijke and Clark had three sons: David, Donegal, and Dorian. But what are they up to now? The notorious criminal Oloffson wanted his sons to have a regular life while he was in jail. He mentioned in a talk from 2000 that his kids were studying in Belgium.

Also, David, their oldest son, is famous for making music and playing piano with his Viking Trio all across Belgium. The other sons, Dorian and Donegal, keep their lives private and don’t use social media much. It’s not clear if they still talk to their dad.

The Women in Clark Olofsson’s Life: A Closer Look

The Swedish gangster Olofsson had been involved with several women throughout his life. Before marrying Marijke, he was engaged to Madiore Britmer in 1967, a few years before marrying Marijke.

Apart from Marijke, Olofsson had relationships with other women before and has two daughters from his past affairs. One of these relationships was with Angelique, who is the mother of one of his six children. However, the identities of the mothers of some of his children remain unknown.

To add more, Clark himself mentioned that he and Marijke didn’t part ways on bad terms after their marriage. He stated in 2018 that they still stay in touch and have a friendly relationship.

Who Is Clark Olofsson? Why Is He Notoriously Famous?

The media sensation Olofsson, later called Daniel Demuynck, is a Swedish person who did bad things and went to jail a lot for trying to hurt people, stealing, and selling drugs. He’s been in prison in Sweden for a long time and got famous for being a criminal. Clark was part of a robbery where people got taken hostage in a bank, and that’s why people talk about “Stockholm Syndrome” now.

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Marijke Demuynck’s ex-husband Clark Oloffson was a notorious gangster.

When the household name was a kid, his family had a lot of problems with alcohol. His parents split up, and his mom got sick and had to stay in a hospital. Clark and his siblings had to live with another family because of that.

Similarly, when he was a teenager, Clark got in trouble for stealing vegetables from a politician’s garden and later for being involved in a burglary where someone got killed. He spent time in jail for that.

In the 1970s, during a bank robbery, a guy asked for Oloffson’s help while he was in prison. Clark got involved, but he was sent back to jail afterward for being part of the plan.

In addition, Clark kept getting in trouble even after that. He got caught smuggling drugs and went to jail in Belgium and Denmark. He changed his name after one release but got caught again for more drug stuff.

In 2018, the Swedish descent got out of jail and went back to Sweden. He’d spent a lot of time in jail in different countries, and people heard he got out again in 2018.

Bill Skarsgård Talks about Portraying Clark in ‘Clark’ on Netflix

The Netflix series “Clark” is based on the book written by Swedish criminal Olofsson called “Vafan var det som hände?” Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the show has gotten really good reviews because of its exciting story and the great acting by the cast.

Actor Bill Skarsgård(Eija Skarsgard and Valter Skarsgard‘s brother), who plays Clark, said he used the director’s ideas and studied the character a lot to act like Clark, showing his personality and charm. The show excitingly tells Clark’s story, even if some parts might be a bit exaggerated, it still tries to stay true to how things happened in Olofsson’s interesting life.

Where Is Marijke Demuynck Now?

The stunning lady Marije likes to keep to herself and doesn’t usually like being in the news or public eye. But from what we know, she lives in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium, and has a job as a supervisor.

How Rich Is Marijke Demuynck?

We’re not sure how much money Demuynck has, but she might have inherited a lot from her dad’s business. She’s good at photography and works as a supervisor in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium. She probably lives comfortably and is likely doing well financially.

Conversely, Clark, Marijke’s ex-husband, gathered around $8 million from his criminal activities in the past. However, money earned through crime often doesn’t stick around for long. After his time in prison, Olofsson is living an ordinary life now and has a net worth of about $1.3 million.

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