Susie Feldman is a famous model and TV star who was on a show called The Two Coreys on A&E from 2007 to 2008. She also posed for Playboy magazine. She used to be married to an actor and singer named Corey Feldman, and they have a son together.

Susie Feldman’s Early Life

Susie Sprague Feldman was born in San Bernardino, California, on June 7, 1982. Her mom is Sue Egberts and her dad is Scott Sprague. She has a sister named Morgan Leiter who works in fashion.

Moreover, the gorgeous lady went to Santiago High School in 2000 and lived in Corona, California before she became famous as a model.

How Is Susie Feldman’s Married Life?

The 41-year-old Feldman is an actress, model, and TV personality. She used to be married to singer Corey Feldman, and they have a son named Zen Scott Feldman born on August 7, 2004. They got married on a show called The Surreal Life on October 30, 2002, but later divorced on August 28, 2014.

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Susie Feldman with her ex-spouse Corey Feldman. Image Source: PEOPLE

Even though Susie and her ex-husband aren’t together anymore, they both care a lot about their son Zen. Susie works hard to give Zen a happy and stable home. She’s a caring mom.

Second Marriage

The sizzling woman Susie met Andy Lerman, her second spouse, at Lionsgate Studios where he works as a Senior Art Director. They got engaged in 2014 and tied the knot on New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2014. While there aren’t many details about their wedding, it seems they’re happily married and enjoy their life together.

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Susie Feldman with her husband and children. Image Source: Instagram@susannah_sprague

Together, they have two kids: Zen from Feldman’s first marriage and Andi Sage Lerma from Andy’s past relationship. They’re both committed to giving their children a caring and supportive home.

Similarly, Susie’s ex-beau Corey married Courtney Anne Mitchell in 2016 but is now separating after seven years of courtship.

How Is Susie Feldman’s Professional Life?

Feldman started as a model for magazines like Stuff and Playboy. Then she got a role in a reality show called The Two Coreys, where she starred with her husband at the time, Corey. She’s been on more reality shows like Howard Stern, The Surreal Life, and High Chaparall. Also, get to know about another model Emily Greinke

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Susie Feldman with her second hubby. Image Source: Instagram@susannah_sprague

In 2014, the pretty lady showed up on a TV show called E! True Hollywood Story: Reality Splits. Feldman has also acted in movies like Lucky Frits and Terror Inside. Likewise, the media sensation will be appearing in the Midnight Massacre.

Who Is Corey Feldman?

Corey Scott Feldman is a big deal in showbiz. You might’ve seen him in movies like Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand by Me, and The Lost Boys opposite Jami Gertz. He even lent his voice to characters in films like The Fox and the Hound and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Moreover, the renowned personage grew up in Reseda, California, with his folks Bob and Sheila. His dad was into music, and his mom worked as a waitress. Corey’s been open about feeling like his parents used him for money when he was a kid actor.

Meanwhile, the media star won quite a few awards for his acting, like the Jackie Coogan Award for Stand by Me and the Young Artist Award for The Lost Boys. They even gave him a Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 and an Eyegore Award for his scary movie work in 2007.

Besides acting, Corey’s made six albums, done tours with his band, “The Truth Movement,” and performed solo. Off the screen, he’s all about supporting causes like PETA for animals, the Amie Karen Cancer Fund, and Global Green for the environment. He’s also a big advocate for CHILD USA, helping kids who’ve been through tough stuff get justice.

Susie Feldman’s Net Worth

The ex-celebrity wife Susie used to act and was once married to actor Corey Feldman. Her money is estimated at around $1 million. When they split, she got $700 each month for child support and a 2002 Hyundai car.

On the other side, Feldman is an American actor and singer. He’s been in lots of movies and TV shows and has made several albums. People think he’s worth about $1 million. His big break was in the adventure comedy movie The Goonies in 1985, where he made a hefty $61.5 million.

In addition, Susie and her former partner aren’t together anymore. Susie married Andy Lerma. Corey’s ex-wife, Anne Mitchell, is a Canadian model and is worth about $4 million. She starred in some of Corey’s music videos.

Instagram Presence

Susie Feldman is an actress, model, and TV star from America. She’s become famous for being on reality TV shows. She’s also active on Instagram, where she has lots of followers.

On Instagram, Susie has more than 2.2 thousand people following her with the username @susannah_sprague. She uses her account to share bits of her life and career. She posts pictures of her family, friends, and trips. Her husband, Andy Lerman, and their son Zen Scott Feldman often show up in her posts.

Susie also uses Instagram to talk about her work and chat with her fans. She shares sneak peeks from her projects and talks to her followers in the comments.

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