Maria Hippolyte is a professional stunt woman who is best known for her competitions at the International level. She is also known for her personal training and individual coaching.

She began her career in the Hollywood industry as a stunt performer and did the biggest Characters in DC Extended Universe Including Black Panther (2018).

The actress was born on the 11th of august and she mentioned in a live interview that she does not like to disclose the year when she was born. Maria is originally from east London and currently resides in America.

Net Worth: $3 Million

Maria Hippolyte’s net worth is estimated at $3 million, and most of her wealth comes from her profession. Her net worth is similar to American actress Shannon Woodward.

maria hippolyte
Maria Hippolyte shows gratitude for having thick hair. Source: [email protected]_x_

She has always given undeniable daring efforts to make a scene in the movie or an entire film so special for the audience. Maria started doing acrobats and gymnastics at a very young age and was always interested in them. Later she became an established and extremely talented stunt, woman and actress.

Hippolyte as a kid

Maria Hippolyte started off doing gymnastics when she was a little kid, She was a very joyous as well as an extrovert kid who love dancing and getting involved in other stuff after her school. She states in a podcast that she was super active during middle school.

Furthermore, she mentioned that she took Btech national diploma course on performing art from where she learned acting and singing.

Trained as a professional Dancer

Black Panther stunt woman Maria believes that dance is the best form of expression of the body, mind, and soul. Maria’s friends used to pursue different activities during their spare time for engaging themselves to get rid of boredom. Whereas She used to occupy her free time by dancing but later on her hobbies turns into passion.

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Maria Hippolyte showing off some gymnastics.Source: [email protected]_x_

She joined the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and trained professionally for more than 2.5 years and holds a degree in Art and dancing. After finishing her course she taught dance for a year.

Millennium Dome Show

Justice League performer Maria began to perform in the millennium dome shown in London after holding a degree in professional dancing.

She was part of the new generation of circus performers who had never done circus and had been trained up to do this big show however she ended up doing it for a year and a half.

Additionally, she had done circus acts with another three girls from her tribe and they were the only women who are performing in the circus out of the whole circus community. while being part of the circus she got an opportunity to have a tour around America as well as went to the commonwealth of the game and performed for the crowd that was coming out of the games to keep them entertained and level up the atmosphere.

Maria was part of the circus for more than eleven years where she and her crew member used to go to different kinds of festivals in order to promote and act. The last show she did was Badman live which was a big arena show that toured all over the UK, Europe, South America, and, North America. Throughout her circus journey, she gets to travel a lot.

Stunt Journey

Wonder Women actress Maria was always waiting and wanting to do stunts that were the only thing that was on her mind. However, at the same time, she was from East London and her mom didn’t use to have much money. The actress knew that it wasn’t gonna be an easy road to go down because learning stunt is quite expensive.

Stunt and learning discipline used to cost a good sum of money but she never gave up and waited for her time and sees how it goes

Finally, she was able to perform a stunt show in Germany which she states wasn’t good enough but she set her mindset for like one hundred percent that she wanna continue doing it and money would not be the reason for her passion.

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Maria Hippolyte performing a stunt.Source: [email protected]_x_

Maria started doing a job that pays her a good amount and from her hard-earned money, she learned gymnastics, High driving and Trampolin at the beginning of her session. The actress didn’t have to struggle much for learning daring sports because of her acrobatic agility so she learned them pretty quickly.

She was so dedicated that everything was out of the window and trained herself hard and quickly as she can so that will not take much of her time. Likewise, she was able to complete it in two and a half years and got a British Stunt register.

Friends with Chadwick Boseman

Maria Hippolyte used to share a good bond with American actor Chadwick Boseman. After the death of Chadwick actress got shattered by the death and wrote condolence to Chadwick.

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Maria Hippolyte and Chadwick together in a single frame. Source: [email protected]_x_

On every death anniversary of Chadwick, she posts a picture of him and writes an emotional note.


Nu Than Chien Binh performer Maria Hippolyte never got paired up with any of her co-stars and never got into any controversy regarding her past or present relationship.

The actress keeps her relationship status lowkey private.

Sibling: Leon Hippolyte

Avenger: Infinity War stunt performer Maria is very secretive about her personal life and never discloses any private things. However, She keeps on posting his older siblings’ pictures on her Instagram account.

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Maria Hippolyte’s big brother enjoys the car drifting. Source: [email protected]_x_

The Actress’s brother was born with a disability and was taking care of his brother but on April 23, 2019, he left the world. Maria was shattered by the death of her loving brother Leon. She wrote condolence to Leon and said

Can not believe I’m saying this but yesterday afternoon My Big Brother Leon passed away sadly.
Always smiling and laughing despite his disability ….will miss him dearly …… Love you always Leon ❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔❤️💫💫

Except for Leon Actress never mention any details or pictures of other siblings.

Biggest Movies: Black Panther

Maria Hippolyte is best known for her character Dora Milaje in the movie Black Panther. Her role as a personal bodyguard and royal security is praised by the audience.

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Maria Hippolyte posted a picture of her from the set of Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Source: [email protected]_x_

Black Panther was released on February 16, 2018, which did a good box office collection of $1.348 billion and has an IMDb rating of 7.3/10. Black Panther is the most popular movie of 2018 and ranked as a top ten movie.

She performed stunts in various movies like Black Panther (2018), Avenger End Games (2016), Wonder Woman(2017), and Spiderman: Far From Home.

Social media

Spiderman: Far From Home stunt women Maria has a strong social media presence though she has a fewer number of followers.

She keeps on posting her achievements and pictures of herself. Maria is followed by 2K people on her Instagram account:Mariahyppolyte_x_ . On her Twitter account:@mariahippolyte she has 7k followers and launched her account on 2009.

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