Justin Dior Combs is a rising American footballer who is more widely recognized for being the son of the Sean Combs aka P Diddy. He was designated 132nd in the Commer category and the ‘ESPN’ designated him in the fifth spot as New York’s best team recruit.

Dior blessed his parents with his arrival on the 30th of December, 1993, and was raised alongside his sibling in Mount Vernon, New York by his parents. He holds the zodiac sign Capricorn. From an early age, he was interested in playing football and participated in many games.

The Physical Appearance Of Combs

Justin prefers to keep his physical appearance as a model and always fresh. With innocent black eyes and auburn natural black hair, he is really attractive. He is seen wearing his shades most of the time.

Justin Dior Combs With Cilvil Regime Outfit
Justin Dior Combs With Civil Regime Outfit
source: Biography Mask

His measurements includes a height of 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm) and maintains a weight of around 77 kg. His vital statics are 40-36-38 inches and flex the bicep by 12 inches. Likewise, talking about his footwear, Dior’s feet are in the shoe size of 8 (US). He has tattoos on his body.

Educational Background

Dior is the first one in his family to graduate from the university located in Los Angeles, California. Despite lots of controversies and criticism, he graduated from his university in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology. He got a sports scholarship when he was in the university.

Justin Dior Combs on the day of his graduation with his first roommate
Justin Dior Combs on the day of his graduation with his first roommate
Source: Instagram @prinncejdc

While in high school and university, Justin was on the football team, and his potential as a footballer was clearly seen by others. Besides this, he has not given any information regarding his academic life like educational institution names.

Criticized For Getting Scholarship

Due to his exceptional football skill, Justin Dior Combs was accepted into University on a scholarship. The amount of scholarship is believed to be $54 thousand. Many people criticized him for accepting the scholarship because his father could pay his fees with ease and the scholarship is meant to be for someone who really needs it.

However, the celebrity child Dior says that he received the scholarship on the basis of merit and it has nothing to do with his family and family’s financial situation.

Family Background

The Rising American footballer, Dior comes from a reputed family. His father Sean has many admirers all over the globe known for his rapping and singing. Likewise, his mother Mysa Hilton Brim has a popular name in the fashion world.

Justin Dior combs with his mother and father
Justin Dior Combs with his mother and father.
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He is loved by his parents which can be seen by the headlines that are created after Sean gave expensive gifts to him. Coming from a reputed family, Dior is living a luxurious life.

Half – Siblings

Justin Dior Combs is not the only child of his parents and has many siblings. His mother has got two children from her previous relationship and also he has many siblings from his paternal side. The footballer loves his siblings equally and is close to them.

Justin Dior Combs with his siblings 1
Justin Dior Combs with his siblings
Source; Liverampup

Mylsa from her previous relationship with a music executive, JoJo Brim welcomed a son and a daughter with the name Niko Brim and Madison Brim. Likewise, his father has also many children including Christian, Jones, and Quincy with other women.

Relationship Status

Justin Combs is rumored to be in a relationship with Chaney Jones. The rumor flared when both celebrities posted a picture of a beach in Greece filled with blue and white umbrellas from the same exact spot and view.

Justin Dior Combs and his former love Saweetie
Justin Dior Combs and his former love Saweetie
source: CapitaXtra

However, no official confirmation has been done by any of them. Chaney is previously known for being romantically linked with Kanye West.

Similarly, the footballer, Combs has also been in a relationship with many females like Saweetie, and Kaila Wilkey including the one whom his father has dated.

Dior and His Father Dated The Same Girl

The father of Dior, popularly known as Diddy was spotted in multiple places with Lori Harvey, daughter of the famous tv personality Steve Harvey and his third wife.

Justin Dior Combs’s name is also on the list among many famous personalities Lori was also involved romantically like Future and Trey Songz. Currently, she went public with Michael B Jordan in 2021 but broke up in 2022.

Father – Sean Combs

Sean is a notable rapper who has contributed to American music with many hits like Can’t nobody hold me down and No way out. Besides rapping Sean is also involved in recording executive and entrepreneurship.

He was the son of US Air Force officer Melvin Earl Combs and his model and educator wife Janice Combs when he was born on November 4th, 1969 in New York City. Sean was just two years old when his father was killed by a gunshot inside his car.

Sean Combs. father of Justin Dior Combs 1
Sean Combs. father of Justin Dior Combs
source: IMDb

Popular with the stage name Diddy, Sean worked in Uptown Records as a director for a certain period of time and started his own recording label. His recording label Bad Boys Recording was established in 1993 and has produced many stars like The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, and Usher.

Throughout his career, Sean has 53 credits as a producer in his IMDb profile and has lots of hit projects. For the appreciation of his work, Diddy was awarded accolades like Grammy Awards three times, and MTV Video Music Awards twice.

Mother – Mylsa Hylton

Mylsa is a famous fashionista and has designed dresses that are worn by many rappers. Her name is a renowned one in the fashion industry. The celebrated artist that wears the style of Mylsa is Lil’ Kim and Mary J. Blige.

Mylsa Hylton Mother of Justin Dior Combs 1
Mylsa Hylton, Mother of Justin Dior Combs
Source: Popular Bio

She was born on January 6, 1973, and was raised in the same town as her husband Sean. The fashionista completed her education at Harvard University and pursued her career in styling.

In her initial dress, Hyton struggled much to stabilize her career and one reason for that is her being a woman of color. However, due to her hardships and struggles, she holds a place and position in the world of fashion and her style and clothes are worn by many celebs.

Dior’s Father Was Arrested On Campus

No way out singer, Combs was arrested for assaulting the strength and conditioning Coach of the University of California Los Angeles college team. This happened way back in 2015 when the singer visited the college with his son.

It was reported that Diddy used Kettle Ball which was deemed a deadly weapon by the police. As no one got injured in the act he was released on the same night of the incident.

In addition, Dior shared the picture of his father in school pants and says he loves his supportive father.

Was Ticketed In Miami

Son of Diddy, Dior was ticketed to Miami when he and his friends were jet skiing without wearing a vest. According to Miami’s marine Patrol team, the footballer and his friend were towed down to the shore by them.

However, this incident has not affected the career of the rising footballer and is doing well in his life. Looks like he loves to spend quality time with his friends and is adventurous.

Justin’s Father Gives Expensive Gifts To His Family Member

The father of the rising football star Dior, Sean is known to spend a huge amount of money on giving gits to his family members and close ones. Sean gave a $1 Million cheque and Bentley to his mother on her 80th birthday commenting that all he achieved was because of his mother.

Similarly, he gifted Dior with a Maybach car that costs $360 thousand on his sixteenth birthday and also additionally Justin received a chauffeur with the car.


Justin Dior Combs is making his career in the field of football. Being a football enthusiast from his early days he participated in many games during his high school and university days.

Justin and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs On CBS Sports

Victor Quinlo guided him in improvising his football skills when he was at a young age. He played a quarterback in his senior days even though he played in comerback. He was entitled to many accolades for his exceptional skills which include All-League, All-City, All-State, and All-American Performer.

Besides football, he has also made his appearance on TV with one of his half-brothers. The show was ‘MTV’s My Super Sweet 16’. Similarly, he has also been involved in endorsing brands.

Net Worth

Justin Dior Combs is estimated to have a net worth of $3 Million which he has earned from his professional career. He is young and yet to amass a load of fortune.

Justin Dior Combs in one of his car
Justin Dior Combs in one of his car
source: Instagram @princejdc

Dior earns a substantial income by playing football and is also involved in brand endorsing. He is seen endorsing DeLeon tequila on his Instagram. It is the brand in which one of the founding members is his father.

He wears branded clothes like Prada and others and shows a luxurious life. Likewise, he has a Maybach car which was gifted by his father on his sixteenth birthday. He also has a Bently and Ferrari in his collection. In addition to this, Dior’s father is speculated to have a net worth of $740 Million.

Social Media Presence

Justin is available on Instagram with the username @princejdc which has more than 1M followers. Likewise, his tweets are under the username @JDior_ on Twitter and have followers of more than 200k. The rising footballer can be seen constantly posting on his social media platform.

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