Shannon Woodward is a hardworking and passionate actress from America who began her career at a very young age. She has worked with very renowned actors from the Hollywood industry. The actress got featured in various movies and was liked for her versatile acting skill.

she was born in the united state of America on December 17, 1984. Woodward spent her early life in Phoenix, Arizona, and followed the guideline of her parents.

Woodward’s acting career began on 1991 when she got her first onscreen acting job on Nickelodeon named Clarissa explains it all besides that her TV series ‘The riches’ was super hyped because of that she was well known for her character Di Di Molloy.

Woodward’s Net Worth

Shannon Woodward’s net worth is $3 million to date. She has not specified her house and annual income but we know that she drives a Toyota car.

Shannon Woodward
Shannon Woodward captures a picture of her car. Source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward

Her movie, Westworld has collected 10 million USD At the box office again another series called Raising Hope is liked by 83% of people who watched this series and has an 8/10 IMDb rating.


The Search party actress Woodward is the daughter of Steve Woodward and Kathy Woodward. She grew up under the supervision of her parents and lived with them in Florida. Looking at her recent Instagram picture it seems like she shares a great bond with her father.

She posted her childhood picture of her with her father on fathers day by captioning’ our first debate ‘( Happy father’s day pops).

shannon woodward 5
Childhood Photo of Shannon Woodward with her father Steve Woodward. Source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward.

She is the elder daughter of the Woodward family other than that she has one younger sibling named Sean Woodward whose picture can be often seen on her Instagram account. Her brother is followed by 591 people and he is very active on his social Platforms.

Hobbies: Music and Sports

The veil actress Shannon Woodward used to occupy her spare time by getting involved in any kind of sports activities when she was in middle school. However, not many of them got stuck with her. She was always fascinated by acting besides she was also interested in music, writing, and traveling.

Shannon Woodward 4
Early life picture of Shannon Woodward with her musical instrument. Source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward.

She likes playing guitar and singing a song though she didn’t publish her music album officially. Woodward loves traveling to different places that hold deep meaning such as Siwa oasis, Sphinx, Bozeman Montana, and so on.


The Quiet actress Woodward’s relationship always has been the talk of the town and grabbed the attention of her followers. As of now, the actress seems to be single, as her social site attendance does not reflect any kind of dating or love affairs. However, she does have a dating history with real ones as well as rumored ones.

shannon woodward 7
Shannon Woodward and Andrew Garfield attended an event. Source: The Hollywood gossip.

Woodward was always used to be open about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. They start dating in (2009-2012).

Past relationship with Andrew Garfield

The Westworld movie actress Woodward has always stirred up the press several times with her personal love affair. Apart from her acting, her personal life has always been in the eye of the public. Numerous times she made headlines, as a girlfriend of Andrew Garfield, and also people shipped her with Robert Pattinson.

Woodward used to share a great bond and was in a long abiding relationship with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. They have been in a relationship with one other for more than three years. Several fans of her used to think that Garfield is the one with whom she would get married, however, their relation got ended in 2011.

Separation with Andrew Garfield

The adult world actress was in a long-term relationship with American actor Andrew Garfield. Being in a relationship with Garfield for over three years the loving couple decided to be separated. The reason behind their separation might be because of their hectic schedule.

Her ex-boyfriend was especially at the peak of his career when he was giving several hit movies like Spider-Man and Never Let Me Go which was a massive success. Furthermore, Andrew Garfield stated that,

” I think my girlfriend is proud of me and the fact that I’ve remained grounded , I’m just busier. That’s the main thing. I haven’t got as much time to mope about the complains that I’m bored . She travels with me when she is not working . Whenever we have time ,we’re together . When I’m on my own , you’d find me in the ocean surfing.”

The couple didn’t continue the relationship and finally, they separated in the year 2011 Andrew moved on to his co-star Emma Stone, while Woodward remained single.

Celebrated Her Birthday Online

The actress Woodward never let a single thing ruins her special day. By following the guideline of social distancing she throws a killer birthday bass through her social media live. she says it’s her birthday since she can’t hang out with her friends in person so she hangs out with them online.

shannon woodward 12
Shannon Woodward celebrated her birthday live. Source; Instagram@ Shannon Woodward.

She invited her two friends Helly Gross and Ashley Johnson and celebrated her birthday by streaming live on December 17, 2020.

Her idea of streaming is liked by many of her fans because they get to be with her on her special occasions. people praised her and wish her a happy birthday.

Urged her to followers get vaccinated

Woodward officially got vaccinated in September and volunteers for the Pfizer covid vaccine. she recommends getting vaccines for her followers to be safe from the deadliest virus covid-19.

shannon woodward 9 1
Shannon Woodward wearing a face shield. Source: @Instagram.

She retweeted the BNO News on her Twitter account on April 18, 2021, which was about Israel’s COVID update. She is active in social work related to the coronavirus.

Came out as a lesbian

Shannon Woodward made an official announcement on Feb 25, 2021, admitting as she was gay. The actress shares this through her Twitter account, In her tweet, she wrote that she never intended to keep her ‘queerness’ a secret.

shannon woodward 8
Shannon Woodward is celebrating pride month. Source @Instagram.

Her fans had already made a guess about her sexuality and presume that she might be a lesbian, but now the actress cleared the rumor and make it crystal clear.

she celebrated pride month on June 27, 2021, and posted a Happy pride picture on her social media.


Woodward has temporary and permanent tattoos on her body which are located on the left wrist of her hand.

shannon woodward 10
Shannon Woodward showing off her tattoos. Source @Instagram.

She has a permanent tattoo of a heart that is filled with a little flower inside. Her heart tattoos symbolize love, affection, and life. she chooses this beautiful outline to look striking on her hand.

Her temporary tattoos are of the solar system which is inked in multiple colors. one of the reasons she had that hand-holding solar system tattoos is because she is curious and besides that, she wants to uplift her appearance and confidence.

Friends with Katy Perry’s

The ode joy actress Woodward is very close among her friends, some of her BFFs are Elliot Page, Martha Mcguirk, and Katy Perry who was engaged to Orlando Bloom. Woodward and Perry have known one other since they were in their struggling days. There buddy- Hilarious friendship can be seen often on Perry’s and Woodward’s Instagram feed.

Shannon Woodward and Katy Perry throwback pictures. Source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward.

Woodward’s friends helped her in every step of her life especially Katy Perry was her mentor when it come to her career. Perry’s offered her to play a role in one of the popular songs called ‘Hot n Cold’ while Perry’s also played a prison warden on an episode of Raising Hope.


The girlfriend’s actress Woodward is a pet lover, she shares that having a pet is a great blessing in her life. She has 2 dogs and 1 cat which are her companion animals. Her Instagram feed is almost filled with her pet picture from where we can state that keeping a pet is a pleasure and a part-time hobby for an actress which cannot easily be given up.

Shannon Woodward 3
Spending quality time with her pets. source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward

Her pet name is Maggie and poppy whose adorable picture can be seen on Woodward’s Instagram feed where she posts about their walk and traveling story as well. Her followers insist to have an account of her dogs. However, she hasn’t disclosed her pet’s Instagram account.

Woodward on Twitch

Woodward is super active on her gaming channel Twitch. she does a live stream weekly and gained a number of views and it also earned a good source of revenue for the actress.

shannon woodward 11

Her twitch account is named as @ShannonIsLive , and she is followed by 31K People where she played a game like crosswords, Mass effect legendary edition, Last part of us II, and on her last streaming she sing a song called Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

She also kept her dog, Maggie, on her twitch streaming and it seems like he is taking all her spotlight.


Shannon Woodward choose acting as her career and in 1991 she got approached by Nickelodeon on the TV series called Clarissa explains it all. She is featured in many movies and TV shows. She is best known for her roles as Sabrina Collins on the fox Sitcom Raising hope (2010-2014), and Elsie Hughes on the HBO science-fiction thriller series Westworld(2016-2018).

she was honored with BAFTA Award for the performer in a supporting role nomination at the 17th British Academy Games Awards. In 2007, Woodward got her big break in the series The Riches which was for two seasons ( 2007-2008) On cable network FX. She also shot the 2009 pilot Limelight, About a New York city schooling for performing arts, but the series was not hyped as expected.

Social Media

The Clarissa Explains it all actress Woodward has more than 148K followers following on her Instagram:@shannonwoodward . she also has active participation on Twitter and now she is nearly followed by 223k people and has 2688 following Twitter: @shannonwoodward She joined Twitter in January 2009.

Shannon Woodward 2 1
Shannon Woodward taking selfies for her Instagram feed. Source: Instagram@ Shannon Woodward.

She is very active on her social sites where she posts numerous pictures with her loved ones besides that she also uses it and talks about the burning issue happening around the world. Her picture and work are praised by many of her fans. On top of that, she has various fan pages and accounts where we can see her grabbing the attention of her fans.

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