Madison Clapp is a famous American writer, who is known for writing Jackass 3d and Jackass 3.5. She is known as the first child of famous Stuntmen, Filmmaker, and Actor Johnny Knoxville. Madison was the daughter of Johnny’s first wife Melanie Lynn Clapp.

She worked with her father in the same series, where she worked as a writer and her father worked as an actor. She was born in 1996. As of 2022, she is 26 years old. She also worked as an actress in a movie as a side character which was not credited but she is not currently active as an actor.

Madison Clapp in a blue top with gold hoop earrings.
Portrait picture of Madison Clapp picture source Instagram: @doctorchickenbutt

Physical Appearance

Madison Looks quite chubby and she has got Fair complexion. She has got beautiful Medium Brown hair. Her eyes are dark brown. She has got rosy chubby cheeks and thin lips. She doesn’t look much tall her exact height is not given. She looks very cute with her glasses. Her cute appearance catches the attention of many fans and followers.

Early Life

The author of the series, Jackass, used to live with her parents formerly before her parents got divorced. Later both of her parents got equal custody of hers which is why she started living with her mother sometimes and somedays with her father. She has a pretty good life as her father was successful and could afford a good life for her. She had not had many struggles growing up. She was close to both her parents.


There is not much information about where she did her schooling from. Though there are not many details about her schooling, she had always been a very hardworking and obedient student. There is not much information about her high school as well but she has done a course in fashion design and she even works as a fashion designer. She is also good at art and she keeps sharing posts about her art, paintings, and sketches.

Family Background

Madison had always been daddy’s favorite child. She was the first child of Actor Johnny Knoxville and his Ex-wife, Melanie Lynn Clapp. Her grandparent’s name is Lemoyne Clapp and Philip Clapp. She also has an aunt named Lynne Clapp.

After her dad got married to his new wife Naomi Nelson, she also has two other siblings from her new family. Her siblings’ names are Rocko Akira Clapp and Arlo Clapp.

Relationship with Father Johnny Knoxville

Even after Knoxville divorced Madison’s mother, they both share a close bond. Madison’s custody had been given to both of them equally. Her father never makes her feel left out. She goes to her father’s place quite often. Johnny has even made a tattoo with her name on his chest. Madison was always really special to john.

Picture of Madison Clapp and her father  Johnny Knoxville during the promotion of Jackass
Madison Clapp with her dad picture source Instagram: @doctorchickenbutt

We can see both of them posting a lot about each other on their social media accounts. She seems to share a really good bond with her father. she goes to film premieres and parties with her father. She never misses an opportunity to be with her father.

Clapp’s Relationship With Her New Family

After her father Johnny got married to Naomi, she got another family. She has two other siblings and she looks very happy and close to her second family as well. She constantly spends time with her new family.

It had been revealed by Johnny that when Clapp’s stepmother Naomi was pregnant, madison was the most excited one. She used to pick up bottles and toys for her unborn sibling. She loves to spend time with her siblings as well and she even makes sweet posts about her siblings on her social media.

Career Highlights

Madison Clapp started her career in the entertainment industry as a writer and She has been part of Two successful movies Jackass 3D and Jackass 3.5. She also worked as an actor in a movie in a small role.

She is currently working as a fashion designer. She is not currently active in the entertainment industry and continuing her Fashion design.

How Active Is Madison Clapp On Her Social Media?

Madison is quite active on her social media account. She has about 2.8K followers on her Instagram account. She keeps posting a lot of stuff about her daily life and her family. She mostly posts about her current relationship and her dad. She even shares a lot about her art.

She even post about her pet and she even made a separate account for her pets. She keeps interacting with her followers and she posts good content which is enjoyed by her followers. She made the first post on her account on March 16, 2016.

For more information and updates about her, you can follow her on @doctorchickenbutt. You can also follow @chikenbuttpress to see her artwork and posts about her pets.

Hobbies and Interest

Madison is very active and interested in many extra activities like she loves to do art. She also makes paintings and sketches. Her favorite hobby is being a pet mama. She usually likes to spend time with her family and friends. She even likes to travel and explore new places. She also likes to take pictures and collect memories.

Apart from that, she loves writing and sometimes posts her writings too. She also loves to listen to music. Her followers love to see her content.

Does Clapp Have Any Pet

Madison seems to be a great pet mom. She shows great compassion for animals. She has both a cat and a dog as her pet. She loves spending time with her pets and even posts a lot about them. She had other pets too and she loves the company of her pets. She has shared some amazing memories with her pets on her social media account.

Is Madison Clapp Dating Someone Currently?

Madison Clapp is dating a guy about whom she posts a lot on her Instagram account yet she hasn’t revealed his name. She doesn’t mention him which is why his name is still unknown. His Instagram account name is frenchcassettes She posts a lot of moments shared with him and they both look like really happy couples. She had been dating him for a long time. She mostly posts about him on her Instagram account.

Picture of Madison Clapp with her boyfriend
Madison Clapp with her boyfriend picture source Instagram: @doctorchickenbutt


Madison Clapp is a rumor-free personality. She hasn’t been in any kind of rumors yet and she is only known for all the good reasons. She is known to have humble and sweet nature which is why she doesn’t get into any kind of controversies. She also keeps herself away from drama and she stays away from media and paparazzi.

Net Worth

Madison Clapp has been able to amass quite a good amount of fortune throughout her journey. She has been able to gather fortune because of all her hard work and dedication. She has been able to collect about $300 thousand. She could gather this sum of money by working as a writer and fashion designer. We can see gather more amount as she is still working hard and actively.

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