Kelsy Ully is a Canadian traveler famously known to be the ex-wife of actor and producer Johnathan Scott.

The former couple used to study at the same college from where they both began dating each other and married. The couple separated after six years of marriage.

Early Life

Ully was born in Canada to a wealthy family in 1988. Her father was a businessman and her mother a Homemaker. She spent her childhood in her hometown in Canada where she completed her school education.

Kelsy Ully wearing specs and hiking along a mountain with her dogs.
Kelsy Ully hiking with her dogs. Source:@Biography Mask.

Later she joined Mount Royal University where she completed her graduation. She has also studied at The University of Nevada- Las Vegas and Southern Alberta Institute of technology. During her time studying at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, she met her ex-husband John Scott and started dating during her college days.


Kelsy after her graduation decided to work With West jet, Whose headquarters is located in Calgary Alberta, where she worked as a Crew Scheduler. She worked there for three years from 2005 to 2008. She also simultaneously worked at her ex-husband Scott’s Real estate where she was an executive assistant. She worked there for two and a half years before quitting in 2010.

After leaving her ex-husband’s firm, she left to work for a software development company as a consultant. She worked at a private company called Cascade Process Control which is in Alberta, Canada. She started working there in 2015 as a business development representative. Currently, she is working in Impel system in Alberta. She joined there in 2016 as a business operator and is still doing the same job.

Kelsy Ully And Jonathan Scott’s Relationship

Kelsy Ully and Jonathan Scott met each other during their college days. They went to study at Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology where they grew their friendship relationship. They dated each other for a brief time before tieing the knot in 2007 in Las Vegas.

Kelsy Ully with her ex-husband Johantahn Scott clicking a selfie.
Kelsy Ully with her ex-husband Johantahn Scott. Source:@The TeCake.

During their marriage, Kelsy was doing a job as a Crew Scheduler for West Jet. After their marriage, they settled in Las Vegas. While she was married to him, she used to have two jobs and couldn’t manage time for him which was one of the main reasons the couple split off. Also as per various sources, it is believed that Mrs. Ully worked as a waitress after their marriage and that didn’t go very well with john’s pride.

After six years of marriage, the couple had enough and decided to get separated in 2013. This didn’t sit well with Jonathan as he suffered from depression after their marriage however kelly did move along with her life focusing on her career.

What Is Kelsy’s Current Relationship Status?

The West jet Crew scheduler Kelsy has been out of media attention and is living a private life after her divorce from Johnathan Scott.

She hasn’t been rumored with any person after her separation and is guessed to be single. As per various sources, after her separation, she has been more focused on building a successful career for herself that she hasn’t got time to engage emotionally with anyone.

Who is Johnathan Scott?

Johnathan Scott is a Canadian Tv personality and producer who is also the ex-husband of Kelsy. He is a popular host of a Canadian TV show called Property brother which he hosts with his twin brother Drew.

John was born in Vancouver, Canada alongside his identical twin brother Drew on the 28th of April, 1978. His Father James Scott was an actor whereas his mother Joanne Scott was a youth counselor. His father was his biggest inspiration to become an actor as his father’s fame and popularity was something John always desired to have.

Johnathan Scot wearing a black jacket and Kelsy Ully wearing a white top in their car posing for a picture.
Jonathan Scott with his ex-wife Kelsy Ully. Source:@Sound Health and Lasting Wealth.

He is popular for his show property brothers which he hosts alongside his brother Drew. the show is the most-watched show in Canada and in 2017 according to Hgtv it was the highest-ranked in popularity show. Along with this he has done other Tv shows and has also written a book. He along with his identical twin brother Twin wrote a book called Dream House in 2016.

He has been married once to Kelsy Ully who he had dated since college and in 2007 tied the knot however for various reasons he and Mrs. Ully parted ways in 2013 which affected him so badly that he suffered from depression after the divorce. After parting ways with Kelsy, he dated Jacinta Kuznetsov for three years and separated in 2018. He currently is dating an actress Zooey Deschanel.

Physical Appearance

The Canadian traveler and ex-wife of John Scot have a slim body figure with fair skin. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of 56 kilograms. The ex-model has managed herself very well and has a figure that gets her talking.

She has a beautiful black pair of eyes and blonde hair which is straight. She has a figure of 34-26-38 and has a shoe size of 6 and a bra size is 33C.

Kelsy Ully wearing a white T-shirt with a hat on her head in a Night Club.
Kelsy Ully in a Night Club, source:@Biography Mask.

Does Kelsy have Social Media?

Kelsy used to be active on social media and constantly post pictures and videos of herself and her work for a long time. She was active only on Instagram and didn’t have any other social media account.

However, at the time of writing this article, her official Instagram handle was officially deleted. The reason behind this is very unclear but we hope she joins the platform very soon.


Kelsy Ully has been working in the corporate industry for far longer. She has made a good career for herself and with a good career in the corporate world comes good money.

It is estimated that she has a net worth of $700k as of April 2022. She made most of that money from working in a Corporate job and from her traveling vlogs and other various work she has done in her career.


Kelsy after her separation from her husband Johnathan began living a private life far from any media or social interaction. She currently resides in Alberta, Canada where she is continuing her job at impel system and lives a quiet and wonderful life.

After her separation, she focused fully on her career and has made a life that she enjoys. She lives lavishing having earned a fortune from her corporate world ventures. She has an apartment in Alberta and owns a Volkswagon car and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Controversies and rumors

Johnathan and Kelsy marriage didn’t end well and was met with a lot of rumors and controversies when the news came to attention. It was reported that John left Kelsy because of her working as a waitress as john who was an established Tv personality didn’t like the fact that his wife could work as a waitress.

Also after their separation, Johnathan in an interview said that his marriage with Kelsy was rushed by Kelsy and they were too young to make that kind of decision which did cause controversy among their fans as john previously had stated that he had loved her so much and wanted to be with her forever.

Some Interesting things about Kelsy Ully

  • The ex-wife of Johnathan Scott isn’t active on any social media.
  • Mrs. Ully has a distinctive taste and likes to eat Chinese food the most.
  • Kelsy is an animal lover and has a dog for herself.

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