If there is someone whose dedication and expertise tops the charts, there’s probably no one better than Linda Aylesworth. She’s an esteemed news reporter at Global News who was initially hired out of the BCIT Journalism program as a director. Did you know she’s nearly spent four decades working with the Global News? Her dedication and sincerity make her one of the prized employees of the news network. So, let’s dive right in to know some extra information on the lady.

Linda Aylesworth Amazing Net Worth Collection Throughout The Years

Linda Aylesworth is an award-winning journalist who established herself at the peak of the courtesy of her talent and expertise in the field. She’s successfully made herself a collection of a staggering amount of wealth as of 2020.

 Linda Aylesworth net worth collection is $1 million
Linda Aylesworth is an award-winning Global News journalist.
Photo Source: Aqua

As per our speculation, the journalist enjoys a smashing net worth collection of $1 million. According to estimates, she receives an average salary of $47,154 per year, which also happens to be the average payout of a reporter at Global News.

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Linda enjoys her net worth with her family and likes to explore nature in her free time. You can follow her Twitter handle to know more about her daily shenanigans.

Linda Aylesworth Career Highlight

Linda Aylesworth is quite an experienced and accomplished journalist and an articulate communicator. She got major exposure in her work by working for the Global Network in 1981. However, in 1989 was when she got to fulfill her wish to report for the news channel.

Linda Aylesworth net worth collection is $1 million
Linda Aylesworth along with her career is an adventurous at heart. Photo Source: Twitter

Before that, she spent her previous years studying biology and specializing in health, science and environmental journalism. This is also why she has extended knowledge on climate, environment, and health.

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Aylesworth has pegged tons of accolades under her name throughout her enormous career. Some of them are an Edward R. Murrow Award for Feature Reporting, A National Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) Dave Rogers Award, two Regional Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) Dave Rogers Awards and a Jack Webster Award for best science reporting.

Linda Aylesworth Personal Details

Linda Aylesworth might be extremely vocal and outgoing about her professional life and achievements, but she’s also equally private about her personal life. As of now we only know that she’s married to the love of her life and her husband’s name is John Reynolds. Besides that, there is no news of her children or any other details.

Linda Aylesworth and her husband John Reynolds
Some rare candid pictures of Linda Aylesworth with her husband John Reynolds. Source: Twitter

However we do know some details about her. The news reporter was born in Toronto, but she lived in New York until she was 13 years old and later moved to Vancouver with her mother and sibling. Even during her school days, she was already independent and used to support herself by working at the aquarium and CBC.

As for Alysworth’s hobbies, she likes to indulge in photography, boating, scuba diving, sea kayaking in her free time. She likes to be close to the nature and is always ready for an adventure.

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