Leianesse Kramer, an American celebrity kid, gained fame through her father, an American actor, and fight choreographer. She was born in the United States. She is the daughter of Eric and Kim Addrisi, an actress who appeared in famous shows such as “Santa Barbara,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Nashville.” Unfortunately, her mother passed away when she was a child. She has two siblings, Sedona Harlan and Amity Kramer​ 

Leianesse Kramer’s Net Worth as of 2024

The second daughter of Eric Allan Kramer, Leianesse Kramer, enjoys a lavishing lifestyle since her father is a multi-millionaire. She is no short of riches as she can eat and travel whatever and wherever she likes.

However, compared to her celebrity dad, there isn’t much known about her. In fact, she lives a private life, far from all the media hype.

Leianesse Kramer's father caught on camera while shooting.
Leianesse Kramer’s father, Eric Kramer, owns a net worth of $2 million. Source: Amazon

While the net worth status of Leianeese Kramer isn’t revealed yet, her estimated net worth stands at $200,000. On the contrary, her father, Eric Allan Kramer, owns a staggering $4 million net worth as of May 2020.

Meanwhile, the veteran actor amassed such massive wealth from his several television appearances like ‘Big Shots,’ ‘The O.C.’ and ‘Good Luck Charlie.

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There isn’t a clue what Leianesse is pursuing as her career full-time. Although she worked with her father on-screen on a couple of instances, there is not much information about her full-time ambitions. So, only time will tell if she will walk in her father’s shoes to achieve such heights in the showbiz industry.

Leianesse Kramer Lost Her Mother

Eric Kramer’s daughter went through a serious heartbreak in 2017, as she lost her mother, Kim Addrisi. The Journeyman make-up artist used to be a member of Local 706 as an Associate in 1984. Later, she pushed the ranks to the Roster as a Trainee in 1991 and passed her Journeyman test.

Leianesse Kramer (second to left) poses for a picture with her sisters, Amity, Sedona and late mother  Kim Addrisi.
Leianesse Kramer lost her mother Kim Addrisi in 2017. Source: Members Local

Regarding her acting career, Leianesse’s late mother was featured on top shows like ‘Days of Our Lives,’ ‘Santa Barbara‘ and ‘Nashville.’ As she passed away, she was survived by her husband Eric, mother Joana, brother Mark, and sister Tamara. Similarly, her three daughters, including Leianesse accompanied her until the very last moment.

Eric Allan Kramer Named His Daughter Leianesse Kramer With a Reason

According to the rumors, Eric Allan Kramer tied the knot with his second wife, James Bonci in 2013, to move on from the past. However, there is not much validation to the information as he even scoffed at the allegations via a tweet once.

Leianesse Kramer's father Eric Allan Kramer in a black t-shirt.
Leianesse Kramer’s father, Eric Allan Kramer, was featured in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Source: Pinterest

Talking about what’s true, it is his relationship with his daughter Leianesse Kramer. He welcomed her with his ex-wife Kim Addrisi shortly after their marriage.

According to the reports, he named all his daughters from several places notable to him and his on-screen wife in ‘Good Luck Charlie.’ Thus, that is why he named Leianesse after Guinevere’s hometown.

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Leianesse’s siblings, Sedona Harlan, and Amity Kramer, came from a town in California and New York, respectively.

Who Is Eric Allan Kramer?

The talented Allan Kramer is a really good actor who’s been in lots of TV shows and movies. He was born on March 26, 1962, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he’s been acting for a long time, playing serious and funny roles.

Moreover, the TV star started his acting journey at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, getting a special degree. In the beginning, he appeared on TV shows like “Murder, She Wrote” and “Empty Nest.” He also acted in movies like “High School High,” “Pitching Tents,” and “True Romance.”

You might know him best as ‘Bob Duncan’ from the Disney show ‘Good Luck Charlie.’ He was the funny and cool dad on that show, making people laugh from 2010 to 2014. He also did a bunch of roles in the mystery series “Murder, She Wrote.”

And remember the guy who played Santa Claus in “Friends”? Yep, that was him! He was also Ralph Mariano in “My Name Is Earl.”

Also, the big name even played Thor in a TV movie called “The Incredible Hulk Returns” in 1988. Plus, he did voices for cartoons like “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and “American Dad!” Oh, and in a video game called Days Gone, he voiced a character named Iron Mike Wilcox, who was a really important part of the game’s story.

Leianesse Kramer’s Wiki/ Bio

Kramer was born in the United States. She’s American. We don’t know her exact birth date, age, where she lives, her zodiac sign, or ethnicity from the information available.

But being a celebrity’s daughter, it seems like she had a happy childhood. See another celebrity daughter Gweneth Gonzales Thomas.

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