Laurieann Gibson is a name you may recognize if you enjoy the art of dance and are inspired by the dance sequences you see in music videos and award presentations. She is one of several choreographers responsible for iconic dance performances, and she has collaborated with a diverse range of superstars, including Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj.

The Canadian dancer choreographed Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé. Sure, being a celebrity doesn’t imply that you have to reveal every detail of your life to the rest of the world, but it’s normal for people to be curious. And since Gibson has been featured on reality television shows that touch on relationships, it makes sense that people want to know who she’s dating.

Laurieann Gibson’s Relationship Status. Is She Dating Anyone?

It’s only natural for celebrities to begin dating one another. After all, dating someone who understands their way of life is beneficial with their hectic lifestyles and busy schedules. While some celebrities have no qualms about disclosing their personal life, Laurieann appears to have preferred to keep her supposed romance private.

Laurieann Gibson is enjoying her single life.
Laurieann Gibson is single.
Photo Source: Facebook

The Beautiful lady is a passionate woman with a fiery personality. When it comes to her personal life, though, she wants to keep things quiet. As a result, her present romantic situation is ambiguous. While being a celebrity does not require you to divulge every element of your life to the rest of the world, it is natural for people to be interested. Because she’s starred on reality shows about relationships, people are naturally curious about who she’s seeing.

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The television personality is also active on social media. Gibson has 274k Instagram followers, 71k Facebook fans, and 116.9k Twitter followers. Her nickname is Boomkack. She gradually uploads photos on her social media account. In addition, Laurieann hasn’t seen with any guy till now. If any information is out about her romantic life, we’ll update you as soon as possible.

Laurieann Gibson’s Relationship With Andre

Laurieann and Andre married, according to Famous Birthdays, though it’s unclear when they leaped the broom. And, although Andre was outspoken about his divorce from Wendy Credle, Laurieann appears to have taken a more discreet route.

Laurieann Gibson may married to Andre.
Laurieann Gibson with late Andre.
Photo Source: Instagram

However, there have been different stories about whether or not they were married. There is “no evidence of their wedding and marriage,” according to MarriedDivorce. Laurieann also said in a 2015 interview with Essence that she never expected to remain unmarried, never married, and without children. Many folks were perplexed.

When Andre died, she did share a photo of herself and him on her Instagram profile, gushing about how much she loved him. She did, however, refer to him as a brother. As a result, the reports might be inaccurate. However, she may refer to him as a brother who is only a ruse.

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