Kisha Chavis, born in 1971, is a TV star and used to be a singer. She’s well-known in the US and is famous for being married to Joe Smith, who used to play pro basketball.

Kisha Chavis’s Husband and Family

Kisha Chavis shared the vows with Joe Smith, the perfect love of her life in 2018. Ever since the lady has been holding the hand of her life partner despite him being in many scandalous affairs and poor financial circumstances.

Kisha Chavis with her sleeveless white wedding gown
Kisha Chavis with her sleeveless white wedding gown.
Photo Source: TLC

The couple reportedly engaged in 2016. Further, Kisha ” Kiss” Chavis said “I do” to her man back in season 10 of Yes Dress, the Atlanta TV show. The ceremony was held at St.Croix. Kisha came in with three of her friends on the season 10 premiere to choose her bridal dress.

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On the show, Chavis describes herself as the 40s’ and wants “beautiful, elegant, beachy, elegant, mermaid, cleavage” on her wedding dress. Currently, the couple lives together happily without any rumors of divorce.

Are Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith Having Problem In Their Love Life?

Yes, Chavis and her partner Smith, a former NBA player, have recently made headlines due to a significant disagreement. The actress shared a video revealing Smith’s reaction to discovering her OnlyFans page, leading to a communication breakdown between them. In an attempt to clarify matters, they appeared on a podcast together.

During the podcast, Kisha expressed her disappointment with Joe, feeling he wasn’t living up to his potential as a great guy. Tensions escalated, resulting in Joe leaving the interview. Despite Joe’s reported wealth of around $100 million, financial issues are surfacing due to lavish spending habits.

Joe Smith’s Past Short-lived Relationship And Children

Kisha’s current husband, Joe Smith, tied the knot to his first wife, Yoland Smith. As per reports, the two dated for a few years before taking their relationship to the next level. The exact date of the wedding is kept under wraps.

image 3
Kisha Chavis is Joe’s second wife.
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From their marriage, Joe and Yoland became parents of two children. The former duo ten adopted a daughter named Alana. For a long time, part of their kid’s details was kept hidden. In 2011, Yolana shocked and surprised everyone when she filed for divorce, citing Joe’s extra affair with Deanna Marie.

Moving on, the marriage took a tragic turn and ended up in a bad term; Joe ended up roughly $10,000 per month for her child support. Due to his terrible financial circumstances, the amount was cut to $968 a month.

Following the divorce, Joe started dating Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Moniece Slaughter. The two ended their scandalous relationship in March of 2012, just months after dating. His current wife, Kisha, claimed that Moniece took away a fortune of $109,000 by writing 9 cheques from his checkbook to Timothy Clayton Carr.

Kisha Chavis – Net Worth Collection

Kisha Chavis is a model. However, she is only famous because of her Former NBA player Joe Smith. During the peak of his career, her husband made approximately a net worth of $100 million. As of 2024, Kisha is living a decent life despite her spouse’s being broke and in a bad financial state.

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Kisha Chavis’s husband made about $62 million in his career.
Photo Source: Popular Net Worth

Previously, Smith used to own expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz and Range Rovers. But, at present, Smith is in debt of over $150,000. The only source of his income is private basketball coaching. Kisha even appeared in CNBC’s Back in the Game,” where Joe was working on climbing out of a serious financial situation and getting life back on track.

In addition to basketball, Smith recorded a solo rap album which includes tracks titled “ I Does This” and “Murda Kapital” under the stage name ” Joe Beast.” Joe also bought properties and houses in almost every city he played in but lost much of his properties rapidly due to debt.

Kisha Chavis – Wiki Bio

Kisha Chavis holds American citizenship. Her parent’s identities are still unknown. She is a quiet private person and keeps her profile under wraps. We don’t have any information regarding her assets as she isn’t available on social media platforms.

However, Chavis’ spouse was selected Maryland’s School Player of the Year, in 1995. Then in 1998, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers 1998 and then to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the rest of his career.

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