Kenny Lattimore is a singer-songwriter from the United States who signed with Columbia Records in late 1994 and released his first album, Kenny Lattimore, in 1996. In 1998, he released From the Soul of Man, another critically acclaimed classically styled soul music collection. Moreover, Kenny has also worked with Lark Voorhies, an actress and singer.

Besides his professional life, Kenny Lattimore, the singer, has discovered love again, and we are delighted for him! The R&B artist is engaged to Judge Faith Jenkins, who has kept a low profile over the years. The pair announced their engagement on Instagram with a touching dedication to the love they’ve found in each other. So, let’s know about Kenny and Faith’s relationship timeline.

Kenny Lattimore & Faith Jenkins’ Married Life

Before the Coronavirus epidemic, Kenny Lattimore and Faith Jenkins married in March 2020. Judge Jenkins wore the gorgeous gown, and the numerous photographs shot that day demonstrate how deeply this pair was in love. According to Judge Jenkins, Kenny is the most mature man she has ever encountered. Kenny also expressed his feelings for the judge, admitting that he wasn’t sure if there was a genuine spark at first.

Kenny Lattimore & Faith Jenkins married in 2020.
Kenny Lattimore & Faith Jenkins are a married couple.
Photo Source: Instagram

Stevie Wonder, MC Lyte, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Grey’s Anatomy star James Pickens Jr., and author Malcolm Gladwell were among the 275 guests who attended the wedding at First Congregational Church in downtown Los Angeles. DeVon Franklin officiated the wedding. As the bride walked down the aisle, Wonder sang, “You and I.” Similarly, Stevie Wonders is also married to Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.

Jenkins told Us, “The first time we met was for lunch, and we talked for two hours.” “At initially, there wasn’t much of a spark, but it was a fascinating chat.” Kenny mistook me for someone who wasn’t interested because I didn’t flirt with him. It was time for lunch! I was only searching for some decent company and eating my turkey club. Later on, there would be flirtation! That’s precisely what happened.

However, the judge eventually understood that the guy who would become her future husband had something special about him. In September 2019, Lattimore announced his engagement to the attorney on Instagram. Following their engagement, the couple sought pre-marriage therapy to ensure that their relationship was ready for the big commitment.

Kenny Lattimore’s Previous Relationships And Son

Kenny Lattimore married singer Chanté Moore in Jamaica in January 2002. They married in a private ceremony in the presence of close family and friends. Moore gave birth to their son Kenny Lattimore Jr. on April 10, 2003. Kenny is currently 19-year-old and living a lavish lifestyle.

Kenny Lattimore married Chanté Moore previously.
Kenny Lattimore was previously married.
Photo Source: YouTube

Furthermore, Keeny has yet to decide on a specific job path in his life and is currently enjoying adulthood while concentrating on his studies. The former couple announced their divorce in July of 2011. But, the reason behind Kenny and Chante’s separation is still unknown.

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