Clayton Chitty is a very talented and hardworking Canadian actor, and model who was born on March 18, 1985. He is also called Clayton James. he was born in North Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

He rose to fame after playing a role in a Lifetime TV movie She identifies as Grayson Kendall. He was raised by his single mother. He is working actively as an actor and model since 2006 till now. his zodiac sign is Pisces.

Chitty’s Acting Journey

Chitty claims that he came into an acting career by accident. he had no clue or idea about getting into acting and modeling. While he was working for a mountain bike shop, one of his clients recommended him to do auditions seeing his great personality and look.

Portrait photo of Clayton Chitty wearing a blue shirt and a white t-shirt.
Photo of Clayton Chitty (source: Box Office Gallery)

He later gave an audition for a commercial through some local talent agent with the help of his family friend. He gave the auditions though he was very nervous and couldn’t face the camera properly. He had to work hard to unravel his creative side. after taking classes from Andrew Mcilroy he prepared himself for an acting career.

Childhood – Raised Without Father

Chitty was raised without a father, his mother raised him alone as a single mother. His mother’s name is Kim Chitty. She was able to give her son a good life without any support. He has not revealed much about his early life his schooling and qualification are still unknown.

However, He started his acting career in his twenties. His family friend recommended he meet with a local talent agent and he gave his first commercial audition at the age of 21.

Later he met his teacher Andrew Mcilroy who motivated and inspired him a lot to pursue his acting career. He trained himself in Los Angeles and in Vancouver which is why his acting career began to take off.

Is Clayton Chitty Gay Or Straight?

Many people have questioned Clayton Chitti’s sexuality as he is rumored to be gay but he has never revealed his sexuality. Many fans are still curious to know his sexuality. Likewise, He has never been public or open about his past relationship or dating history.

Since he has not spoken about it publicly we cannot question his sexuality based on rumors. Many people are still confused because he hasn’t officially announced anything some sites reveal that he is married while some are still unknown about his marital status. As of now, he is straight as we don’t have any proper evidence or confirmation about this topic.

Is Chitty Married Or In Relationship?

Clayton Chitty has never revealed his dating history nether he likes to talk about his personal life on social media or publicly. Some people claim that he is already married and some still think that he is single.

Clayton Chitty and His wife in their wedding dress near a sea.
Wedding picture of Clayton Chitty picture source: @iamclaytonjames

After doing a lot of research, we concluded that chitty is married to a woman. he has posted a glimpse of his wedding on his social media and people even congratulated them. Her name is Celeste and she is a model by profession. Before that, He has never dated any other woman as we have no information about it.

Chitty’s Family Life

Chitty has always been private about his personal life and family. He has never posted much about his family nor has he spoken in any interviews. Clayton has his mother whose name is Kim Chitty but there is no more information about her, and he is also married to a model named Celeste he posted their wedding picture on his social media and they have no kids till today there is no information about his other family members.

Chitty’s Career Highlights

Chitty has done many films and television series. His first movie was Finding Mr. Right where he played the role of a club guy in 2013. He was also a part of the popular superhero movie Power Rangers in 2017 where he played a role as a young cop. Later he became a part of a short movie Dominant Chord (2019) which is his recent film.

He is best known for his television series Her Identify. about his television series, He started with an American science fiction series Fringe (2011) where he played the role of a patrol officer. His recent television series was Superman And Lois in 2021 where he played the role of Derek Powell. He is working actively till today.

Chitty’s hobbies and interest

Chitty has always been a very active sportsperson. besides his acting career, He loves to play outdoor games. He has actively participated in many sports since his childhood. He loves to play hockey and from the age of 6, he played as a goalie. He also has a great passion for free-ride mountain biking.

He keeps himself engaged in some kind of sports activity during his leisure which is why he is been able to maintain a great body. He would have continued his sports career if it wasn’t involved acting and modeling.

Chitty’s Net Worth More Than a Million Dollars

Clayton Chitty has been able to amass a good amount of fortune because of his hard work and dedication to his work. He has been able to collect this amount by working as an actor in different films and Television series.

Clayton Chitti’s salary is not much revealed but according to sources like Forbes and Business Insider, His net worth is about $1.5 million. His fortune is defiantly going to increase in the following days as he is still active in this entertainment field.

How Active Is Chitty, In His Social Medias?

Chitty looks quite active on his social media account. His accounts are still not verified but soon they are gonna be verified as he keeps entertaining his fans by posting lots of content. He is gaining many followers day by day.

He mostly posts about his work, films, series, and with his co-stars. He has kept his personal life quite private and he doesn’t post much about his family. He posts about his wife sometimes. for more information and update about him, you can follow him on Instagram at @iamclaytonjames.

Does Chitty Own Any Pet?

Looks like chitty is a very good pet dad as he posts lots of moments shared with his pet dog. He loves to spend time with his dog. He has a dog that was brought from a foster home. He has a rescued dog and he even celebrates his birthday on the day he was brought home. Both of them seem very happy with each other. His dog’s name is the princess he bought him a hat with the name written Princess on his birthday.

Clayton Chitty and his pet dog with their sunglasses
Clayton Chitty with his dog picture source @iamclaytonjames

Does Chitty Have Any Tattoo?

Clayton Chitti seems to love tattoos he has about four to five tattoos on his upper body. He has one tattoo on his right arm with some words written and he has another tattoo on the right side of his chest with two hands joined and some words written. He has other tattoos on his back and the left side of his waist.

Picture of Clayton Chitty in the pool with natural background
Portrait picture of Clayton Chitty picture source Instagram: @iamclaytonjames

His every tattoo contains a meaning however, He looks great with those tattoos and that great body. Fans adore his attractive body and personality. His charm can attract anybody’s attention easily.

(tattoo pictures)

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