The only aim of journalism should be service, and Karyn Pugliese is someone who entirely dedicates herself to the belief. She is the perfect example of an empowered woman as the award-winning Canadian broadcast journalist and a communications specialist. Her introduction would be quite incomplete without mentioning that she is the winner of the Canadian Association of Journalists with a Charles Bury Award for her leadership supporting journalists and fighting for media rights. Similarly, she is best known as the journalist/ executive director of news and current affairs at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. So, today we bring you close to the early life, career, and net worth details of Karyn Pugliese.

Karyn Pugliese’s Colossal Net Worth Details

When it comes to finances and income, Karyn Pugliese has nothing to worry about considering her vast experience in the field of broadcast journalism. With her tremendous work in the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, the inspiring diva amasses a massive fortune. Specifically, Pugliese owns a staggering net worth of $1 million as of July 2020.

Karyn Pugliese in a grey coat poses for a picture.
Karyn Pugliese gathers a net worth of $1 million. Source: Art 19

The primary source of Karyn Pugliese’s bank balance is undoubtedly her career in journalism. Since she was the director of Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, the diva made a huge salary of $94,882 per year. In addition to that, as the assistant professor of Ryerson University, she makes around $70,791 annually, the average salary of a assistant professor. Despite the diva’s vast earnings, money was never the motivation for her to work in the media industry and share her insight into the next generation.

Karyn Pugliese’s Well-Accomplished Career As A Journalist

Karyn Pugliese is quite a household name in the television industry, which is all due to her immense hardwork for multiple decades. In fact, she is famous for serving as the executive director of news and current affairs at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and the host of ichannel’s #FAQMP. In addition to that, she also served as the president of the Canadian Association of Journalists from 2018 to 2020. Previously, she also sat on the CAJ Ethics Committee.

Karyn Pugliese caught on the camera with Justin Trudeau.
Karyn Pugliese was the Host and Managing Producer of ichannel. Source: Flikr

Over the years, she took on several roles to strengthen her portfolio, including the Night for Rights Gala’s co-chair. This event raised around $140,000 per year for rights-based journalism programming, courtesy to the Journalist for Human Rights, an institution where she serves as the ambassador.

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Talking about her career, in brief, she worked as a member of the Press Gallery and APTV’s Parliamentary Reporter before joining the Vision TV and Assembly of First Nations. While she also shared her expertise in ichannel and #FAMP in 2010, she left the network to return back to APTN in 2012. The experienced television personality currently serves as the assistant professor of Critical Issues in Journalism at Ryerson University ever since joining in January 2020.

Karyn Pugliese’s Early and Personal Life

Speaking about Karyn Pugliese’s background, she was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Despite that, she frequently visited Pikwakanagan while she was young. Surprisingly, the APTN director dropped out of high school thrice before finally getting enrolled in an alternative high school where she got her diploma. Even though she was a bright student, she wanted to be a bartender and avoid university. However, life had other plans as her high school teacher persuaded her to join Carleton University, from where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and History in 1998.

Karyn Pugliese in a black dress giving a speech.
Karyn Pugliese is the mother of guitarist Zackery Liberty. Source : YouTube

While Pugliese remains quite vocal about her professional endeavors, she prefers to keep a low-profile of her love life. Interestingly, she is a mother but hasn’t disclosed any information about the father of her child. Her son Zackery Liberty looks to walk in her shoes to carry the family name and create a name for himself as a guitarist for the indie rock group Farewell Davidson.

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