Modesto Lacen is a Puerto Rican acting professional who has displayed his artwork in many Latin as well as Hollywood movies. He has made his appearance in movies and TV series such as The Texture of Light, Celia, 3000, and so on.

Lacen was introduced to the world by his parents on the 20th of December, 1976. He grew up learning many things in his hometown San Juan located in Puerto Rico. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Being a private person the Celia actor has not yet revealed his earlier life and family background. However, it is known that he began his career in his teen days and was enrolled in a Drama University of Puerto Rico where he received his undergrad honor in Drama.

During his days at the institute, Lacen was exceptional in classical theatre, Physical theatre as well as in dancing. He stands tall with a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) and has a decent weight.

Love Life And Relationship

Modesto Lacen is living a happy married life with his love of the life Anna Teressa Toro. It is not revealed yet how the couple gets to know each other but their dating life started way back.

Modesto Lacen and Anna Teressa Toro on their wedding days
Modesto Lacen and Anna Teressa Toro on their wedding days
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After being together for several years, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. Lacen and Teressa walk down the aisle on 3rd of the September, 2018. The wedding ceremony was attended by their close friends and families.

The couple has not disclosed their wedding location as well as their personal information to date. Lacen and Teressa are together and have not made any disputes as well as controversies and rumors.

Wife -Anna Teressa Toro

Modesto Lacen’s wife Anna Teressa is a writer and Journalist from Puerto Rico and is an associate member of many international media. She has been the author and co-author of several books and novels. Some of her books are letters to the water, the nose of dogs, Grandma’s body suit, To give birth is to part, and several others.

Modesto Lacens wife Anna Teressa Toro 1
Modesto Lacen’s wife Anna Teressa Toro
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Teressa is linked with El Nuevo Día , El País from Spain, ECOS from Germany, Distintas Latitudes from Mexico, Internazionale from Italy, Global from the Dominican Republic, Anfibia from Argentina, and The New York Times.

Not only this she has explored many other domains. Lacen has been a workshop facilitator for Colombia as well as is the host of the podcast alongside Pedro Riana and Silverio Perez. The writer has also recently held the title of coordination and management of the Magazine of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

Acknowledging Anna’s hard work, she has been titled Residential Research Fellowship Award from the center of Latin America in 2018.

Anna Was One Of The Judges Of the Miss Universe Puerto 2022 Preliminary Competition

The preliminary round of the Miss Universe Perto was recently conducted at the famous Theatre in San Juan, Teatro Tapia. In the event, the 28 participants competed against each other in their swimsuits and evening gowns.

Among many judges for this event, One is Anna Teressa known for her journal work as well as for being the wife of Modesto Lacen. The other notable character in the judge’s seat is Germán Legarreta, Eli Cay, and Vivian Santiago.

Anna Is The God-Mother For Two

According to Anna’s Instagram, She is the godmother of two children. Her godchildren are Nestito and Mia.

Anna Teressa Toro with her god children
Anna Teressa Toro with her godchildren
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She has taken the responsibility for their upbringing by providing for all their basic needs. She loves them very much and considers them the apple of her eye and it is the same for the children too.

Blessed With A Child

Modesto is a lucky father and has got a beautiful son Nicanor Lacen. He shares his child together with his life partner Anna. The couple adores the child very much and is trying to provide him with all the requirements and happiness.

Modesto Lacen with his wife and son Nicanor
Modesto Lacen with his wife and son Nicanor
source: Instagram @altisidore

The love birds welcomed their son on March 23, 2020, two years after their marriage. The family is seen spending quality time. Besides having a busy schedule, both Modesto and Anna spends time with their child and are often spotted in public together.

Lacen Is One Of The Cast Of Odd Man Out

Odd man out is a show for visually impaired people where they are put on a blindfold and a headphone. All of them could feel the weather and smell the surrounding with the help of auditory stimulation, tactile objects, and enriched smells.

Now the show is back, and one of the cast is Modesto alongside Holly Connor, Andrés Montejo, Carmen Borla, and many more.

Modesto As An Acting Coach

The Celia actor Modesto not only acts himself but teaches many acting enthusiasts who want to pursue a career in acting. He has been an acting coach for actor and rapper Ja Rule in Back of the day.

Similarly, he recently offered an acting workshop for interested participants in front of the camera in Mayaguez. In this workshop, Lacen introduced the participants to the acting world, ins and outs of the field as well as how to market yourself outside of the country.

He gave first-person mentorship to all of them and shared some of his difficulties and ways to tackle them.

Modesto As An Actor

Modesto Lacen began his acting journey as a teenager after he joined the Drama university. He excelled at both physical and classical theater. He made his debut in acting in the movie Heroes of the other Land in 1996.

Modesto Lacen · Reel

Following that, Lacen has been a part of many movies and TV series. He made a good impression on people and critics in the movie Animal and widely got famed after making his appearance on 3000 and El Don. He has worked with many prominent celebrities, including oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard.

Throughout his career, Lacen has 57 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. He has made a significant contribution to the Puerto Rican film industry.

Lacen Is A Multi-Talented Person

Lacen has worked as director and writer in the short movie The Aroma Of Pig. In this movie, the main character Omy deals with her low self-esteem after an experimental dance company wants to pay homage to Botero’s work in their latest production, ‘More of you to love and asks their overweight performers to perform a nude dance.

The pig’s aroma is a reference to the quest of the body and its intimate spiritual harmony. Lacen contributed to the movie industry as a director and a writer, too, which indicates he is multi-talented.

Besides this, the other thing that shows Modesto is multi-talented is his fluency in different languages. He has a good command of French, Spanish, English, And Portuguese.

Has A Pet

Lacen owns a pet cat that has mixed colors of brown and white. Both couples love the pet and adore it. They spend quality time with it.

Modesto Lacen Pet Cat Mambroo
Modesto Lacen Pet Cat, Mambroo
Source: Instagram @altisidore

The cat’s name is Mambroo. Although Lacen has not publicized pictures with the cat, his wife Anna constantly shows the cat on her Instagram feed.

Net Worth

Modesto Lacen is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $3 Million. He is a veteran actor who has been working as an actor for a very long period of time and has made a significant contribution to the Puerto Rican movie industry. It is obvious he earns a good sum of money.

In addition to this, Lacen’s wife Anna also earns a lot of money from her career. She has multiple sources of income and is associated with different international media. So, it can be said that the family is living a lavish and comfortable life.

Social Media Presence

Modesto is not available on the social media platform currently, as it seems he has taken down his accounts. He prefers to live his life to the fullest in the real world rather than indulging in social media. His wife, however, is available on Instagram with the username @altisidora and has more than 6k followers.

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