Jessica Amlee is a Famous Film actress who is known for the role played by Mallory on the television series Heartland on October 14, 2007, in Canada. She was born in 1994, July in Canada North America. She started her career at a young age as a child artist who got the nickname Jessa.

She is best known for her roles in the TV series ‘Heartland’ and ‘Greenhouse Academy’ and the films ‘Beneath’ and ‘Eve and the Fire Horse.’ 

Family Information

As Mentioned, Jessica is a famous actor known for Playing Mallory in the television series Heartland. Her father is Douglas Amlee and her mother is Steffin Amlee. She has a brother Mason Amlee. She hasn’t revealed any information regarding her parents on social media.

She is the granddaughter of Paul John Guloien who was born in December 1941 in Canada. He received many awards on his professional site. He is best known for the Juno award-winning For Traditional Jazz Album of the year. After winning the award he is recognized as a musical artist in Canada.

A famous actor who is famous in her career who has been wearing a white t-shirt
Photo of famous actor Jessica Amlee. Source: Famous People.

She has got supporting parents who encourage her to follow her dream and passion. She has disclosed more information regarding her family member. She might be keeping her personal life Secret.

Early Life and Childhood

Jessica has received full support from her family who encourages her to make a career in the actress field. Jessica has been living in Canada since 1994 but currently, she is living in Los Angeles.

She hasn’t mentioned much more about her family but she has said that she had the most caring Family. Due to her parents’ support and caring, she continues her studies in acting as well as both on-screen and off-screen.

Physical Appearance

Jessica looks very cute with her glasses. She has got medium hair and dark eyes. She doesn’t look much tall, where her exact height is 5feet 2inches. She got a chubby cheek and thin lips also she has got an oval face. She has got a slim body with 48kg (105Ibs) and also has got dark brown eye color with blonde hair color.

Personal life

Jessica Amlee manages her time and gets involved in social media even throw she had a busy schedule. After some involvement in a social site, She had made several donations to the Children’s Miracle Network in 2003 for a Tv voice-over.

The main theme of that event was to support the British Columbia children’s hospital in Canada. Furthermore, She likes to involve in social sites where She hasn’t mentioned any information regarding her social work on public sites.


Jessica was raised with her sibling and she has posted some photos with her sibling on social media. She hasn’t mentioned her sibling on the social platform which shows that she wants to keep her personal life secret. There is not much information about her sibling but she keeps posting a photo with her sibling.

Photo of Jessica Amlee's sibling photos shows that they have met each other after a long time and having fun.
SIbling photos of Jessica Amlee where they are having fun. Source: Instagram

Education and Qualification

Jessia had attained the school Kanaka Creek Elementary in Maple Ridge, Canada before pursuing herself in the entertainment industry as a child artist. She has good education and knowledge. As mentioned, she has given continued her study.

She has got supporting and caring parents due to her parents she hadn’t faced any difficulties in her studies. She is a good actor and she continues her studies both offscreen and on screen. She has disclosed her information regarding education and qualification.

Hobbies and Favourite things of Jessica

Jessica’s favorite movie is Kidnapped, The Hannah Anderson Story which was released on May 23, 2015, and her hobby are singing. The producer of the movie is Peter Sullivan who graduates from New York University and is also a producer and writer.

Her Favourite Actress is Bailey Anne Borders and her favorite Actor is Scott Patterson. Furthermore, her favorite color is Pink whereas her favorite food is Pizza.


Jessica started her career in the entertainment field as a film actor. She began her career Playing Annie Owen in a single episode. She has also been a part of films My life without me which was released on March 7, 2003, Kidnapper ( In 2015), and twenty-five more movies she played till in 2022. She has been seen in the brand commercials like The love crimes of Gillian Guess and Left Coast.

She is also known as a Television actress for Heartland where she has been the main cast. While continuing with her small screen, she played the younger version of Julia Lund in 2002. She played in Greenhouse Academy From 2017 to 2020. Over the year, actress Jessica has appeared in more than fifty commercials for various bands and two such brands are Coca-Cola and Hasbro.


In 2005, Jessica was awarded the ‘Leo Award’ for the ‘Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Feature Length Drama’ for her role in ‘The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess’ (2004). She thus became the youngest person ever to win the award.

Jessica relationship status

Jessica Amlee had at least 1 relationship in the past whose is an Australian actor whose name is David Jones Roberts. He had also played in movies such as Merry Ex-Mas, Wobbegong, Hard, Home, and Away.

Photo of Jessica and her previous boyfriend where they both are wearing a black dress.
Jessica with her Boyfriend David Jones Roberts. Source: Daily mail

She had posted some photos of her previous relationship. After breaking up with David Jones Roberts, She might don’t like to be with David when she is single now. Furthermore, she has disclosed her relationship till now.

Do Jessica Love Dogs? What trolled has happened regarding her dog?

As she is known for her professional acting. She loves a dog Where she kept posting photos with her dogs.

Dog of Jessica Amlee where she is feeding her dog a wine from the same cup.
Dog of Jessica Amlee. Source: Buzz feed news

Recently in 2022, She had a dog name, Payton. She had posted about her dog having wine from her same cup where she has been trolled by saying Love is Blind.

Life On Social Media

In our research, we found that she is highly active on her social media platforms. She is popular on various social sites like Twitter and Instagram. Jessica is also popular on social media sites where she has already gained thousands of followers on both accounts.

As a Tv actor, she is busy in her professional life but she manages her time and gets involved in social media. Jessica keeps posting about her daily activities which she maintains some time from her busy schedule. She is active in her professional life as well as in her social media life.

For more updates and information you can follow Jessica on her Instagram at Jessica Amlee and you can follow her on her Twitter at Jessica Amlee.

What is the Net worth of Jessica Amlee?

Jessica Amlee is a famous actor who started a career at a young age as a child actress. It is impossible to say the exact asset earns every month’s net worth. She hasn’t mentioned her networth on any platforms.

From our information and her hard work as a Tv actor and film actor, we can assume that her earning net worth is around $100,000

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