Zoe Terakes’ Staggering Net Worth Collection And Career

Zoe Terakes is an Australian actor best known for her role in Wentworth as Reb Keane. He is a non-binary, trans male actor who came out at 19. Since college, they have been interested in acting and have found success both on stage and in the movies. Terakes has starred in several television shows, including Janet King (2017), The End (2018), and Bondi Slayer (2020).

Zoe Terakes is earning money.
Zoe Terakes is living a lavish lifestyle.
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According to online sources, an Australian actor is expected to have a net worth of $200,000 in 2022. Most of their earnings came from their acting career, which included praised TV roles in Janet King (2017) and Wentworth (2020-21). Terakes has received considerable acclaim on-screen and has 12 acting credits despite being in the profession for four years. While their exact income has yet to be revealed, they are said to make tens of thousands of dollars every episode from their TV careers.

Furthermore, Zoe made her on-screen debut in 2017 with Marta Dusseldorp, Damian Walshe-Howling, and Hamish Michael in the TV series Janet King (7 episodes). They then collaborated on the 2018 short film The Craft before taking a two-year vacation from acting.

Between those times, they auditioned for and made their theatrical debut as Catherine in Iain Sinclair’s production of Arthur Miller‘s A View from the Bridge at the Old Fitz. Terakes is currently performing the play at Ensemble Theatre. Likewise, Anthony LaPaglia has a net worth of $6 million.

Zoe Terakes Will Make Her Apperance in Marvel’s Ironheart

If you are a Marvel fan, you must be aware that MCU is preparing something great for its loyal followers; Ironheart is one of those projects. And if you love Zoe, you will be happy to know that the actor is part of Ironheart.

Although Zoe’s role is unknown for now, they will indeed appear in all six episodes of Ironheart and will obviously steal the crowd with their fantastic performance. Besides Ironheart, Zoe’s future projects include movies, Talk To Me and Brace.

Is Zoe Terakes’ Married? Is Zoe Dating Anyone? Who is His Partner?

No, Zoe Terakes is not married as of 2022. The actor is in their early twenties and still enjoying the early phase of romance. However, the actor is dating someone right now. Who is Zoe’s partner? Before sharing that let us break it down to you guys that Zoe is a proud member of LGBTQ.

Yes, Zoe came out publicly as gay (lesbian) and non-binary shortly after becoming famous on television in the late 2010s. Terakes, who has over 59.2K Instagram followers (@zoeterakes), is proud of her sexuality and never appears hesitant about anything, even their love life.

Zoe Terakes is dating Kathleen Ebbs.
Zoe Terakes is with Kathleen Ebbs.
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Although they kept their family facts private, they couldn’t keep their dating narrative a secret. The Wentworth actor is currently seeing Instagram influencer and model Kathleen Ebbs, albeit she has not said anything about their relationship. Zoe and Kathleen both have gorgeous photos of each other on their Instagram accounts.

Moreover, Terakes is also active on Twitter, with 3.1K followers on @zoeterakes as of 2022. Aside from performing, Zoe Terakes is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ and Indigenous communities. Similarly, Bridget LaPaglia is dating Drew Weidhaas.

Nine Perfect Strangers Cast Zoe Terakes’ Wiki/Bio

Zoe Terakes was born on March 23, 2000, in Australia. Zoe is currently 22-year-old and holds an Australian. In addition, Terakes is now living in New South Wales, Sydney.

Zoe Terakes is 22-year-old.
Zoe Terakes is with friends.
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While there are no specifics about Zoe’s family, they say that their parents are highly supportive of their job. Furthermore, the Australian actor has siblings. Nine Perfect Strangers’ cast Terakes disclosed in an interview with Traveller that they are of mixed heritage, including Italian and Greek origins. Zoe is non-binary and likes to use the pronouns ‘they/them.’

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