This week, Jeopardy! Attempted to advertise a new special honoring the late host Alex Trebek, but most of the answers were about the controversy surrounding would-be successor Mike Richards. On Thursday, Jeopardy! shared an article announcing a new episode of Around the World with Alex on all of its official social media accounts. Commenters were more interested in who would replace Richards as the quiz show’s permanent presenter and why he was picked in the first place.

Around the World with Alex is a documentary covering some of Alex Trebek’s best journeys that he was privileged to take as a Jeopardy! Contestant. He would occasionally travel to remote locales to tape clue readings, which would then be broadcast on the show. During the off-season, Jeopardy! Repackaged some of those clues as a tribute to Trebek, and they’ve been airing on social media all month.

The most recent one sees him in Macchu Picchu, a complex ancient monument in Peru’s mountains. Behind-the-scenes images and anecdotes, as well as crew members’ pleasant memories of Trebek and his love of travel, are included in the story.

Of course, Jeopardy! Aficionados! Fans are concerned about who will succeed Trebek and how such a dramatic hand-off came to be. Mike Richards, the executive producer, was initially hired for the role. Still, he left after only one filming session, claiming that he didn’t want the controversy surrounding his presence to affect the show. Fans are still curious as to why Richards was chosen in the first place and who will succeed him now. Scroll down to see what people are saying about Trebek’s latest tweet from Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! tried to promote a new special about its late host Alex Trebek this week.
‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Tribute Flooded With Mike Richards Reactions.
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Some viewers speculated that Jeopardy! was attempting to capitalize on this old clip after the Richards incident. In truth, the Around the World with Alex series has been running since August 16 and was clearly planned for a long time before that.

Many fans continue to demand a probe into Richards’ on-set behavior and the hiring procedure that brought him in. Richards is being investigated for some inappropriate comments made on a podcast and suspected workplace misogyny and harassment. Many supporters have cited the Anti-Defamation League’s assessment.

George Alexander Trebek OC was a Canadian-American game show host and television personality. He hosted the syndicated general knowledge quiz game show Jeopardy! for 37 seasons from its revival in 1984 until his death in 2020.
Fans are missing Trebek’s voice.
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Many viewers remarked that they missed hearing Trebek’s soothing voice while watching the Macchu Picchu footage. They were also happy to see the show highlighting segments that he was particularly fond of. In a 2018 interview with TMZ, Trebek listed two different TV personalities he’d like to replace him: sportscaster Alex Faust and CNN legal expert Laura Coates. Many fans believe that pursuing one of these replacements would be a better way to really “honor” Trebek.

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Others returned to combing through this season’s guest hosts, suggesting their favorites from the list. Many of them are responding to any Jeopardy! Tweet, not just the videos from Around the World with Alex. Fans have stated that if the wrong host is installed, they will boycott the broadcast. Now that Richards has stepped down, some of these viewers may be able to rejoin the show.

Finally, some fans requested that Jeopardy! Continue without a permanent host for another season. With a revolving set of hosts, the series did well this year, with all of them focusing on the game rather than themselves. Because no one can completely replace Trebek, supporters believed that this strategy should be maintained.

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