As we are aware with the fact that relationships in Hollywood last for a short time. The stars often create buzz for their linkups and splits. Getting into a dating relationship with someone and separating no sooner is like a norm for them. Only a few can make it to a long-lasting relationship. Likewise, an American reporter, Jason Carr, tied the knot with his fellow reporter, Taryn Asher a long time before.

But do you know how long the pair dated each other prior to exchanging wedding vows? How many kids do the lovely couple have? Are they still together, or has their marriage already ended? We have tried our best to explain their love life from every angle. Scroll down to read more about the relationship timeline of Mr. and Mrs. Carr.

When Did Jason Carr Meet His Wife, Taryn Asher? When Did They Tie the Knot?

Carr met his love interest, Asher, an American TV personality, in 2000. The duo had their first encounter at a TV station in Flint at the early stage of their career. Carr and Asher were both selected as the host for the Sunday morning show. While working together, they felt a bond and chemistry with each other.

After some meetings and working together for some time, the pair fell for each other. Their romance blossomed no sooner. Further, the lovely duo is speculated to start dating each other in 2001. They are among those celebrities whose love story began in their workplace.

Working the same shift and sitting in neighboring cubicles, it wasn’t hard to fall in love

Taryn Asher
Jason Carr and his wife, Taryn Asher tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2007
Jason Carr and his wife, Taryn Asher tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2007

The love birds dated for around 6 years and exchanged marriage vows on 7 October 2007. However, there is not much information considering their wedding location and events. They might have said yes to each other in an intimate ceremony. There is not much buzz regarding their marriage though the pair has a successful married life.

Are Jason Carr and Taryn Asher Still Married? A Quick Look at Their Past Relationships

The American TV personality duo Carr and Asher are still together after more than 15 years of their marriage. There are no signs of disputes, complications, and divorce. Instead, they have always flaunted their love life on every possible platform. The duo appears like a newly married couple even after a relationship of a long time. Till now, the Carr duo has had a beautiful relationship without any divorce issues.

Talking about their past relationships, none of them shared anything about their relationships before meeting each other. As the details are away, they are speculated to have had no partners in the past. Also, the married duo doesn’t seem to have married or engaged in the past. Further, they look perfect together, and recently the duo created buzz for their magazine photoshoots for fall fashion 2022.

Are the Carr Duo Parents of any Kid?

Yes, Jason Carr and Taryn Asher are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Gia Carr, born on 26 February 2011 out of their union. They welcomed their eldest child after 4 years of tying the knot. Their daughter is in her early 10s and studying at the middle school level.

The Star kid frequently appears on her parent’s social media pages. Besides, the reporter duo doesn’t share another child. Jason and Taryn make time for their daughter from their busy schedules and do different fun activities together like Skiing, golf, and hiking.

Jason Carr with his daughter, Gia Carr
Jason Carr with his daughter, Gia Carr

Likewise, the family has two pet dogs; a chihuahua named Charlie Tickles, and a Labrador Retriever Violet. The beautiful family resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They have a luxurious life with a blissful family atmosphere. Carr and his wife often flaunt their family life while enjoying vacations and other family functions.

Jason Carr and Taryn Asher’s Contrast on Dressing Style

In an interview, the romantic couple Jason and Taryn shared their idea of dressing. According to Carr, he hates changing and doesnot mind wearing the same dress for different occasions.

On the other hand, his wife Asher always wants to upgrade herself with the stylish looks that suit her. She always looks forward to events so that she can wear her lavish outfits.

Social Media Presence and Relationship with Friends

The American reporter Carr is an active social media user and has a strong presence on both Instagram and Twitter. He has an Instagram account with the username @jasoncarrtv and has more than 20k followers on it. Likewise, the media personality is also available on Twitter with the username @JasonCarrTv and has more than 18.6 k followers. His social media pages are covered with his family life and some professional glimpses.

On the other hand, his wife, Asher, shares a glimpse of her personal and professional life on her Instagram account with the username @tarynasherfox2. She has more than 22k followers on her Instagram account, where she often flaunts her family life and special moments with her friends and co-workers. Also, she regularly updates her working details.

The husband-wife duo shares a healthy relationship with their family and friends. There is no information about the Carr duo’s controversial relationship with anyone. Instead, they are often captured enjoying themselves with their close friends and co-workers.

Net Worth and Earning Details

The American reporter Jason Carr is estimated to have around $3 Million. He owns a Mustang Bullit which costs more than $50k and is green in color. His primary earning source is undoubtedly his media career. He was always interested in making a career in news and journalism and is a graduate of the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland with a 4 GPA.

He might earn around $67 thousand per annum an average salary of a news reporter. Besides, Carr might add good money to his name from his involvement in TV shows, magazine photoshoots, and events. He is more famous for his work on WDIV-TV.

Jason Carr and Taryn Asher have enough money to live a quality life with their family
Jason Carr and Taryn Asher have enough money to live a quality life with their family

His better half, Taryn Asher, is estimated to have around $1.5 Million. She is better recognized as the Emmy Award-winning reporter for Fox 2 News. She has been contributing to the news and journalism field for a long time. No doubt, the mother of one earns good money as a news anchor. Besides, she might add good profit from different advertisement deals, brand endorsements, and sponsorship posts on social media platforms.

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