Jamal Labranch is an American citizen, and he’s famous because he’s the half-brother of the well-known American singer, August Alsina.

Jamal Labranch’s Wiki/ Bio

Jamal Labranch is an American citizen and the half-brother of the famous singer August Alsina. We don’t know his exact birthdate or age, but we can learn more about his family.

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Jamal Labranch is the stepbrother of August Alsina.

Moreover, the media personality’s parents are Sheila Alsina (his mother) and August Alsina Sr. (his father). He has three brothers named Melvin La’Branch III, August Alsina, and Travis La’Branch, and two sisters, Netia La’Branch and Chandra.

Sadly, the family has faced some tragic losses, including the death of his brother Melvin La’Branch III, who was shot and killed on August 31, 2010, and the passing of his sister Chandra, who battled cancer.

How Is Jamal Labranch’s Love Life?

The celebrity brother Labranch prefers to keep his love life out of the spotlight. While his famous brother’s relationships often make headlines, Jamal keeps his romantic status private, making it challenging to know what’s going on in his love life.

As for the media sensation, whether he’s single or married remains a mystery. He values his privacy, so we can’t say for sure what’s happening in his love life.

In contrast, his brother August consistently grabs attention with his high-profile celebrity relationships, making headlines in the romantic department. See another media star, Guendalina Ponti.

August Alsina’s Relationship History

Well, the big name Alsina, a singer from New Orleans, made headlines in June 2020 when he revealed he had a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. They first met through her son Jaden in 2015, and later, Smith explained on Red Table Talk that they had some time apart.

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Jamal Labranch was in a romantic affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Source: Pinterest

To add more, August’s love life has been a hot topic, especially since he spoke about his involvement with Jada Smith in 2020 while she was married to Will Smith, which they initially denied. Later, the TV personality referred to it as an “entanglement” on Red Table Talk. Although Alsina hasn’t made a definitive statement about his sexuality, his relationships have intrigued the public.

Who Is August Alsina?

The handsome hunk Alsina is an American singer from New Orleans, Louisiana, born on September 3, 1992. He got into music in 2007 by posting cover songs on YouTube. His big break came in 2013 with the release of his hit single “I Luv This S—,” which was part of his first album, Testimony, in 2014.

Moreover, the big name’s journey in life was marked by tough times. Both his dad and stepdad struggled with addiction, and he lost his older brother, La’Branch III, who was shot and killed in 2010. In 2018, the No Love star revealed he had a disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome, and in 2019, he couldn’t walk and had to be hospitalized.

Despite all this, the renowned name kept making music and working toward his dreams. He’s released three albums: The Product (2012), The Product 2 (2013), and The Product III: State of Emergency (2021). Some of his popular songs include “No Love,” “I Luv This S—,” “Kissin’ On My Tattoos,” “Numb (Bonus Track),” and “Song Cry.”

Besides, the household name has released a bunch of singles, like “Shake the World” in April 2022 and “Yeah Yeah” in July 2022. He also dropped an album called “Myself” in 2023. Also, get to know about Tulip Victoria Khaury.

In June 2023, I Luv This Shit singer posted an Instagram video saying that his upcoming projects might be his last. The fans will surely miss his presence in the entertainment industry.

What Does Jamal Labranch Do For Living?

Jamal is the step-brother of the famous singer, August, known for his music. But when it comes to what Jamal does for a living, it’s a mystery.

Moreover, the star brother likes to keep his work life private. We do know that his brother August Alsina has done really well in the music world, releasing many successful albums and songs.

How Rich Jamal Labranch Is?

We can’t say for sure how much money Labranch has, but we can get an idea by looking at his brother the Hollywood star Alsina’s estimated net worth.

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Jamal Labranch lives a lavish lifestyle.

Likewise, Alsina is a singer with a hefty net worth of about $2 million in estimated net worth. He’s done well with his music, especially his first album called Testimony, which was super popular. He’s also worked with big artists like Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown.

We don’t know Jamal’s other sources of money, but it’s possible he inherited some from his brother. August Alsina has been really kind to his family and even became the legal guardian of his nieces when their parents passed away. Jamal could’ve received some money from his brother’s belongings.

How Is Jamal Labranch’s Social Media Engagement?

The celebrity sibling Jamal doesn’t use social media himself, but his family’s active presence on various platforms has made them well-known online. By checking out their posts, we can get a peek into Jamal’s life and how he interacts with social media.

However, his family often shares pictures and videos featuring Jamal, showing his close bond with his brother August and his half-siblings. They even have vlogs that let us see what Jamal’s life is like.

Although Labranch doesn’t have any social media accounts, his brother Song Cry singer August is quite popular online. The TV star has a big following on Twitter with over 1 million followers with the username @AugustAlsina, and his Instagram account boasts more than 7.1 million followers with the username @augustalsina. He’s also got more than 4.9 million followers on Facebook.

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