Gildart Jackson is a famous British actor, writer, and audiobook narrator who is most known for his roles as Gideon in Charmed and Giles the Butler in Whodunnit?. In the TV series Charmed, he portrayed Gideon, an Elder and Headmaster of Magic School. Because of his abilities, his character is infamous for trying to assassinate Piper Halliwell’s kid Wyatt and a double-cross of the Charmed Ones.

Aside from his career, “The great actor” was well-known for his relationship—with the most well-known actress in Melora Hardin. On social media, Jackson has a sizable fan base. Many fans are wondering about Gildart and Melora’s romantic love life. So, this article will explain Gildart Jackson and Melora Hardin’s relationship timeline.

Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin’s Married Life

Gildart Jackson is blissfully married to Melora Hardin, his lovely wife. She is a well-known actress best recognized for her part in the sitcom The Bold Type as Jacqueline Carlyle. Melora and Gildart are well-known performers who have also had success in other industries.

After dating throughout the 1990s, Jackson and Hardin married on June 4, 1997. During the early years of their union, Gildart was still a fresh and developing actor, while his wife, Melora, was already a well-known figure in the industry. As of 2022, the couple is celebrating their 25th anniversary without any affairs or disagreement.

Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin married for 23 years.
Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin are a married couple.
Photo Source: Facebook

They’ve been wedded for two decades and have two beautiful children together. Their older daughter, Rory Jackson, was born in 2001, and their younger daughter, Piper Quincey Jackson, was born in 2005. Rory is 21-year-old, whereas Piper is 17-year-old. Gildart and Melora taught their children to be disciplined.

In a few films, the duo’s children both appeared in their parents’ footsteps. Jackson’s family is modest, adorable, and content. They share a happy and loving life. The family demonstrates that they are connected and have a wonderful relationship. Similarly, Bryce Durfee is married to Amber Rood.

Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin’s Lifestyle And Social Media

Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin are living a lavish lifestyle. They spend quality time going on vacations. The couple is active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Melora has 7.6k followers on Facebook, 305k followers on Instagram and 48.9k followers on Twitter. Similarly, Gildart has 116 followers on Facebook, 4.7k followers on Instagram, and 746 followers on Twitter.

Gildart Jackson & Melora Hardin are parents of two.
Melora Hardin is with her family,
Photo Source: Facebook

The actor uploads collections of stories on his social media account (@firesidereading). He enjoys experimenting with new things. Jackson continues to share his incredible photographs on Instagram. He is well-known for his fashionable appearance. Moreover, he’s a well-known social media influencer. His gorgeous appearance, one-of-a-kind clothing, and elegant demeanor are worth noting.

On the other hand, the beautiful lady frequently uploads her personal photos. Recently, she posted photos with her family, captioning, “Holidays.” Also, Melora wrote, “So cool to see I’m at 300k followers on here! Thank you all so much for following along on this journey. Sending lots of love to you guys! Thanks for making this whole Instagram thing so much fun. Appreciate all the love and support. Hope you all have a great week and a great month” for her fan.

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