George Gradow is a popular American real estate developer with a diverse portfolio of properties across the country. Storage and mobile home parks are among the properties available. He is also well-known for being the husband of Barbi Benton, a well-known American model, Actress, and singer.

The businessman is one of the most powerful persons in the world, but nothing is known about him. Most of his fans find it strange that he rarely flaunts his money, as some wealthy people do.

Around interesting celebrities, there are usually a lot of dating news and scandals. So, let’s know about George Gradow and Barbi Benton’s relationship timeline.

George Gradow & Barbi Benton’s Dating Life

Barbi Benton and George Gradow share a happy marriage. Barbi and George met in 1977 through a mutual friend, Liz Prince, who was George’s former team member. When Prince inquired about Gradow’s marital plans at the time, he said, “When I find someone who looks like Barbi Benton.”

Fortunately, Liz knew Benton’s mother, and he hooked them up, but she was dating someone else at the time and had no interest in George.

Barbi Benton and George Gradow share a happy marriage.
George Gradow & Barbi Benton are a married couple.
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Later, the Actress claimed that meeting George was like meeting a business person or a financial consultant rather than a potential husband. Still, she invited him to the Academy of Country Music banquet after breaking up with her then-boyfriend. Gradow asked her a question after they had been dating for four months, but she declined, saying, “No, I’m not that suicidal.”

Benton, on the other hand, rethought her response and finally answered “yes” after a week. In a previous interview, she recalled memories with her now-husband. “George is a one-woman man,” she explained, “and I could never get past dating more than one man at a time.” I like that I don’t have many people running around Hollywood telling me I’ve had her” since guys love to talk about celebrities.”

George Gradow & Barbi Benton’s Married Life and Children

George Gradow and Barbi Benton had been dating for nearly two years when they married on October 14, 1979. Their wedding was a modest, intimate gathering of their closest friends and relatives.

Also, Gradow admitted to People in the 1980s that marrying Barbi was a fairy tale for him and that every night when he goes to bed, he says, “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

George Gradow and Barbi Benton had been dating for nearly two years when they married on October 14, 1979.
George Gradow & Barbi Benton are parents of two.
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Although they do not belong to the same fraternity, the couple always respects and appreciates one another’s profession, which is a crucial aspect of their happy marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Gradow have a son and a daughter. On August 23, 1986, they welcomed their first child, Alexander Gradow.

Ariana Gradow, their daughter, was born on July 13, after they married for two years. She opted to leave the film profession soon after the birth of her second child to spend more time with her children. She and her spouse also split their time between their Aspen and Los Angeles residences. Similarly, Judy Greer is married to Dean E. Johnsen.

Barbi Benton’s Previous Affair

Barbi first met multi-millionaire Hugh Hefner when she was 19 years old while filming ‘Playboy After Dark.’ He died at the age of 91. In addition, Hugh was the founder and CEO of Playboy Enterprises. He was 43 at the time, and when Barbi told him she had never dated a man older than 24, he replied, “Neither have I.”

Following that, the two began dating and lived together for over nine years before divorcing in 1976. They did, however, resolve to stay good friends. Hugh, who had already had a failed marriage, expressed remorse for not marrying Barbi, which led to their separation, but he wasn’t interested at the time, and neither was Barbi.

Barbi Benton’s Husband Is A Real State Agent

The celebrity husband Gradow is a renowned American real estate developer who has achieved great success in the industry. He owns and runs his own real estate company, Churchill Group, Inc.

Similarly, the media personality has assumed the presidency of many companies, including Regency of Texas; Regency of Nebraska; Trafalgar Management Company, Inc; and Downing Investments, Inc. Gradow’s star rose even higher when he married America’s sweetheart, Barbi Benton, in 1979.

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