Dean E. Johnsen is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He is an American producer and writer who is best known for his roles in films such as Courage Under Fire, Up All Night, and Real Time with Bill Maher. In addition, Dean E. Johnsen is married to Judy Greer.

Judy Greer is also an Actress. Her roles are rarely — if ever — the center of a happily-ever-after romantic plot, although Judy has been married for almost a decade in real Life. Dean has also been by Greer’s side for a long time, and they seem to be a good match. So, let’s know Judy Greer and Dean E. Johnsen’s relationship timeline.

Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen’s Dating Life

Judy Greer met her spouse for the first time in 2010 on a blind date set up by their mutual friends. Johnsen is also highly involved in the entertainment world, as previously stated. Unlike his wife, though, he spends much of his time behind the scenes, developing various projects. They had mutual friends because they worked in the same sector.

Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen are cute couple.
Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen first met in 2010.
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Matt Gunn, a writer on Bill Maher‘s Real Time, was the one who brought the two together. Greer and Johnsen first just spoke over the phone. They finally met face to face. Greer admitted to Closer Weekly in December 2019 that she had never seen Johnsen before their first date.

Unlike the romantic comedy tropes that Greer is known for, “it wasn’t love at first sight” for the couple. She found him tall and attractive, but she didn’t fall in love with him right away. They eventually fell in love quickly enough to be engaged after only a year of dating. They were engaged in July 2011 in Napa, California, while on vacation.

Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen’s Married Life

Five months after their engagement, Judy Greer and Dean E. Johnsen were married in front of 200 guests. Their celebrity pals attended, including Rashida Jones, Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs, and Bill Maher. Greer and Johnsen did not live together after their wedding ceremony. For seven years, they lived in separate residences in different cities. This was because the couple was thinking about Johnsen’s children from his previous marriage. The producer desired to be near his two children in Thousand Oaks, California.

On the other hand, Greer lived in downtown Los Angeles, around 40 miles from Thousand Oaks. However, just because the couple lived in separate places didn’t mean they didn’t spend time together. They used to visit each other regularly. While doing so can be tedious, Greer said she wouldn’t change anything about their relationship.

Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen lives a happy life.
Judy Greer & Dean E. Johnsen are a married couple.
Photo Source: Instagram

In September 2013, the beautiful lady told People that her marriage to her spouse “is a little odd,” but she “married the right guy” for her. After the children turned 18, the couple eventually moved in together in 2018. It wasn’t a difficult transition for the couple. They were renovating the house they now live in while they were away. As a result, they were anticipating it, and when the moment came, it was ideal for them.

The lovely pair have been together for more than ten years. They have a better grasp of their connection because they operate in a similar atmosphere. They haven’t yet addressed their future intentions, though. Perhaps they will have a child together soon. Similarly, Bryce Durfee is married to Amber Rood.

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