Erin Bria Wright’s Net Worth in 2022

Erin Bria Wright is a singer, songwriter, and the daughter of the late rapper Eazy-E whose real name is Eric Lynn Wright. She has achieved success in music independently and is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million in 2022. Her professional career provided her with this much wealth. Her primary source is a television personality and a singer.

Erin Bria Wright is a singer, songwriter, and the daughter of the late rapper Eazy-E whose real name is Eric Lynn Wright.
Erin Bria Wright is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.
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Erin is pleased with the profits from her professional work. She also provides value through her own apparel business,, where she manufactures shirts and has her hat line. Similarly, she earned money as a vocal artist in many films.

Erin Bria Wright’s Father’s Wealth

Before his death, Erin Bria Wright’s late father, Eazy-E, had an estimated net worth of over $8 million, with a yearly paycheck of roughly $250 thousand from illegal drug deals. Her father was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1988 after his studio album Straight Outta Compton reached the charts.

Erin Bria Wright's late father was worth much to $35 million throughout his lifetime.
Erin Bria Wright’s late father had an estimated net worth of over $8 million.
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According to some sources, Eric Lynn Wright was worth much to $50 million throughout his lifetime. This could have been true at the pinnacle of NWA’s career when Ruthless Records was making almost $10 million a month from record sales. He owned a $1.1 million mansion in Calabasas, California, which he bought in 1991. After his death, he gave that house to his wife, Tomica Woods. Unfortunately, just nine months later, the house was lost to foreclosure as reported by NZ.

Erin Bria Wright’s Career

In 2015, Erin Bria Wright launched a documentary on her father, ‘Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies.’ The documentary will look at Eazy-E’s controversial death and other aspects of the rapper’s life, such as his accomplishments and personal life. The film is produced by her mother and half-sister, Erica. They’ve all been working on the documentary for several years.

Years after losing her father, Erin claimed that her father was killed and that his death was not natural. She stated that her film would reveal shocking details regarding her father’s final days, the scandals surrounding his death, and what happened to her family when Eazy-E died.

The singer also revealed that the film would contain the legendary estate inheritance struggle following ‘Straight Outta Compton‘ producer Tomica’s marriage to the rapper a few days before his death. Suge Knight, co-founder of ‘Death Row Records,’ hinted on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in 2003 that Eazy-E may have been deliberately infected with AIDS. The interviews fueled speculation that the former CEO of ‘Death Row Records was the murderer.

The artist initiated a ‘Kickstarter‘ campaign to fund the documentary in 2016. She hopes to raise $250,000 through the crowd-sourced effort. DJ Quik came out to promote the film and was even featured in a promotional video. As a reward for the highest contributor, Erin offered early access to her film’s eventual music and her father’s original ‘Ruthless Mafia‘ jacket. Her father’s clothing is the only thing she has with her.

The songwriter first appeared on television in a 2007 edition of the MTV reality show ‘My Super Sweet 16.‘ and also been on MTV episodes like ‘Rants and Raves,’ ‘The Monday Dish,’ and ‘Exiled,’ a ‘My Super Sweet 16′ spinoff. Erin debuted her debut music project, ‘We Want E.B.,’ when she was 19 years old. Her debut single, ‘What I Wanna Do,’ was released in December 2012.

In February 2022, she appeared on Access Hollywood as a guest and even had a small segment where she chased a dog around.

Erin Bria Wright’s Relationship Detail, Is She Married?

Erin Bria Wright is not married or in a relationship with anyone. Furthermore, there is no information available on her involvement in any relationships. It’s also feasible that she’s claiming to be unmarried and keeping her relationship hidden from the media.

Erin Bria Wright may have dated some attractive men in the past.
Erin Bria Wright is not married or in a relationship with anyone.
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The singer may have dated some attractive men in the past. However, she has yet to provide information about her previous and current relationships and love affairs in public. She is currently enjoying her singlehood and concentrating on her profession rather than being involved in romantic or romantic experiences.

Erin Bria Wright’s Personal Information

Erin Bria Wright was born in Compton, California, on July 16, 1991. After her father died in 1995, she was raised only by her mother. Tracy Jarnagin, her mother, was a music manager. Erin has always had a passion for acting and studied art at the ‘University of California, Los Angeles.’ She used to listen to musicians like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears when she was younger.

Erin Bria Wright With Her Mother and Father Source: Instagram

The 29-year-old’s father has seven other children from clandestine relationships with various women. Dominick and Daijah, Eazy-son E’s and daughter from Tomica Woods, who married just 12 days before his death on March 26, 1995, are among them. Erin’s name has now been legally changed to “Ebie.”

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