Eric Wright, aka Eazy-E, who doesn’t know the late rapper. When he was alive, he created several fascinating works in the music industry. Although he’s no more with us, we got his daughter, who shares a similar music passion. His daughter who? We’re talking about Daijah Wright, who followed her dad’s footsteps and is grinding in the music biz. She’s a singer and rapper who is well-known for appearing in the premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3.

Daijah Wright’s Wiki/Bio

Daijah Wright was born in November 1995 in the USA. Her mother, Tomica Wright, welcomed her six months after her dad, Eric Wright, passed away. Previous to her, her parents gave birth to a son named Dominick Wright.

Daijah Wright was born in November 1995 in the USA.
Daijah is one of the eleven children of the late rapper Eazy-E.
Photo Source: Mega Star Money

Talking about Daijah’s siblings, as per Jerry Heller, her late father had 11 children with eight different women; thus, she got 11 siblings altogether, including her elder brother Dominick.

Further, one of the eleven siblings consists of her younger sister, Erin Wright, who frequently features Daijah’s Instagram.

Daijah Wright’s Parents Married Twelve Days Before Her Father Died

Daijah Wright was still growing inside the womb of her mother, Tomica, when her parents found out about her dad’s incurable disease. Her father, Eazy-E, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

The couple, Eazy-E and Tomica, were in a living together relationship when they got the news. Things became harsh for them; however, they somehow processed the bitter truth and decided to marry each other. Following that decision, they tied the knot in 1995, and twelve days after sharing the vows late rapper took his last breath.

Daijah Wright's mom and dad tied the knot in 1995, and twelve days after sharing the vows her father took his last breath.
Daijah’s dad, Eazy-E, and her brother Dominick Wright. Photo Source: Empire Boo Boo Kitty

Talking about when Daijah’s dad and mom first met, the pair encountered at a Los Angeles night club in 1991.

Rapper and Singer Daijah Wright’s Net Worth Collection

The rapper and singer Daijah Wright is doing quite well in the music biz. Due to this reason, we can assume she might be earning well from her blooming career; however, the exact number is unknown.

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After observing Daijah’s works, many reliable sites have estimated her earnings to be around $900 thousand. Yes, she is predicted to generate a six-figure fortune on her own, but that’s not all. Why?

After observing Daijah Wright’s works, many reliable sites have estimated her earnings to be around $900 thousand.
Daijah as a celebrity kid enjoys a lavish lifestyle.
Photo Source: E Celebrity Spy

As we all know, she’s the daughter of a successful musician, and therefore, the internet world assumes that Daijah has inherited a fraction of Eazy-E’s massive fortune of $8 million. If that is true, then the 25 years old songwriter is enjoying a lavish lifestyle as a millionaire.

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