Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is a teenage girl who loves riding a horse and has already gained a lot of fandoms because of her sporty nature and for being the daughter of renowned boxer Canelo Alvarez. Her parents never got married and had Cinnamon when they were just seventeen. Her parents got separated right after her birth but never state any harsh feelings against each other.

Emily is the first child of her father and was raised in proper parenting with all the needs and luxuries.

Father’s Net worth

Emily Cinnamon is very young and not earning. However, her father Canelo Alvarez got a good sum of wealth of $180 million which is earned by his profession.

She is living a luxurious life and shares a really good relationship with his father and resides with him.

Half Siblings

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez has three half-siblings two of them are sisters and one is a brother. His dad has altogether four children with several different women.

Her stepbrother and sister’s names are Mine Ener, Maria Fernanda and Saul Adiel. They share the same roof and live with their father in Mexico. Emily’s father dated several women throughout his career and has a kid from these women Fernanda Gomez, Nelda Sepulveda, and

Mine Ener was born in 2017 and is the middle child of his father. Mine Ener is the daughter of Canelo Alvarez and Fernanda Gomez.

Saul Adiel was born recently on 2019 and he is the youngest child of Canelo and his former girlfriend Nadia Sepulveda.


Emily seems like following the footstep of her dad because when Alvarez was not a professional boxer player from mexico he used to ride the horse like Emily.

Despite being in her teen days, She didn’t hesitate to try adventurous activities like horse riding. Emily has a great deal of training and experience to ride a horse properly. She perfectly knows how to mount, steer, and signal your horse to move properly.

Furthermore, She has knowledge of training her horse and does ground work before riding them which helps to calm the horse and make horses know that you are the boss.

Love Life of Emily Cinnamon

Emily Cinnamon is in the early phase of her life where she is enjoying her teenage life by spending time with her family and friends.

According to her age, Emily getting into a relationship is not appropriate because she is not mature enough to get along with these things. As of now, she is single and freely enjoying her teenage.

Equestrianism (Horse rider)

Emily is also known as a horse rider and has the skill of riding a horse on the platforms like Global champions tour Mexico, Quintas Ecuestres Haras Puebla, Longines Global Champions tour Mexico, and Club Hipaco.La Hipica, Quintas Ecuestres Haras Puebla and many more.

emily cinnamon
Horse jumping show at Otomi Club Hipico done by Emily cinnamon Alvarez.Source: Instagram;emilyc.alvarez

She took participation in different events like Great Lakes Equestrian Festival 

Pets: Horse

As we mentioned earlier she has been in a different professional horse fighting show which means she rides her own horses which she named Diamant Des Foyes And Alizze.

She performed her shows with them and trained them as well. Besides that she had also has posted a picture of a dog.

Daughter of Canelo Alvarez (Santos Sal Alvarez Barragán)

Emily’s father Canelo Alvarez is known for his spectacular performance as a boxer and he is one of the most popular boxers from Mexico.

He was welcomed into this world on July 18, 1990, and named Santos Sal Alvarez Barragán. Alvarez began his interest in boxing at a young age and won many state-level championships.

Likewise, On 2007 August 31, he was able to win his first official championship, the Jalisco welterweight belt, After winning against Mexican boxer Ricardo Cano. Further year again he fought boxer Gabriel Martinez from Mexico in order to receive the ‘WBA Fedecentro’ welterweight championship.

emily cinnamon 2
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with his dad Canelo Alvarez.Source: Instagram;emily.alvarez

He claims to start his career professionally at the age of 15 and gained the good potential to become a boxer.

Alvarez is a family man despite his hectic schedule he always manages to spend quality time with his children and wife.

Parents Relationship

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s parents were dating one another when they were in their teen days and her mother Karen Beltrán got pregnant with Canelo Alvarez. However, the loving duo didn’t last long and broke up right after having Emil Cinnamon Alvarez.

After breaking up, Both of them was happy and pursued their life with different people but was always there for Emily. They’re both committed to co-parenting and their primary focus remains their daughters”.

Father Marriage

Emily Cinnamon’s father officially got married to Fernanda Gomez and settled down with her along with her three kids.

Her father was in a long-term relationship with Fernanda Gomez and dated her for more than 5 years and has an adorable child named Mine Ener.

emily cinnamon 3
Canelo Alvarez got married to Fernanda.Source: Instagram:Fernandagomez

Canelo Alvarez met Fernanda at the OMB gala and right after that, they started dating in October 2016. Fernanda has active participation on social media and is known as a social media influencer who has more than one million followers.

Emily bonds with Step-mom

Emily’s relationship with her stepmom is filled with compassion and love. They were often seen hanging out together and twinning their clothes. Fernanda is a companion for Emily, Both of them share a good mutual understanding and have love and respect for one another.

emily cinnamon 4
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her stepmom and half-siblings.Source: Instagram;fernandagomez.

Emily is going through her adolescents period and seems like the mother-daughter relationship is going stronger day by day.

Relationship with her father

Emily is the first child that came into Canelo Alvarez’s life with lots of positivity and gave him a new responsibility as a father at the age of 17.

She was very supportive as well as the biggest admirer of her father. Emily considers her father a role model in her life. She states that she promises to always be by his side through good and bad times, no matter what.

Furthermore, we can see the nurturing and rewarding relationship between father and daughter.They have build a foundation of trust and support. Emily learn more about him and his respective experiences. And ultimately, they have fun and make memories that last a lifetime.

Social Life

Emily Cinnamon has a massive fan following at a very young age and has a strong social media presence. At the moment she has only seen using only one social media which is Instagram.

She is followed by 124K followers on her Instagram: Emily.Alvarez where she posts a picture of her riding a horse in the Quintas Ecuestres Haras Puebla Performance & Event Venue in Puebla City, Longines Global Champions tour Mexico, Club Hipaco.La Hipica, Quintas Ecuestres Haras Puebla and many more.

Once in a blue moon, she also posts a picture of her family on her insta feed.

Physical Statistic

Emily Cinnamon has a decent height of 5 feet 3 inches (17.38)feet. She has an average body weight of 54 kg or 119 pounds. Likewise, she has a fitted slim body.

She has an enchanting face with gorgeous shiny light-browned color hair. Similarly, her waist, hip, and dress size is 28 inch,36inches, and 4(us) respectively.

She is still young, She has no tattoos or piercings. she will undoubtedly grow up and be a renowned personality in the future like her dad.