John Dagleish is an actor who is well-known for his role as Larry in the movie and TV mini-series The Third Day. Besides this, the Essex-born actor has made his appearance in movies like The Gentleman, All is True, Judy, and so on.

He was introduced to the world by his parents in the February of 1981 in Kelvedon, Essex, on the outskirts of the United Kingdom. During his early days, Dagleish was a singing enthusiast and started his career as a singer. However, he shifted his profession to acting.

The Physical Appearance Of Dagleish

The Gentleman actor has a distinct facial structure and always appears to be smiling. He has got brown eyes and natural black hair.

John Dagleish in a suit
John Dagleish in a suit
Source: Next Episode

Dagleish Stands tall at 6 ft and 4 inches (193 cm) and has maintained a weight of around 75 kg. As he looks lean and fitted in his early forties, one could predict how much this glamorous personality takes care of his body.

Educational Information

Dagleish is yet to reveal information about his academic days. He has no shade lights on his earlier life and his primary as well as high school days.

However, he did take some courses at Colchester Institute. The Institute is known to provide a wide variety of courses to different types of interesting enthusiasts. The learners may be teenagers, business people, or anyone.

Relationship Status

John Dagleish is currently in a relationship with Aimie Allen Atkinson and has recently publicized their love life. The love birds are believed to have encountered for the first time in 2020 and dated for two years secretly before revealing their relationship to the public.

John Dagleish and his girlfriend Aimie Atkinson
John Dagleish and his girlfriend Aimie Atkinson
source: Instagram @Johndagleish

The couple is now living a happy life together and has not shown any signs of dispute and rumors. They are yet to take their relationship to the next level.

Other than this, Dagleish is not romantically linked with any other person. However, this is not the case for his partner as she has dated Genesis Lynea, known for her role as Anna of Cleaves in the 2017 theatrical production. Lynea and Aimie dated for three years 2017-2020.

Girlfriend – Aimie Atkinson

John’s girlfriend Aimie Atkinson was brought to the world by a rock band part-time performer Tom Atkinson and his wife Faith Allen. She is popularly recognized as a singing artist from England who performs on stage. tonight, without you, In his eyes, sooner or later,  will you still love me and many others are some of her credits.

The stage performer who followed her father’s footpath has given a lot of concerts. Atkinson is not only famed as a stage performer but she has been featured in movies too. Her filmography includes Fedz Lottie, Niki Martin, Katherine Howard, Six: The Fully Animated Musical Katherine Howard, and many others.

Dagleish Often Goes TO His Girlfriend’s Concert

John Dagleish is often spotted at his girlfriend’s concerts and supports her. He had posted the moments of him enjoying Aimie’s concert.

John Dagleish posted the picture of his girlfriend performing
John Dagleish posted the picture of his girlfriend performing
source: Instagram @Johndagleish

The couple both praises and motivates as well as pushes each other to bring out their best. Not only that, his parents also support Atkinson.

Dagleish Loves To Click Pictures

The Judy actor Dagleish is fond of traveling to different destinations. He can be seen visiting beautiful places a lot on his Instagram.

He not only captures the beautiful view and things with his eyes alone but also with his camera. Dagleish loves to click pictures of those things which he finds appealing. His photography can be seen on his Instagram as he shares his masterpiece. Some of the things he has captured are flowers, beaches, animals, and plants.

Used To Have A Cat

John had a beautiful black cat whom he shared quality time with for approximately 19 years. Unfortunately, the cat is no longer with him now as it peacefully went to sleep in April. 2019.

John Dagleishs cat
John Dagleish’s cat
source: Instagram @Johndagleish

The Essex-born actor has expressed his grief on social media due to the loss of his beloved cat. He remembers the time he spent with his cat. However, he still has his dog.

Dagleish Is One Of The Cast Of Sexy Beast

According to Deadline, the prequel series of the popular gangster movie of 2000 is casting John in one of the roles. The movie is set to be released in 2023 with leading actor James McArdle.

The movie revolves around Gal, played by James who finds himself lost in the world of crimes in London during the era of the 1900s as he falls into love with DeeDee, played by Sarah Greene. This project has cast many other actors like Robbie Gee, Paul Kaye, Lex Shrapnel and many more.

Awards And Nominations

The All Is True actor, Dagleish has been entitled with The Laurence Oliver Award 2014 acknowledging his talent in commercial London Theater.

Furthermore, he has also been nominated for London Evening Standard for being involved in the Original London cast album.

Dagleish Will Revise His Role Spike

Dagleish is very excited to play one of his popular roles Spike Michigan in Spike-the comedy. As per the actor, it will be his first touring project and he is very excited to play his role as well as work with his great team.

John Dagleish revising his role as Spike
John Dagleish revising his role as Spike
source: Instagram @Johndagleish

He has praised the scriptwriter for his creativity and said his work of one of the all-time great comedies. The theatrical show by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman is set to release this autumn at The Watermill and is going on a Uk tour.


John Dagleish shifted his career into acting from singing and was a prominent actor in the English theater. His exceptional skill was well-known in the theater. After that, he decided to display his talent on big screens and started to act in TVs and movies.

His debut acting on the screen was Lark Rise to Candleford where he portrayed the role of Alf Arless. Following that Dagleish appeared in many movies and series like Justice League, Farming, The Bisexual, Judy and many more.

Dagleish came into the limelight after appearing in Sunny Afternoon, a musical theater for which he received the best actor award. Throughout his career, he has had 35 credits as an actor.

Worked On Zack Synder’s Justice League

Recently, Dagleish made his appearance in a DC movie in 2021 which was directed by Zack Synder. In this movie, he can be seen playing the role of Black Clad Beta.

This movie is about the quest of Bruce Wayne to find the metahumans and work together with them to protect the earth to ensure that the ultimate sacrifice made by superman does not go in vain. This series includes notable characters like Amber Heard, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and so on.

It was released on March 18, 2021, and earned approximately $16 Million at the box office.

John Dagleish As A Singer

Initially, Dagleish planned to be a singer and has practiced well. His singing enthusiasm has not been dead and is often spotted singing. He has given some of the songs that still play in people’s mind.

John Dagleish and George Maguire’s’ Waterloo Sunset

Set Me Free, Waterloo Sunset, You Really Got Me, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, Stop Your Sobbing, and sitting in my hotel, are some of his credits as a singer.

Net Worth

John Dagleish is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2 Million which he has accumulated from years of hardships and struggles in his professional career. He has been an actor and a singer.

From his hit projects like The Gentleman, All is True, Judy, Sunny Afternoon, and his albums ou Really Got Me, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, and Stop Your Sobbing, he has amassed quite a fortune. Dagleish does not own any business.

In addition to this, Degleish’s girlfriend Aimie earns from her singing career and is speculated to possess wealth worth $1 Million. The couple is spending a happy life together.

Social Media Presence

Dagleish is a media freak and aesthetic person who loves to share his masterpiece as well as life with his close ones. Unlike other celebrities, Dagleish does not keep his personal life private.

He is available on Instagram with the username @johndagleish where he has followers amounting to more than 2k. Likewise, The Justice League actor can also be seen tweeting under the username @johnDagleish and has more than 6k followers.

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