Ed Mylett is Married To His Wife Kristianna Myeltt

Ed Mylett married his soulmate, Kristianna Myeltt, his high school sweetheart. Both share the vision of building their path to success. The couple dated for ten years and created a lot of memories before they got hitched on 2 August 1997.

Ed and Kristianna married on 2 August 1997.
Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Myeltt, and children- Max Mylett and Bella Mylett. Photo Source: Instagram

Ed’s wife is very supportive in every step, including his business. The pair welcomed two children, namely a son Max Mylett and a daughter Bella Mylett, into their lives shortly after exchanging vows. The family of four is living an extravagant lifestyle in Chino Hills.

The love partners appear to be quite happy together as evidenced by their Instagram posts. Despite being busy with his hectic schedule, the business coach spends quality time with his family. All in all, a multi-millionaire business entrepreneur has been fortunate in his personal life to match his professional success.

Ed Mylett Professional Briefing and Net Worth

Ed Mylett joined World Financial Group in 1992. Ed quickly rose to a higher position within a few years at WFG because of his great sense of capitalism and excellent leadership ability. The guy became the top-level Senior Executive Vice Chairman.

Ed Mylett is owner of three private jets.
Ed Mylett driving one of his cars. Photo Source: Instagram

After that, the southern California community Diamond Bar native joined the WFG leadership team as a Chairmain Council member and was promoted to Director of Field leadership. In addition to his business ventures, he published his book ‘Max Out with Ed Mylett‘ in August 2018.

Further, Ed also interviews successful personalities in his podcasts and talks with a unique energy. Business coaching of Mylett helps people to generate over six-figure income from their business, focusing on his clients, fitness, confidence, and fears.

All in all, Mylett is popular as the wealthiest of entrepreneurs and owes his initial career to WFG. The 51 years old accumulated seven figures by the time he was thirty. The net worth of the charismatic Entrepreneur at present is in nine-figure and is estimated to be around $400 million. He has three private jets, and numerous lavish cars, including Ferrari.

Details on Ed Mylett’s Properties, Interests, and Mansion

In 2019, Ed Mylett owned three houses which include the famous Laguna Beach House. He has three jets and several exotic cars in his possession, with no loans on any of his luxuries. Ed Mylett also owns the custom Coeur d’Alene lakefront mansion, the most expensive home in Idaho.

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The main attraction of the custom luxury estate Coeur d’Alene is four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a full gym, a game room, a bar area, and a wine cellar. The mansion was officially on the market in August 2020.

Ed Mylett Wiki/Bio

Ed Mylett holds American citizenship. He was born on 27 April 1971 in Diamond Bar to American parents. He grew up with three younger sisters in Diamond Bar, California. Mylett stands at the height of 5 ft 8 inches.

Growing up, Ed was close to his father and called him his best friend. However, his father was a heavy drinker, and Ed gets afraid of what version of his father he would see. Ed and his sister grew up in a dysfunctional family because of it.

Ed Mylett has summoned the networth of Mylett has been among the wealthiest of entrepreneurs for a very long time. Ed owes his initial career to WFG that made him earn seven figures by the time he was thirty. The networth of the charismatic Entrepreneur in the present is in nine-figure and is estimated to be around $400 million.
Ed Mylett and his daughter Bella Mylett.
Photo Source: Instagram

Regarding his educational attainment, Ed Mylett graduated from high school in Diamond Bar, California. He then went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton. He finished his graduation as a three-time All-American and NCCA leader in stolen bases.

Mylett was a brilliant and hardworking student during his school days. He noticed that his father would become happy whenever he scored A on the test. Thus, he tried hard studying, hoping that his father would quit drinking.

Besides, Mylett, in 2017, asked his son to help him make his social media account. Now, he has a huge fan following on social media with over 2.2 million followers on his Instagram handle with username@edmylett. He uses #Maxout heavily on his accounts; a ‘Max out’ is Ed’s philosophy to change lives.

Ed Mylette Dreamt Of Being An Athlete

In his young days, Ed dreamt of being an athlete. He was very good at baseball and had trained for different sorts of techniques that would make him unbeatable in the game. He amassed numerous awards for his performance in the game.

Mylette was close to being a professional athlete. However, an unfortunate event occurred which shattered his dream. Ed got into an accident in his early twenties in which he nearly died. He was unable to play baseball afterwards.

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