Duncan Trussell is renowned as an American actor, stand-up comedian, voice actor, writer, and podcaster. His work in the Netflix animation series The Midnight Gospel earned him a massive success. He appeared in The Joe Rogan Experience and Joe Rogan Questions Everything podcast. Further, he has his own podcast, too named The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (DTFH).

He was born on April 20, 1974, in Asheville, North Carolina, the United States to the Deneen Fendig and Julian Trussell. To learn more about him, keep on reading.

Duncan Trussell’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Duncan Trussell has a net worth of $500 Thousand, as of 2022. However, it’s just an estimation, as there’s no official document to vouch for his actual fortune.

The American actor, stand-up comedian, voice actor, writer, and podcaster, Duncan Trussell, is millionaire.
Duncan Trussell lives a luxurious life with his family.
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Although it’s just an estimation, we do believe Trussell’s a millionaire; why? You will find the answer if you guys take a look at his career records.

Career Highlights of the Netflix Star Duncan Trussell

As mentioned earlier, Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, and podcaster. He officially began his journey as a writer back in 2007, when he wrote six-episode for the series Stupid face.

Over the years, Trussell has created several TV shows as a writer. His work includes Galaxy CabinFunny or Die PresentsThis Is Not HappeningStory Pig, and The Midnight Gospel.

Trussell gained tons of applause for his recent work in the animated series The Midnight Gospel, adapted into Netflix. Besides being the creator, he stayed active as a voice actor too. We can hear him as Clancy, Reflection Monster, and Eye Messiah in that cartoon. Further, as an actor, he worked on several projects, including Animals (as Dave), Adventure Time (as Ron James), Ugly Mutt (as Ugly Mutt), and Pretend Time (as Chris Thornton).

In addition to writing and acting, Trussell’s a talented director and producer too. He has produced and directed some of his works, including The Mid Night GospelStory Pig, and Galaxy Cabin.

Duncan Trussell as a Podcaster

Besides all of the works mentioned above, David Trussell’s a podcaster too. Indeed, he runs his own podcast channel named The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (DTFH).

In his podcast, Trussell has delightful conversations with his guests, and like every podcast, their discussion depends on different topics. However, the show often focuses on psychedelic drug use and Buddhism.

Except for running his program, Trussell has been a guest on different podcasts as a host. People are quite familiar with his appearance in The Joe Rogan Experience and Joe Rogan Questions Everything podcast.

Duncan Trussell’s Wife and Children

Trussell’s search for his perfect one stopped when he met his wife, Erin Trussell. In the beginning, the lovebirds rejoiced their time together as boyfriend and girlfriend, and as things progressed, they got married in 2018.

Duncan Trussell runs his own podcast channel named The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (DTFH).
Duncan Trussell and his wife, Erin are about to welcome their second child.
Photo Source: Instagram

The beautiful pair are parents to a cute son. Trussell announced that he was going to be a father back on June 27, 2018, on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Unluckily, many details on his child are unavailable; however, going through his Instagram account, we found they are parents of two sons

Past Relationship Of Duncan

It’s no secret, ladies love the guy who can make them laugh; thus, Duncan Trussell might date many beautiful girls in his early days. We are trying to say here that his sense of humor, as impressive as it is, helped him in his love life.

Duncan Trussell search for his perfect one stopped when he met his wife, Erin Trussell.
Duncan Trussell enjoying his time with his son.
Photo Source: Instagram

Some of his dating life, which came in front of the camera, is with his fellow comedians Mary Lynn Rajskub and Natasha Leggero. Similarly, he was in a romantic relationship with the model Cora Keegan.

Who is Duncan Trussell married to?

Duncan Trussell is married to his wife, Erin Trussell.

How much is Duncan Trussell worth?

Duncan Trussell has a net worth of $500 k million, as of 2022.

What’s Duncan Trussell’s podcast called?

Duncan Trussell’s podcast is called The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (DTFH).

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