Veteran NBA star Julius Erving’s legacy in basketball is unmatched. The 72-year-old athlete will never play again but has a lot of responsibilities to fulfil in his personal life. A three-time championship winner is a married man to his longtime girlfriend, Dorýs Madden. Unsurprisingly, the celebrity marriage was the only reason why the diva rose to prominence. And, as we know, when you tie the knot with a reputed personality, there is a high chance you become one.

Dorýs Madden’s Married to NBA Veteran Julius Erving

The basketball legend, Julius Erving, who happens to have several relationship with women in the past, was in a longtime relationship with Dorýs Madden. Surprisingly, the two welcomed a child named Justin Kangas in 2003, when Erving was still married to Turquoise Erving. Eventually, the basketball player broke up with his ex-wife in the same year, which made things easy for Madden.

Dorys Madden in white dress poses with husband Julius Erving.
Dorys Madden and Julius Erving tied the knot in 2008. Source: Pinterest

After dating for more than five years, the couple decided to get married. Thus, Madden and Erving exchanged their vows in a lavishing wedding ceremony in 2008. Surprisingly, the age gap between the two was so big that it triggered many criticisms towards them. Many labeled Madden as a golddigger on how she married the basketball star, who was of a grandfather’s age only because of his wealth.

All Dorýs does is ignore the hate as it is not worth it. She is extremely happy with her beau, and that could be seen as they often attend several public events together.

Dorýs Madden Shares Four Children with Husband Julius Erving

Dorýs Madden already had Erving’s child in 2003, when they were in the early days of their relationship. Interestingly, that wasn’t the first time when the basketball star had a child outside marriage. He shared a daughter, Alexandra Stevenson, WTA professional with sportswriter Samantha Stevenson in 1980.

Dorys Madden in blue dress poses with husband and kids.
Dorys Madden and her husband Julius Erving have four children.
Source: Celebrity gossip

Following Erving’s divorce in 2003 to the first wife, he started living together with Madden. Eventually, they became closer than ever and had more children following their marriage. Thus, the pair welcomed three other kids later, including Jules Erving and Julietta Erving.

While their younger kids are studying in high school at the moment, Madden does her best to work as a mother to keep the family together and raise her children in the best possible way.

Dorýs Madden’s Staggering Net Worth

Being a wife of the retired NBA star cum entrepreneur, Julius Erving certainly has its perks, especially when it comes to wealth. There is no way Dorýs ever has to worry about finances to live a lavish life and send her children to good schools.

Dorys Madden and her husband Julius Erving poses with Ronaldinho.
Dorys Madden and Julius Erving often attend several events together. Source: Twitter

Since she lives a private life, unlike her husband, there is not much information about what she does for a living. However, as per estimates, Madden amasses a net worth value of $1 million, which is alike to Sharee Hough and Ari Graynor. On the other hand, her husband Julius Erving has $50 Million worth in 2022.

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