Who Is Dominique Boxley?

Following Dominique Boxley‘s marriage to Anthony Fantano, Boxley has been spotlighted. They are both enthusiastic about music. Her interest in the field began when she was a child. When she was younger, she listened to music on the radio.

Dominique Boxley interest in the field began when she was a child.
Dominique Boxley is married to Anthony Fantano.
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The artist is an American citizen born and raised in the United States. Boxley has mentioned that she is the youngest of her family members. However, she has never revealed her parents or siblings. She is of the Afro-American race. Dominique has done music reviews in a

Dominique Boxley’s Married Life

Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano married in the mid-2010s, but Boxley and Fantano keep their marriage a closely guarded secret. “10 Love Songs We Love,” one of th Anthony Fantano eir earliest YouTube videos together, was one of their first appearances. In 2011, it was uploaded to commemorate Valentine’s Day. In the video, Anthony introduced Dominique as his girlfriend for the first time.

The couple discovered each other online in the late 2000s. They were drawn to each other right away since they both loved music. The pair moved on their first date after that. Due to Anthony’s busy work schedule, he could not make it in time and had to stand up to his future girlfriend for 30 minutes.

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They took their first trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Later, the two traveled to Las Vegas, earning more than $300 in gambling. Moreover, during the first several years of their partnership, Fantano and Dominique faced certain difficulties. They were dealing with a family issue as well as a financial crisis. They lived in a cramped New England apartment with the oven as their primary heat source.

Are They Still Married?

After she quickly withdrew from the spotlight, fans speculated that Fantano and his wife had broken up. However, everything became evident when they banded together and disputed the charges in a YouTube video released on February 14, 2018.

Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano married in the mid-2010s.
Dominique Boxley with her husband Anthony Fantano.
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According to insiders, the couple has kept their relationship a well-guarded secret owing to unjustified criticism of their interracial marriage. Despite their long marriage, the couple has yet to have children. According to the tabloids, Anthony Fantano’s wife gave birth to their baby boy. However, they never corroborated the claims. They now call Middletown, Connecticut home.

Dominique Boxley’s Husbands Net Worth as of 2021

Dominique Boxley’s husband, Anthony Fantano, is worth $1 million. His YouTube channel earns him almost $40,000 every month. Fantano was exposed to various musical styles while working as the music director for the Southern Connecticut State University student radio station. A friend encouraged him to write about music in the early 2000s. However, rather than writing reviews, he began by casually blogging about his musical experiences on the internet.

The Music Critic landed a podcast show at WNPR called ‘The Needle Drop’ with the help of a professor. He founded the same-named website in 2007 to provide written critiques of songs and albums. While he started his first YouTube channel, ‘thatistheplan,’ in 2007, he didn’t start doing music video reviews until 2009. Fantano’s review of Flying Lotus’ ‘Cosmogramma’ began to appear in the ‘Featured Videos’ part of YouTube’s related videos section in 2010. He was interviewed at SXSW in early 2011 and was featured in a piece in ‘The Guardian.’ 

Dominique Boxley is a Music Critic, YouTuber and a Vlogger.
Dominique Boxley’s husband is worth $1 million.
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Fantano received backlash in 2012 after being forced to write an article for Connecticut Public Radio to accompany an editor-created playlist called “50 Failed First Impressions.” This encounter inspired him to seek a career as a music critic on his own. As his popularity grew, he quit his other occupations and made ‘The Needle Drop’ his full-time work. With his expanding fame, he felt compelled to archive his numerous reviews properly and engaged a web designer to help him manage his website in 2014. One of his first large expenditures as a music journalist was this.

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While the YouTuber refers to himself as “the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd,” Anthony is undoubtedly one of the most interesting music reviews online. According to him, evaluating music on a video platform provides a whole new level of engagement between the reviewer and the audience because the public can see the reviewer’s expressions, which adds authenticity to the experience. He admits that music reviews can be “sarcastic,” but claims that seeing the “nerdy music enthusiast” behind the snarky review helps break the stereotype and develop a personal link between the reviewer and the listener.

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