Anthony Fantano’s Net Worth as of 2021

Since 2021, Anthony Fantano‘s TheNeedleDrop channel has gained over 2.3 million subscribers and has received over 700 million views. It has the potential to receive around 480,000 views each day from various sources. The commercials on the video clips must generate an estimated daily income of roughly $2,400 ($880,000 per year).

Anthony Fantano's TheNeedleDrop channel has gained over 2.3 million subscribers and has received over 700 million views.
Anthony Fantano has a net worth of $1 million.
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The Fantano channel has over 1.3 million subscribers and has received over 300 million views. It can receive roughly 380,000 views per day, resulting in daily earnings of over $1,900 ($700,000 per year). The income generated from views ranges from 40% to 80% of the total views. A public auction determines the cost of an advertisement sight among advertisers based on views. Anthony Fantano’s net worth is projected to be $1 million as of 2021.

Anthony Fantano’s Career Highlights

Anthony Fantano began his career as a music director for the collegiate radio station at Southern Connecticut State University. He then became acquainted with several musical styles. Then, in the early 2000s, Anthony was encouraged by a buddy to write about music. Instead of writing reviews, he began by casually blogging about his musical experiences on the internet. At the same time, Anthony was working at his high school pizza business to pay off his student loan.

The artist landed a podcast show called “The Needle Drop” on WNPR with the help of a professor. Then, in 2007, he launched the same-named website to publish written reviews of songs and albums. In 2007, Anthony Fantano established his first YouTube channel, ‘thatistheplan.’ However, it wasn’t until 2009 that he dabbled with music video critiques.

As Fantano’s popularity grew, he quit his other employers and made ‘The Needle Drop’ his full-time work. Then, around 2014, as his reputation grew, he felt the need to archive his countless reviews properly and engaged a web designer to manage his website. This was undoubtedly one of his first large investments to establish himself as a music journalist. Anthony has launched a new YouTube channel called “fantano.” This channel was founded on May 18, 2017, and has received 292,160,090 views so far.

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“The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd,” Anthony calls himself. He is unquestionably one of the most entertaining music reviews on the internet. And, he claims, analyzing music on a video platform provides a whole new level of engagement between the analyst and the audience because the public can see the reviewer’s expressions, which creates a sense of authenticity.

Anthony Fantano’s Married Life

In the year 2008, Anthony Fantano and his wife, Dominique Boxley, met online. She is a woman of African-American descent. They dated for a long time before getting married. However, we do not know the actual day of their marriage. They are currently residing in Middletown, Connecticut. Dominique appears on his YouTube channel from time to time to share her favorite songs with his audience.

Anthony Fantano's wife is a woman of African-American descent.
Anthony Fantano with his wife, Dominique Boxley.
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The couple first met on the internet in 2008. The two had a fantastic talk because Anthony Fantano’s wife was also a music fan. Following that, the two planned their first date, but Anthony came a half-hour later than planned. Besides, their first vacation was to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they took a short road trip. Later, the pair traveled to Las Vegas, where they gambled and won almost $300.

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A few years ago, speculations regarding Anthony and his wife’s divorce circulated on the internet. It all started when Anthony kept his wife out of the limelight for several years without saying anything. However, it turns out that he did so because, rather than the video content, people commented on their interracial marriage in the videos.

Anthony Fantano’s Early Life

Anthony Fantano was born in Connecticut, New England, USA, on October 28, 1985. Anthony’s parents’ names and contact information are not yet available. Similarly, information about his other family members, such as his siblings, cousins, and other family members, is not yet available. Fantano stands 6 feet tall, although his weight is unknown at this time. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are dark brown.

Anthony Fantano was born in Connecticut, New England, USA, on October 28, 1985.
Anthony Fantano is a music review blogger and YouTuber.
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The 36-year-old’s parents split when he was a small child. And, as a youngster, he was rather overweight, for which he was frequently criticized. Later on, he began to work out and followed a strict vegan diet. Anthony Fantano attended Southern Connecticut State University for his educational background and qualifications. There, he majored in political science, broadcast communication, and journalism. He was even the music director for the SCSU radio station.

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