Derek Chauvin was accused of placing his knee on George Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes, amidst which Floyd lost consciousness and later died.

The prosecutor, Jerry Blackwell, told the jury that Floyd’s death last May was caused by Chauvin keeping his knee on the neck of the dying man even after he stopped breathing. Chauvin used excessive and unreasonable force without regard for Floyd’s life.

Derek Chauvin was married to Hmong American women Kellie Chauvin. They tied a knot in 2010 after dating several years. The couple was widely popular for their Asian American interracial relationships. Following the split, some on the internet have labeled her a “self-hating Asian”. Others have concluded her marriage was a tool to gain social standing in the U.S.

The former Minneapolis coop charged derek with killing George Floyd.
Derek Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter charges.
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However, after eleven years of marriage, they called it quits citing an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage. Kellie filed a divorce against Derek on May 31, 2021, after being charged with manslaughter and murder in George Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s assets to his wife were denied by a judge who cited the possibility of fraud.

Some veteran divorce attorneys speculate on a divorce of convenience to protect their assets against civil court lawsuits. In her October ruling, Washington Country District judge Juanita Freeman said that judges might refuse an uncontested agreement between a couple just like with Chauvin’s.

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During the divorce process, Derek and Kellie Chauvin did not know they were highly redacted in a document filed on September 30. One the attorney wrote under the agreement, Kellie would receive all the equity in their two real estates, all the money in their bank and investment accounts, and all incomes from Derek’s pension.

They earned funs from Chauvin’s before the couple’s 2020 wedding would have been exempt. Derek was a Minneapolis officer from 2001 until his firing in 2021. Several tax-related felony charges were filed in Washington County this summer against the couple’s claims that the couple failed to claim $464,433 in joint income dating back to 2014.

Derek Chauvin in George Floyd Murder

Derek Chauvin earned $52,000 to $72,000 annually between 2014 and 2019 as a police officer. He also made nearly $96,000 working security at businesses while off duty. According to Derek’s property records, it shows that they bought an Oakdale house in 2017 for $260,000. It sold in August for $279,000. The couple also purchased a Florida townhouse in 2011 for $210,900; it was worth $249,224.

Derek Chauvin is accused of second degree murder in May 2020.
Derek Chauvin planted knees on Floyd’s neck until death.

Divorces of convenience aren’t unheard of, attorneys said. They’re sometimes filed to protect assets when someone enters assisted living or is dealing with health problems that could result in exorbitant bills. Besides, Judges are compelled by law to ensure that divorces are equitable, but state law also encourages settlement agreements without additional court involvement.

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