Dennis Dexter Haysbert is a popular American actor who starred as Pedro Cerrano in the Major League film trilogy, Secret Service agent Tim Collin in the political thriller film Absolute Power, Sergeant Major Jonas Blane on the CBS action-drama series The Unit, God on the Netflix show Lucifer, and President David Palmer on the first five seasons of 24. In addition to the science fiction series Incorporated, he has appeared in the films Love Field, Heat, Waiting to Exhale, and Far from Heaven.

Besides his professional life, the American actor has had several ups and downs in his love life. Till now, Dennis had married twice. People are wondering whom he married and whom he is dating as of now. So, we are here to discuss his relationship timeline.

The Relationship Timeline of Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert has been married twice but has dated several women in his career. Lynn Griffith is one of his ex-wives of him. Lynn is also a former actress who played minor roles in many television shows but had a specific role in Unbound’s short film in 2012. They got married in 1989 and had a wonderful relationship. After twelve years of marriage, their relationship deteriorated, and they divorced in 2001.

Dennis Haysbert is a single as of now.
Dennis Haysbert with his ex-wife, Elena Simms.
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While the details of their marriage and divorce have not been revealed, it appears that Dennis Haysbert and Lynn Griffith fell out of love and chose to separate after more than a decade of marriage. There is no information about their divorce procedures or if Lynn got a divorce settlement.

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Furthermore, Haysbert had previously married Elena Simms for four years. Therefore Lynn was not his first wife. On April 13th, 1980, the former couple tied a knot. Dennis had just recently begun acting, and his career had not yet blossomed. Later, the handsome hunk married Lynn after the couple split in 1984. Currently, Dennis is living a single life and enjoying his singlehood. He uploads his beautiful pictures on his Instagram account.

Dennis Haysbert’s Children

Lynn Griffith has two children with Dennis during their twelve-year marriage. The name of the children is Katherine Haysbert and Charles Haysbert. The children were both born and raised in California, with Charles following in his parents’ footsteps and working in the film business. 

Dennis Haysbert has two children.
Dennis Haysbert with his son and daughter.
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In addition, Katherine went to the University of California and was a member of the track and field team. She attended Alverno High School, competed in several championships and even won an 800m event in the 2017 Sacramento State Open. Despite Dennis’s celebrity resulting from his acting profession, he and Lynn have worked hard to keep their children’s lives out of the spotlight. Regardless of the siblings’ chosen professions, both parents are extremely proud of them.

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