David Faitelson, a sports journalist of Mexican-Israeli origin, is currently employed by ESPN Deportes. He has gained recognition for his expertise in the field and is known for providing insightful sports commentary. Before joining ESPN, he had an illustrious career covering live sports for various television networks in Mexico.

Faitelson was born on November 8, 1968, in the city of Ashkelon, Israel. He belongs to the zodiac sign Scorpio, which is known for its determination and intensity. Throughout his career, he has exhibited these traits as he relentlessly pursued his passion for sports journalism.

Married Life Of Faitelson

David Faitelson is happily married, although the details of his wife, including her name, are undisclosed. Despite the privacy surrounding their relationship, he has shared a few pictures of them on his Instagram account. These photos capture moments of their companionship, such as enjoying a baseball match or simply hanging out.

David Faitelson is wearing glasses in this selfie and his wife is wearing a blue shirt.
David Faitelson with his wife (Source: David Faitelson Instagram @davidfaitelson_espn)

Faitelson and his wife reside in Southern California, where they lead a peaceful and private married life. While his professional endeavors often bring him into the public eye, he values the quiet and harmonious nature of his personal life with his wife in their California home.

Net Worth Status Of The Journalist

David Faitelson has accumulated an estimated net worth of $5 million, similar to Ron Pinkard through his successful career in sports journalism. His primary income source stems from his work at ESPN Deportes, where he has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry. His expertise has led him to serve as an analyst on numerous shows, further contributing to his financial success.

While Faitelson covers a wide range of sports, he is particularly known for his extensive coverage of the Mexican National Football Team. His in-depth analysis and insightful commentary have made him a trusted source of information for fans of Mexican football. His net worth reflects his hard work and dedication to his craft, solidifying his position as a respected sports journalist.

Has Three Daughters

Faitelson embraces the role of a father and is blessed with three daughters like Keala Scherzinger. Although specific details about his children are not available, his daughter deliberately maintains a low-key and private life, away from the prying eyes of the media. However, on occasion, he has shared a few pictures of his daughters on his Instagram account, giving glimpses into their lives.

David Faitelson's daughter is taking a selfie as he, his wife and other daughter are smiling at the camera.
David Faitelson with his wife and two of his daughters (Source: David Faitelson Instagram @davidfaitelson_espn)

Among his children, Faitelson has a young daughter who is at a tender age, while the other two daughters have grown up. He cherishes quality time with his two elder daughters, and they have been spotted enjoying baseball games together, creating lasting memories as a family. His commitment to safeguarding his family’s privacy while expressing his love for them demonstrates his dedication to maintaining a balanced and fulfilling personal life.

What Did Faitelson Do Before Joining ESPN?

Before joining ESPN, Faitelson had an impressive career in the field of sports journalism in Mexico City, Mexico. For two decades, he dedicated himself to covering sports on broadcast television, becoming a familiar face on the screens of sports enthusiasts.

Faitelson’s expertise extended beyond television as he worked as a reporter for esteemed newspapers like El Excelsior and El Heraldo de Mexico, delivering in-depth coverage and insightful analysis to readers. Additionally, he honed his skills as a sports radio talent, lending his voice and expertise to networks such as Grupo Acir, Radio Red, and La Sociedad Deportiva.

Faitelson’s passion for covering major sporting events is evident as he has covered FIFA World Cups since Mexico 1986 and has been a part of the Summer Olympics coverage since 1988. His extensive experience in various mediums of journalism reflects his dedication to providing comprehensive sports coverage to audiences across different platforms.

Faitelson Works At ESPN

David Faitelson is an integral part of the ESPN team, having joined ESPN Deportes in May 2007 as an analyst, field reporter, and host. He is involved in a variety of ESPN Deportes studio shows, catering to audiences in both the United States and Latin America.

David Failteson is wearing a grey suit with a black t-shirt.
David Faitelson in ESPN Sportscentre (Source: ESPN Deportes YouTube Channel)

Faitelson’s work extends across multiple platforms, including television, radio, the internet, and print media. He is recognized as an esteemed analyst for several studio shows such as “A Los Golpes,” “Cronómetro,” “Raza Deportiva,” “Fútbol Picante,” and “Nación ESPN.” In addition to his studio roles, he also serves as a regular reporter for “SportsCenter,” where he covers wide range of sports including soccer, baseball, and boxing.

Faitelson’s expertise and insights make him a sought-after guest on ESPN Radio Fórmula in Mexico, where he shares his analysis and opinions with the audience. His multi-faceted presence across different media platforms showcases his extensive knowledge and passion for sports journalism.

Damar Hamlin Comments That Landed Him In Trouble

Faitelson faced backlash for his comments regarding Damar Hamlin’s collapse during a match. On Twitter, the journalist wrote, “In my most upstanding and decorous moments, I would disappear from the face of the earth sports like soccer, boxing, and UFC.” This statement generated angry reactions due to its controversial nature.

Some individuals criticized Faitelson, suggesting that he was merely seeking attention and engagement on social media following such an unfortunate event as mentioned in an article from Marca. The comment sparked debate and highlighted the responsibility of sports journalists to exercise sensitivity and respect when discussing sensitive topics.

Hamlin, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, endured a frightening moment when he suffered a cardiac arrest after making a tackle during a game against Cincinnati Bengals. The incident left fans and teammates deeply concerned for his well-being. However, the positive news is that he has made a remarkable recovery and is now back with the team.

Faitelson’s Famous Rivalry With Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Faitelson is known for his famous rivalry with Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former professional football player. The rivalry between the two began to escalate in 2003 when Blanco, after a match between Veracruz and America, physically struck the journalist as mentioned in an article from the American Chronicles.

This altercation stemmed from Faitelson’s harsh criticism of Blanco’s performance as sports commentator. Additionally, the footballer had previously denied him an interview on another occasion. In an attempt to arrange an interview, he had even traveled to Spain a few years prior to the punching incident.

The tense relationship between Blanco and Faitelson became a topic of discussion among fans and the media, further fueling their rivalry. Despite their clashes, their interactions have captured attention and become a memorable aspect of their respective careers.

Social Media Presence

Faitelson maintains an active presence on social media platforms, primarily on Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, his handle is @Faitelson_ESPN, where he focuses on his professional work. He utilizes this platform to report news, share his opinions, and predominantly discuss football-related topics. It serves as a valuable source for fans and followers seeking the latest updates in the world of sports, particularly football.

On Instagram, Faitelson’s handle is @davidfaitelson_espn. While Instagram also showcases his professional side, he takes the opportunity to reveal glimpses of his personal life as well. He shares pictures of his family, friends, and his adventures while traveling, allowing his followers to connect with his life beyond sports journalism.

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