Joyce Hyser is a former actress who gained recognition for her roles in several movies. She was once in a relationship with the famous musician Bruce Springsteen, which brought her some attention in the media. She is best known for her performances in movies such as “Just One of the Guys,” “This Is Spinal Tap,” and “The Hollywood Knights.”

Joyce was born on December 20, 1957, in New York City, New York, USA. She is known for her striking height, standing at 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters). Additionally, she maintains a weight of 132 pounds (60 kilograms). Her physical attributes have contributed to her on-screen presence and have helped her portray diverse characters in movies.

Married Life Of Joyce Hyser

Joyce Hyser is happily married to her husband, Jeff Robinson, who is the owner of Canyon Creek Properties. He is also known as the Co-Founder of the Harold Robinson Foundation. They have been together since the year 2000 and the year of the marriage is unclear but they officially tied the knot on July 12.

Jeff Robinson is wearing a red t-shirt and Joyce Hyser is wearing a black t-shirt.
Joyce Hyser and her husband, Jeff Robinson (Source: Jeff Robinson Facebook)

Jeff holds a deep love and appreciation for Joyce, as he has expressed in the past. He once said on his social media posts, “You’ve been with me for some of the greatest moments of my life, but more importantly and significantly, you’ve been by my side for the toughest moments of my life. I hope you know how much it means to me. I know I’m not always box of chocolates when dealing with my condition.” His words highlight the strong bond and support that exists between him and Joyce.

Hyser’s Net Worth

Joyce Hyser, the former actress, and model, has accumulated a net worth of $2 million, similar to Merribeth Brown’s father, Wes Brown, throughout her career. She was actively involved in the entertainment industry during the 1980s and 1990s, showcasing her talent on the big screen.

However, Hyser has transitioned her focus and is currently dedicated to making a positive impact as a philanthropist. She is deeply involved with the Harold Robinson Foundation, an organization she co-founded. Despite stepping away from the spotlight, she continues to leave a lasting impact through her charitable endeavors.

Previously Dated Bruce Springsteen

Joyce Hyser had a significant relationship in the past with the renowned musician Bruce Springsteen. Their story began in October 1978 when Bruce met Joyce during his Darkness Tour. Interestingly, it was Gary Busey who played a pivotal role in introducing them to each other.

Bruce Springsteen is on stage with a mic on his hand as he looks at the crowd.
Bruce Springsteen performing in London (Source: Bruce Springsteen YouTube Channel)

After their initial meeting, Joyce joined Bruce on the remainder of the tour, and their connection grew stronger. The two became romantically involved and dated from 1979 to 1984. During this period, they shared precious moments and experiences, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Although their relationship eventually came to an end, the time they spent together remains a notable chapter in their personal histories.

Hyser’s Troubled Relationship With Warren Beatty

Hyser’s relationship with actor Warren Beatty took place after her involvement with Springsteen. Their romantic connection occurred in 1988 and had a profound impact on her well-being, leading her to seek therapy as mentioned in an article from the New York Post.

While Hyser has kept many details of their relationship private, Beatty’s ex-partner, Diane Keaton, shed some light on their dynamic. Keaton revealed that the actor had a compulsive need for control within relationships and possessed a charming demeanor. Her therapist expressed concerns about her relationship with him, advising her to break it off as it was not suitable for her.

The therapist’s words were clear: “You gotta get outta there, you gotta break it off, it’s not right for you,” as mentioned in the same article. It is worth noting that his charm had a powerful effect even during therapy sessions. Within a mere 10 minutes, he managed to dominate the session, leaving the therapist to fall in love with him

Hyser Is A Mother

Hyser’s role as a mother is an important aspect of her life. She has a daughter named Eliza, affectionately known as “Bean” Robinson. While she hasn’t shared much information about her daughter, her parents have occasionally posted pictures of them together on social media, giving a glimpse into their loving relationship.

Jeff and Eliza Robinson are clicking the picture in front of wall where peace and love messages are drawn.
Jeff Robinson with his daughter, Eliza Robinson (Source: Jeff Robinson Facebook)

Alongside her dedication to philanthropy, Hyser is also involved in activism, and it seems that her passion for making a difference has been passed down to her daughter. Eliza previously participated in the LAUSD Strike, standing up for the rights and well-being of teachers and students within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Runs A Charity Organization

Hyser not only actively participates in philanthropy but also runs a charity organization as the co-founder of the Harold Robinson Foundation/Camp Ubuntu. This organization is dedicated to making a significant difference in underserved communities. The foundation’s mission is centered around improving the lives of young individuals by providing them with access to personal development opportunities, essential resources, and supportive adult relationships.

Harold Robinson’s ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the most marginalized communities. The foundation firmly believes that every student deserves to be acknowledged, heard, and made aware of their inherent worth and potential. To achieve this, they invest in students, their families, schools, and communities in South Los Angeles.

Hyser’s organization organizes creative retreat programs at a recreational summer camp situated in the Angeles National Forest, along with camp programs held within the community itself as mentioned on their official website. Through these initiatives, the charity strives to create transformative experiences and empower the youth to thrive despite the challenges they may face.

About Hyser’s Acting Career

Joyce Hyser began her acting career in 1980, making her debut in the film “The Hollywood Knights” where she portrayed the character Brenda Weintraub. However, her most popular and memorable work came in 1985 with the film “Just One of the Guys,” in which she played the lead role of Terry Griffith. This film showcased her talent and earned her significant recognition.

Alongside these notable roles, Hyser also appeared in other well-known works such as “This is Spinal Tap,” “The Flash,” and “L.A. Law.” Her performances throughout her career earned her nomination for the Young Artist Award in 1986, specifically for the category of Best Starring Performance by a Young Actress in Motion Picture for her role in “Just One of the Guys.”

In 2012, Hyser decided to shift her focus towards writing and producing screenplays. Having studied acting in both New York City and Los Angeles, she has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since her early twenties.

Body Measurements

Joyce Hyser’s body measurements contribute to her unique physical appearance. Standing at a similar height as Porschla Coleman at 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters), she possesses an elegant stature. She maintains a weight of 132 pounds (60 kilograms), which complements her height and emphasizes her slender figure.

Hyser’s breast/bust size is 33 inches (84 centimeters), and her waist measures 24 inches (63 centimeters). With a hip size of 33 inches (84 centimeters), she has a well-proportioned physique. In terms of her bra size, she wears a 38B (US), with a cup size of B (US). These measurements add to the former actress’s overall appearance and contribute to her distinctive charm.

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