We think we can probably say that Corey Padnos is a man of many interests, why? Well, he in his early thirties and has already achieved success in different professional fields. He worked as a salesman, host and food runner, and voice actor in his early days. Currently, he is active as a gym coach and business owner. We will share more about him on this page; thus, to grab it all, keep reading.

Corey Padnos’s Net Worth: Income and Salary

Speaking about Corey Padnos’s financial status, his estimated net worth revolves around $3 million, as of 2020. All credits for his impressive fortune go to his years of hardship, which he invested in gaining success in different career fields he chose.

Speaking about Corey Padnos’s financial status, his estimated net worth revolves around $3 million, as of 2020.
Corey Padnos lives in luxury.
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Many reliable sources on the internet believe Padnos to be a millionaire. However, most of you may not agree with that, as it is just an estimation. Nevertheless, we think you will approve it when you learn his professional journey.

Professional Journey of Corey Padnos

If you guys are in this line, you already know Corey Padnos worked in several career fields before ending the fitness business. During his University days, he served as an assistant at Spoonstruck Ventures, LLC, in May 2008. After four months, he left the job and began to work as a host and food runner at Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks.

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In 2009, while he was still a University student, he interned at the Omni Parker House for five months. In the same, he began to work for one of the few hotels in the world with both Five Stars and Five Diamonds, The Peninsula Hotels. From his work there, he learned a lot about food and beverage operations in a luxury space.

According to his LinkedIn profile, from 1998 to 2011, Padnos was investing his time as a voice actor. Indeed, while working in several firms, serving from different posts, he managed his schedule for acting too.

Corey Padnos worked as a salesman, host and food runner, and voice actor in his early days.
Corey Padnos is a fitness trainer.
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Padnos watered his career as a voice actor in the entertainment world for over 13 years. In that long period, he voiced numerous characters, including Cooper (Ben 10) and Porkchop (Batman: Gotham Knight). He also played some exciting role in the dramas like Boy Meets World (Young Cory Matthews) and Suddenly Susan (Billy).

Regarding Padnos’s journey in the fitness world, he was always fascinated to keep himself healthy. Both of his parents were affected by some disorder affecting their bodies due to which he became concerned about his health from a young age.

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After gaining enough knowledge regarding the human body and mind, Padnos started teaching other people what he knows. He used to work as a head coach at Forte Labs in 2018. Prior to that, he joined as a master coach in J Bodyworks, where he now holds the position of senior coach.

Padnos is well-known to the crowd as a Z-Health Master Trainer who studied foot biomechanics extensively through Anatomy in Motion. Until today, he has trained as a strongman, powerlifter, and an Olympic Weightlifter.

Besides his current work as a fitness coach, Padnos owns his company named The Organizing Division. He is there as a founder of the firm since 2018.

Corey Padnos’s Relationship Status

Unfortunately, unlike Corey Padnos’s professional details, information related to his personal life lives in the shadows.

Corey Padnos is unmarried.
Corey Padnos prefer to keep his private life away from the media.
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The 31-years-old, Padnos hasn’t shared anything about his love life. His relationship status is unknown. Thus, for now, he is single and unmarried.

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