Cindy Lou Hensley McCain, better known as Cindy McCain, is an inspiration to all the ladies out there. She’s an empowered woman who’s established herself as a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and humanitarian. She’s also widely recognized as the mother of TV host Meghan McCain and the widow of United States Senator, 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McMain. Today we learn more about the powerful lady, Cindy, from her net worth to her family.

Cindy McCain Staggering Net Worth Collection As of 2020

Cindy McCain may be the wife of a United States Senator, John McCain, but she is way above her husband when it comes to wealth. Born and raised in Arizona as the daughter of a wealthy beer distributor Jim Hensley, she is the sole inheritor of Hensley & Co after her father passed away.

Cindy McCain has $400 million net worth
Cindy McCain is the Chairwoman of Hensley & Co.
Photo Source: AP News

The 66-year-old woman is a proud holder of a staggering net worth collection of $400 million as of 2020. Initially, she intended to make her future as a special education teacher after graduating from the University of Southern California but now is a Chairwoman at her own company. Asides from that, she is also involved in philanthropy and works with various non-profit organizations.

McCain also holds a substantial real estate portfolio under her name. When asked by a reporter in 2008, the property is so huge that she didn’t know how many houses she owned. They own various luxury houses, ranches, apartments, and land in different parts of Arizona.

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In 2008 election times, Cindy fell into the media scrutiny about her wealth, and most of her property data came into the media. Business Insider revealed she owns a 15-acre ranch valued at $1 million in Sedona, Arizona, a 12 story glass building in Phoenix costing renovation of $5 million, a $700,000 loft in Biltmore Lofts for daughter, three beachfront pads in California for her kids and multiple more.

Apparently, she owns a smashing collection of 13 cars, in which there was a 2004 Cadillac CTS, 2005 Volkswagen, 2001 Honda Sedan, 2007 Ford Truck, a 1960 Willys Jeep, 2008 Jeep Wrangler; a 2000 Lincoln; a 2001 GMC SUV; and three NEV Gem electric vehicles.

Cindy McCain Husband John McCain, Marriage and Kids

Cindy McCain and husband, John McCain’s love story started in the April of 1979 when they met each other for the first time at a military reception in Hawaii. At that time, John was the U.S Navy liaison officer to the United States Senate. Did you know that the couple had an almost 18 years age gap? Ignoring their age, they both decided to pursue a relationship.

Cindy McCain family and kids
Cindy McCain husband and four kids.
Photo Source: USA Today

However, the liaison officer was already married to his first wife, Carol McCain, and had three children. The divorce was finalized in April 1980, and the new couple married on May 17, 1980, at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

The newlywed had kept their finances strictly private and signed a prenuptial agreement and separate income tax returns before getting married. Together, the pair share for kids Meghan McCain, John Sidney McCain, Bridget McCain, and James McCain. 

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