Chanelle Haynes is the daughter of the famous rapper Nelly, known for his hit songs like “Dilemma,” “Hot in Herre,” “Just a Dream,” and “Ride Wit Me.” Her father has been a prominent figure in the music industry, and his songs have been enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.

Haynes was born on February 27th, 1994, making her a Pisces according to her zodiac sign. She has few siblings named Cornell Haynes III, Sydney and Lil Shawn, who shares a special bond with her. When it comes to her physical appearance, she stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches, which is equivalent to 157 centimeters. Additionally, she weighs around 137 pounds, which is approximately 62 kilograms.

Net Worth Of Nelly’s Daughter

Chanelle Haynes has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 million through her various endeavors. In the past, she has gained recognition through her appearances on reality shows and her performances as a singer in these shows. While her previous income sources are known, she has chosen to keep her current income source undisclosed.

Nelly is posing in a tuxedo whereas, Chanelle Haynes is posing in a white dress.
Chanelle Haynes with her father, Nelly (Source: Nelly Instagram @nelly)

Haynes’s father, Nelly, the renowned rapper, songwriter, has an estimated net worth of around $8 million. His primary income source is his music career. As a successful rapper, he has released numerous hit songs and albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. His music has generated significant revenue through album sales, streaming platforms, and digital downloads.

Moreover, Nelly has pursued business opportunities, including his Apple Bottoms jeans company clothing line and investments, which have contributed to his overall earnings. Not only that, but he also has his moonshine beverage company called  MoShine.

Previously Dated Late Mario

Chanelle Haynes had a previous relationship with the late musician named Mario. Her late boyfriend, who was also known by the name Rio, was a promising artist on the rise, but unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short when he was shot and killed in front of her.

The exact details surrounding Haynes and Mario’s relationship have not been disclosed to the public, as it is a personal matter for their loved ones. This heartbreaking event undoubtedly had a significant impact on her life, and it serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones. She has shown strength and resilience in coping with this loss, and she continues to honor his memory in her way.

Has A Brother

Chanelle Haynes has a brother named Cornell Haynes III, who is also known by his nickname “Tre.” He was born on March 2, 1999. He gained recognition in his high school years as a talented football player. His athletic abilities and dedication to the sport earned him a reputation on the field.

Cornell Haynes III is wearing a leopard printed white hoodie and a black cap.
Chanelle Haynes’s brother, Cornell Haynes III (Source: BETNetworks YouTube Channel)

As a former high school football player, Tre’s experiences likely taught him valuable lessons about teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. While it is unclear whether he pursued a professional football career, his time in the sport undoubtedly shaped his character and provided him with skills that extend beyond the field.

Haynes Parents Are No Longer Together

Haynes’ parents are no longer together. Nelly and her mother, Channetta Valentine were in a relationship from September 1990 to June 1999 as mentioned in an article from The U.S. Sun, but they never got married. There isn’t much information available about their relationship, as they have chosen to keep it private.

The exact reason for Nelly and Valentine’s breakup has not been disclosed to the public. Like many couples, they may have faced challenges and differences that led to their decision to part ways. Despite their separation, it’s important to remember that relationships can be complex, and the focus should be on the well-being of the individuals involved.

Haynes Has Two Adopted Siblings

In addition to her brother Cornell Haynes III, Haynes has two adopted siblings named Sydney and Lil Shawn. As mentioned in an article from Amo Mama, these two are the children of Nelly’s late sister, Jackie Donahue, who sadly passed away in March 2005 due to complications of leukemia. After their mother’s untimely death, he stepped in and adopted them, providing them with a loving and supportive family environment.

Sydney "Stink" and Lil Shawn are lying on the couch talking to the camera.
Chanelle Haynes adopted siblings, Sydney “Stink” and Lil Shawn (Source: BETNetworks YouTube Channel)

Sydney, also known by her nickname Stink, has shown entrepreneurial spirit by establishing her own hair company called Alluramé LLC. Her business focuses on selling “raw Indian hair” weaves, catering to customers who seek quality hair products.

On the other hand, Lil Shawn has found his passion in the world of gaming. He shares his expertise and entertains others by streaming video games and creating tutorials on YouTube. Through their pursuits, both Haynes’s siblings continue to carry their late mother’s legacy while also forging their paths in the entrepreneurial and gaming realms.

Education Background Of Nelly’s Daughter

While Haynes pursued a music career, she also recognized the importance of education and attended the same institute that Shane Madej attended, i.e., Columbia College in Chicago to pursue a degree in Business. It is a testament to her dedication and ambition to have sought knowledge and skills in a field beyond music.

Attending college provided Haynes with a broader understanding of business concepts, which can be valuable in navigating the music industry and managing her ventures. Despite her focus on music, her commitment to her education showcases her well-rounded approach to personal and professional development.

Nelly’s Daughter’s Experience With The Television

Chanelle Haynes has gained showbiz experience through various notable projects. Her journey in the entertainment industry began as a backup singer for her father, Nelly’s reality TV show, “Nellyville.” This opportunity allowed her to showcase her vocal talents and be a part of the show’s musical performances.

Haynes’s skills and passion for singing further led her to be featured in “She’s Not Our Sister,” a four-part sequel to GMC’s popular gospel play production. The series explores the Walker sisters’ challenges after realizing that the wealth they inherited cannot bring them true happiness.

Haynes’s involvement in the production allowed her to demonstrate her acting abilities and contribute to the compelling storyline. Additionally, she has also performed in the TV series “Motown Live,” where she showcased her musical talent on a larger platform.

Body Physique (Height And Weight)

Haynes has body measurements that reflect her unique physique. She stands at the similar height as Anesa Lipa at 5 feet and 2 inches, which is equivalent to 157 centimeters. In terms of weight, she weighs around 62 kilograms or approximately 137 pounds. These numbers, however, are just measurements and don’t define her as a person.

In addition to her height and weight, Haynes’s body measurements are listed as 32-24-33 inches (81-61-84 centimeters). These measurements indicate her bust, waist, and hip sizes respectively. It’s worth noting that these numbers are subjective and can change over time. Her focus likely lies on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling confident in her skin, rather than conforming to specific measurements.

How Is Haynes’s Relationship With Her Parents?

Haynes shares a good relationship with her father, Nelly. Although there isn’t much information available about her relationship with her mother, Valentine as she leads a private life, her father has shown his love and affection for her through his social media.

Chanelle Haynes is sitting on the lap of Nelly.
Young Chanelle Haynes with her father, Nelly (Source: Nelly Instagram @nelly)

On Haynes’s birthday, Nelly has taken the opportunity to share a few pictures of them, expressing his pride and joy. He affectionately refers to her as his “mini-me,” which suggests that he sees himself reflected in her. This term of endearment implies a strong bond and a sense of similarity between them.

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