Brynn Whitfield came into the spotlight by joining the fourteenth season of Real Housewives of New York. Sometimes, she playfully calls herself a ‘trophy wife in training.’

Brynn Whitfield’s Parents & Siblings

Little is known about Brynn Whitfield‘s parents and siblings, which has sparked curiosity among her fans. One of her closest living relatives is her brother, Daris. The details of their relationship are mostly private, but it’s clear they share a bond. See another celebrity, Fivel Stewart.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the Real Housewives of New York star wished her brother a “Happy 34th Birthday,” indicating a close relationship between them.

Similarly, Whitfield also has a sister named Trina, but there’s not much information available about her.

During an episode of RHONY, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen guest shared that she doesn’t have a close relationship with either of her biological parents. This revelation has left viewers speculating about the reasons behind the apparent estrangement.

Brynn Whitfield Spend Her Childhood With Her Grandmother

The gorgeous Whitfield was born in a small town in the Midwest on February 8, 1987. She was raised by her parents and grandparents, with her grandmother, Darlene Whitfield, playing a big part in shaping her values. Darlene taught her to be hardworking, honest, and caring.

Meanwhile, 37-year-old Brynn credits her grandmother as the main reason she’s so determined to follow her dreams and overcome difficulties.

Sadly, Darlene passed away in March 2021, and Brynn posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

“Don’t just make a quick call to your mom today. Stay on the phone as long as you can, maybe even record the conversation. Take the time to express your gratitude and thank her over and over for being your mom,” she wrote.

Who Is Brynn Whitfield Dating?

We first saw Whitfield on RHONY Season 14, and she’s not dating anyone right now. She playfully calls herself a “trophy wife in training.” What’s interesting is that half of the other ladies on the show are also not married, like Jenna Lyons and Ubah Hassan.

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Brynn Whitfield with her brother.
Image Source: Instagram@brynn_whitfield

However, Brynn admitted she’s single and even made a joke about not bringing a boyfriend to a fancy event. She mentioned hanging out with two ex-boyfriends.

Her Bravo bio says she’s working on getting over tough times from the past and really wants a stable family, something she missed when she was a kid.

How Tall Is Brynn Whitfield?

The TV star is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 54 kg. Even though she hasn’t directly shared how she manages her weight, her Instagram photos show she’s into sports, like badminton.


The sizzling star Brynn graduated from Purdue University, where she studied communication and political science.

Later, she went to George Washington University for political management. With 15 years in marketing, she’s won prestigious awards.getting over tough times from the past and really wants a stable family, something she missed when she was a kid.

Career Highlights

After finishing college, Brynn studied political management at George Washington University. She’s been working for about 15 years and got lots of awards in marketing. Brynn is known for her job in brand marketing and communications.

Similarly, the media personality started working after graduating from Purdue University. Right now, she is the PR lead at a big online shopping platform called Assembly.

Interestingly, the 37-year-old TV star is not only into marketing and acting but has also worked as a yoga instructor.

In 2019, she said she became a yoga instructor after finishing a 200-hour yoga program with YogaWorks. She even shared a picture of her certificate to show she’s a certified yoga instructor.

Appeared In Real Housewives of New York

Whitfield is a successful American businesswoman, and since 2022, she has been featured as a cast member on the fourteenth season of The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) on Bravo TV.

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Brynn Whitfield is a TV reality star.
Image Source: Instagram@brynn_whitfield

In this season, the stunning woman has participated in 16 episodes, sharing her life and experiences with the audience. Her role on RHONY has given viewers a chance to see another side of Brynn beyond her business endeavors.

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Runs A Clothing Business

The pretty lady is also a businesswoman who has been involved in the merchandise business. Her clothing business is named Brynn Whitfield Merch. Similarly, people can find fashionable sweatshirts in different colors.

You can find the brand on the website

How Wealthy Brynn Whitfield Is?

We don’t know Brynn’s exact net worth because it’s not public information. But some websites estimate it, with one suggesting it’s $3 million. . Just so you know, this is one of the highest among her fellow cast members.

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Brynn Whitfield is living a lavish lifestyle.

Further, the Instagrammer lives in a rented apartment in the West Village in Manhattan, so it seems like she’s got some extra money, especially since that’s a trendy neighborhood.

Is A Social Media Influencer

The stunning woman is active on Instagram where she has amassed over 510 thousand followers with the username @brynn_whitfield. She often posts about her personal life moments and professional life to her fans.

Not only on Instagram, the lady is also available on Twitter with the official page @brynnwhitfield. She has over 2.3 thousand followers on Twitter.

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