Dodd Stocker-Edwards is one of the kids that Patti LaBelle and her ex-husband Armstead Edwards adopted.

Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s Early Life

Dodd Stocker-Edwards was born in 1973 in the United States. Patti Labelle and her first husband, Armstead Edwards, adopted him in the early 1980s.

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Dodd Stocker-Edwards is the adoptive son of Patti Labelle.

Not much is known about his early life with his biological parents, except that they were Patti’s neighbors. It seems that he lost his biological parents at a young age, leading to his adoption.

Has A Biological Siblings

The 59-year-old Dodd shares only a biological sibling Stocker-Edwards Edwards. They are brothers by blood. They were the children of Patti’s late neighbors.

Shares Three More Siblings

Apart from his biological brother Stanley, Stocker has three more siblings: Zuri Edwards, William Holte, and Stacey Holte.

Meanwhile, William and Stacey were also adopted after their mother (Labelle’s sister, Jackie) passed away. From what we know, Zuri is the only biological child of Dodd’s adoptive parents.

However, all the kids were treated well by their parents, and this created a close and friendly relationship among the siblings.


Talking about his education, Edwards went to Germantown High School and then moved on to the University of North Texas.

After that, the media star transferred to Ohio University College of Arts and Science, where he finished his studies. Edward is also skilled in graphic design.

About Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s Parents’ Married Life

The 79-year-old Patti and her former husband Armstead Edwards were married for a long time, over 32 years. They had a secret wedding on July 23, 1969. But, after more than three decades of marriage, Patti and Edwards ended up getting a divorce in 2003.

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Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s mom, Pattui with her granddaughters.

Like any relationship, theirs had happy times, but there were also tough moments that eventually led to their divorce. In contrast, Ted Leeb is living a happy marital life with his wife Kaithlyn.

Also, talking about the Beverly Hills Cop singer’s relationship with her ex-spouse, she said,

“I never hated him. He never hated me,” she says. “We just couldn’t live together — not because of physical fights or anything. We never fought, thank God, in 32 years. We got along even when we didn’t get along! But then we realized that we had to leave each other.”…. “We’re cool now,” she says. “He’s one of my best friends.”

What Is Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s Relationship Status?

Even though Dodd Stocker is the son of a famous person, he keeps his life private. It’s not clear if he’s married, has his own family, or has children because he hasn’t been in the news lately.

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Dodd Stocker-Edwards’ brother Zuri is happily married.

On the other hand, his brother Zuri is married to Lona Azami. They got married on October 11, 2014, according to Lona’s Instagram. Zuri and Lona have three kids: two daughters named Gia and Leyla, and a son named Zuri Jr.

Do You Know Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s Brother, Stanley Once Dated Mrs. Obama?

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, who later became Mrs. Obama, used to date Stanley Edwards when they were both studying law at Harvard. But their relationship didn’t last, and Michelle hinted that no man could handle her until Barack Obama came into her life.

Even though things didn’t work out romantically, there were no bad feelings between Michelle and Stanley. Today, Stanley is working as a lawyer at Covington and Burling LLP in Washington D.C.


The star son, Dodd did well in his professional career, becoming the boss at Philadelphia Sports Clubs as General Manager from January 2018 to October 2018.

Similarly, people thought highly of him for his great leadership. After that, he worked as the Director of Marketing at Global Cure CBD Wellness Centers from October 2018 to November 2019. His smart marketing ideas helped the company do well in the health and wellness business.

What Is Dodd Stocker-Edwards Doing Now?

The 51-year-old Stocker-Edwards runs Pump Dog, a fancy gym clothing company in New Jersey. He’s also the person who restarted PUMP DOG Performance Apparel.

Further, PUMP DOG Performance Apparel is high-quality sports clothing and gear. It was first started in 1996 and then restarted in May 2021. See another ceelbrity member Mescal Wasilewski,

Net Worth Collection

The famous kid has kept his net worth away from the media He got this money from doing business and helping out with other musicians’ songs. He worked hard over the years, and even though his fancy fitness clothes store didn’t work out at first, he didn’t give up and tried again.

Apart from his business money, Edwards also inherits some of Labelle’s $60 million. She got this fortune from her successful career in music and acting.

Who Is Dodd Stocker-Edwards’s Mother?

The gorgeous LaBelle, born Patricia Louise Holt on May 24, 1944, is an American legendary singer, songwriter, and actress. With a career spanning over six decades, he has earned the title “Godmother of Soul” for her powerful and versatile voice.

Moreover, the media sensation first gained fame as the lead singer of the iconic girl group, Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, which later became Labelle.

Meanwhile, LaBelle’s solo career soared in the 1980s with hits like “New Attitude” and the iconic ballad “On My Own,” a duet with Michael McDonald.

Her music effortlessly spans various genres, including R&B, soul, pop, and gospel. She has received numerous awards, including Grammy Awards, and has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Beyond music, Patti has found success as an actress, author, and entrepreneur. She has appeared in television shows and movies, showcasing her versatility.

Additionally, her culinary skills have led to the creation of a successful line of food products, especially her famous sweet potato pies.

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