Fivel Stewart, also recognized as Trente Heavyn “Fivel” Stewart, is an American actress and singer who gained fame through her roles in movies like ‘Atypical’, ‘Roar,’ and ‘The Recruit.’

Fivel Stewart’s Early Life

Fivel Stewart was born on November 4, 1996, in Beverly Hills, California, USA, to parents Renee Stewart and Nils Allen Stewart.

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Fivel Stewart is currently 28 years old.
Image Source: Instagram@fivel_stew

Where, Stewart’s dad, Nils Allen, is an actor and stuntman famous for being in movies like The Mask, Space Cowboys, and The Scorpion King.

Meanwhile, her mom, Renee, is a part-time actress who appeared in films like the 1995 hit Raw Target, Warrior of Justice, and Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels.

Which Ethnicity Fivel Stewart Belongs To?

Fivel ‘s family background is quite diverse. Her dad is Caucasian with Russian and Blackfoot Native American roots and also has English, Scottish, Italian-Argentinian, and French-Canadian ancestry.

Meanwhile, her mother is Asian-American, with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean roots.

Shares Three Siblings

Atypical alum Stewart grew up in a family with four members. Her siblings are Booboo, Maegan, and Sage Stewart. They’re all into acting and have been in various movies and TV shows.

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Fivel Stewart with her brother.
Image Source: Instagram@fivel_stew

Similarly, Fivel’s brother, Booboo, is famous for playing a werewolf in The Twilight Saga and being Jay (Jafar’s son) in Descendants.

Do You Know Fivel Stewart Is A Martial Art Champion?

The sizzling actress started competing in martial arts at six years old and became a World Champion in 2002 and 2003. She was even honored in 2003 by getting into the Black Belt Junior Hall of Fame.

Who Is Fivel Stewart’s Boyfriend?

The 28-year-old Fivel’s relationship status is a bit unclear with lots of rumors and talk. Some say the lovely actress is single and not dating anyone. But, there are rumors about her having a possible relationship with her American co-star, Andrew Kai.

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Fivel Stewart with her friend.
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Another rumor suggests that she might have been dating actor Brigette Lundy Paine from the TV show “Atypical.” However, all of this could just be gossip, which is good news for guys who are fans of hers.

While there are talks about the talented star being in a relationship, she hasn’t said anything to confirm it. So, for now, it’s safe to think of her as single.

Movies & TV Shows

The 5 feet 5 inches tall Stewart, began her acting journey at the age of 7. Starting young, she gained fame by starring in the movie “Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft.”

Moreover, the big name’s first film was the 2004 thriller drama State’s Evidence, although her role wasn’t credited. In the same year, she played Chrissy Deavers in the romantic comedy Yard Sale.

After that, Fivel took on notable roles in various TV series and short dramas like The O.C., Blue Dolphin Kids, Booboo & Fivel Stewart: Rainy Day, Like a Country Song, Lab Rats: Elite Force, and Atypical starring Cayden Boyd‘s sister Jenna Boyd, among others.

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Fivel Stewart is a versatile actress.
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Besides, the TV star also had a recurring role as Betty in the American LGBT-oriented supernatural soap opera, Dante’s Cove, from 2004 to 2006.

During that time, the media personage was selected for the role of Lucinda in the 2005 action film, Pit-Fighter, alongside Scott Adkins, Stana Katic, Alexander Bauer‘s father Steven Bauer, and others.

Following her success in the show biz industry, Fivel appeared in the 2017 series “Atypical,” sparking rumors about her dating Brigette. In recent years, she’s been well-known for her roles in the TV shows “Roar” and “Umma.”

Likewise, the lady is gaining more attention for her part in the Netflix series “The Recruit,” where she worked with actor Noah Centineo. It’s a spy thriller series, and Fivel plays the role of Hannah, one of the main characters.

Interestingly, the lady has recently started in The Windigo and Alert: Missing Persons Unit She will be appearing in Wake, Bellmount, and The Girls of St. Joan.

How Wealthy Fivel Stewart Is?

Stewart’s total net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024. She earned this money mainly through her acting career, playing roles in movies and TV shows, and also by being part of other business ventures.

Physical Appearances

The gorgeous Fivel is a lovely woman with an attractive personality. She has a curvy body, measuring around 34-28-36 inches.

Standing at about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing approximately 55 kg, Fivel has long, shiny dark brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes. Her overall appearance radiates beauty and charisma.

Is Fivel Stewart Active On the Internet?

The Roar actress is quite active online, regularly sharing posts and snippets of her daily life on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Similarly, the TV star has a decent fan base who enjoy her content, especially her dance videos. Fivel’s Instagram handle is @fivel_stew, boasting over 92 thousand followers.

You can also find Fivel on TikTok with the username @fivelstewart with over 150k thousand followers. There, she posts various content, ranging from daily experiences to videos of her singing.

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