Bridget Jane Fonda is a famous American former actress who is Peter Fonda‘s daughter, Jane Fonda‘s niece, and Henry Fonda‘s granddaughter. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mandy Rice-Davies in the 1989 film Scandal. Daniel Robert Elfman is an American composer, singer, and songwriter who rose to prominence in the early 1980s as the singer-songwriter for Oingo Boingo, a new wave band.

Despite Bridget’s previous failed relationships, she finally found the love of her life in Danny Elfman, her loving husband. The singer and actress are a lovely couple in the entertainment industry. So, let’s know all details about Bridget Jane Fonda and Dany Elfman’s Relationship Timeline.

Bridget Jane Fonda & Danny Elfman’s Married Life

In 1977, Bridget Jane Fonda and Dany Elfman first met on the set of A Simple Plan. The partners fell in love with each other after falling in love at first sight. After that, Bridget and Danny began dating. The couple dated for a few years before intensifying their relationship. Their age gap does not appear to have been a problem for the happy couple.

Bridget Jane Fonda & Danny Elfman dated for several years.
Bridget Jane Fonda & Danny Elfman are a married couple.
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Finally, on November 29, 2003, the lovely couple exchanged vows. Eight months before announcing their wedding dates, they announced their engagement in March of the same year. Family, relatives, and friends attended their wedding. The duo will celebrate their 19th marriage anniversary on November 29, 2022.

The couple is doing well, and there is no indication that they will divorce. The partners were blessed with a son named Oliver Henry Milton Elfman, born on January 21, 2005. Bridget is Richard Elfman‘s sister-in-law and aunt to Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman, and Louis Elfman, thanks to her marriage to Elfman. Mali Elfman, her stepdaughter, is also a member of her family.

The joy family of three lives together in a $3.6 million mansion that they purchased in June 2017. The news sparked outrage in the media, who referred to the four-bedroom, two-story home as “comically outdated.” All of the rooms, including the kitchen, had a retro feel to them, with floral wallpaper throughout, necessitating some significant renovations.

Bridget Jane Fonda’s Previous Relationships

Bridget Fonda dated Lee Drysdale in 1987. While less is known about their relationship, it is known that they were together for three years, from 1986 to 1989, according to IMDb. Fonda began a romantic relationship with fellow actor Eric Stoltz one year after she and Drysdale split up. They began dating in August 1990 and three years later starred in James Steinberg‘s Bodies, Rest & Motion as each other’s love interests.

Bridget Jane Fonda & Danny Elfman married in 2003.
Bridget Jane Fonda had dated several people.
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Fonda and Stoltz’s romance lasted nearly eight years, and although the actress and her longtime beau didn’t collaborate on any other films, they maintained their on-screen chemistry. In May of 1998, the couple called it quits. Stoltz is now married to Bernadette Moley, a singer.

The beautiful lady was linked to musician and actor Dwight Yoakam. The two artists started dating in January 1999 and were together for just over three years, until April 2002. Similarly to Fonda’s relationship with Drysdale, the actress found herself working under the direction of her partner.

In 2000, the two collaborated on the film South of Heaven, West of Hell, in which Yoakam also acted alongside Peter Fonda. Yoakam is married to Emily Joyce, an English actress who is 27 years his junior.

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