Berniece Julien is known for once being married to a famous American model and actor, Tyson Beckford. Her ex-husband, has, gained recognition as a Ralph Lauren Polo model and became the first African-American male supermodel. His striking looks and talent allowed him to leave a lasting impression on the fashion industry.

In addition to her connection with Beckford, Julien has carved out her path as an entrepreneur. Originally from the United Kingdom, she has established herself in the business world. However, she prefers to keep her personal life private nowadays.

Previously Married To Tyson Beckford

Berniece Julien’s previous marriage was to Tyson Beckford, and their union took place in an intimate ceremony on January 4, 2007, held in the beautiful Caribbean country of Grenada. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 2009, and the specific reasons for their separation remain undisclosed to the public.

Tyson Beckford is in the music studio, giving the interview.
Berniece Julien’s ex-husband, Tyson Beckford (Source: djvlad YouTube Channel)

Moreover, Beckford and Julien’s love story began when they first crossed paths at a party in Los Angeles back in 2006. Fate brought them together, and for a time, they shared their lives as a married couple before ultimately parting ways. The details surrounding the separation and the factors that led to it have remained a private matter between the two.

Net Worth Of Beckford’s Ex-wife

The British nationality Julien has made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $1 million. That’s the same amount Mama June spent on drugs before Rehab. Throughout her career, she has primarily focused on the field of sales, honing her skills and expertise.

Presently, she is associated with the company Circana, where she holds a position whose salary remains undisclosed. While talking about her ex-partner Beckforld holds a staggering net worth of $8 million.

To add more, Julien dedication and experience in the sales industry have undoubtedly contributed to her professional accomplishments and financial stability. As an entrepreneur, she continues to navigate the business world, leveraging her skills to achieve success while keeping her earnings and professional details private.

Julien’s Education Background

Berniece Julien has a solid educational background that has provided her with a strong foundation for her professional endeavors. She attended the University of Huddersfield, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honors degree in Business Management. This program equipped her with valuable knowledge and skills in various aspects of managing and operating businesses.

The Building is red colored as students can be seen walking.
One of the Campus on the University of Huddersfield (Source: Uni Huddersfield YouTube Channel)

Before her university studies, Julien attended All Saints’ Sixth Form College, where she completed an NVQ level 2 in Administration. This qualification enhanced her administrative skills, enabling her to excel in organizational tasks.

Additionally, Julien also attended Huddersfield Technical College, where she obtained a National Diploma in Art and Design. This artistic background showcases her creative abilities and broadens her range of expertise. Her diverse educational background highlights her commitment to personal growth and the acquisition of valuable skills across different disciplines.

Current Work

In her current role as a Senior Insights Manager at Circana since January 2023, Julien plays a vital role in helping companies navigate the complexities of consumer behavior. Circana, an advisory company, specializes in providing valuable insights and strategies to help businesses thrive and grow.

As a Senior Insights Manager, Berniece is responsible for analyzing market trends, conducting research, and interpreting consumer data to provide valuable recommendations to clients. Her expertise and knowledge in sales, combined with her educational background in business management, enable her to make informed decisions that contribute to the success of Circana’s clients.

Julien’s Ex-Husband’s Messy Relationship History

Tyson Beckford has had a notable relationship history with various women in the industry. One of his previous partners was stylist April Roomet, who is also a fashion designer. April gave birth to Tyson’s son, Jordan Beckford, adding a familial connection to their relationship.

Additionally, Beckford has been romantically involved with several models, including Nikki Giavasis, Imogen Thomas, CariDee English, and Alicia Hall. However, one of his most famous exes is Shanina Shaik, a Victoria’s Secret model. They were in a relationship from 2008 to 2015, though their split was reportedly tumultuous.

Shanina Shaik is posing in a black dress with blue necklaces.
Tyson Beckford’s ex-girlfriend, Shanina Shaik (Source: Shanina Shaik Instagram @shaninamshaik)

Beckford took credit for Shanina’s success, claiming that he played a significant role in introducing her to influential people in the industry. He also mentioned providing assistance such as dental work and helping her achieve a more toned physique.

To make things worse, Beckford, in 2016, found himself in a heated altercation involving Shaik’s then-boyfriend, DJ Ruckus. The conflict arose when Ruckus broke their friendship to pursue a romantic relationship with her. The tension escalated to a physical altercation outside a bar in Manhattan as mentioned in an article from TMZ. The incident garnered attention from the media, shining a spotlight on the complicated dynamics and emotions involved.

Previous Work

Before her current role, Berniece held various positions that contributed to her diverse professional background. She briefly worked as a Kitchen Sales Designer at Wren Kitchens in West Yorkshire, England. In this role, she utilized her creative skills to design and present kitchen layouts to customers, ensuring their needs and preferences were met.

Following that, Julien worked as a Category Controller/Category Manager at UK Greetings in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Her responsibilities included analyzing sales and marketing data to create effective card displays for customers and appealingly showcasing the company’s products.

Likewise, the ex-celebrity spouse also spent more than seven years at Asda, where she took on multiple roles, including Category Merchandiser and Supply Analyst. In these positions, she collaborated with buyers to develop merchandising solutions for product ranges and maintained optimal stock availability in all Asda stores within her department.

Additionally, Beckford’s ex-wife, Julien gained experience as a Sales Advisor at Vodafone, where she provided excellent customer service and promoted telecommunications products. These previous roles provided her with a well-rounded skill set and a strong foundation in sales, merchandising, and customer relations.

Mini Bio On Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford is an American model and actor, born on December 19, 1970, in Rochester, New York. He rose to prominence as one of the most recognizable male models in the fashion industry, known for his striking looks and muscular physique. His career took off when he was discovered by a talent scout from the fashion brand Ralph Lauren.

Beckford became the face of Ralph Lauren’s Polo line and achieved tremendous success as the first African-American male supermodel as mentioned in an article from BET. With his chiseled features and charismatic presence, he broke barriers and became a trailblazer for diversity and representation in the fashion world.

In addition to his modeling career, Beckford has ventured into acting, appearing in films such as “Zoolander” (the movie that also included actor, Gavin Rossdale) and “Into the Blue,” as well as television shows like “America’s Next Top Model” as a guest judge. He has also made appearances in music videos for top artists, further expanding his influence and fame. With his talent, good looks, and contributions to the fashion industry, he remains an iconic figure in the world of modeling and entertainment.

Similalrly, the Hollywood star has appeared in Lizzo: 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready), and Singleholic. He will surely come back with his new projects to engage his audiences.

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