Tamara Laseon Bass is a talented American actress, director, and writer. She has made a name for herself through her impressive performances in various movies and TV shows. Some of her notable works include the film “Boston Public,” as well as her appearances in TV shows like “All That Matters” and “Baby Boy.” Her versatility and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal fan base and critical acclaim in the entertainment industry.

Bass, born on March 23, 1978, hails from Syracuse, New York, in the United States. She is of American nationality. Standing at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm), she may be small in stature, but she possesses immense talent and charisma that make her presence felt on the screen.

Relationship Status

Tamara Laseon Bass, currently single, keeps her personal life private and focuses primarily on her career. There are no public records available regarding her previous relationships or dating history. She believes in maintaining a sense of privacy when it comes to her personal affairs, preferring to keep the focus on her professional achievements and artistic endeavors.

Tamara Laseon Bass is posing in a black dress in this monochrome image.
Tamara Laseon Bass in a photo shoot (Source: Tamara Laseon Bass Instagram @mizztamarabass)

Bass’s dedication to her craft has allowed her to fully immerse herself in her work, honing her skills as an actress, director, and writer. Her commitment to her career and her ability to keep her personal life separate have garnered her respect and admiration from both colleagues and fans alike. She remains focused on her artistic pursuits, continuously striving to excel in the entertainment industry.

Tamara Bass’s Net Worth

Tamara Laseon Bass has achieved a commendable net worth of approximately $1 million, according to estimates. Her primary income source stems from her involvement in movies, where she showcases her versatile talents in acting, directing, and writing.

While Bass’s net worth is publicly known, she has chosen to keep details about her specific salary or earnings private. Her focus remains on her artistic pursuits, and she continues to work diligently to enhance her skills and deliver captivating performances on the big screen.

Who Is Bass’s Mother And Father?

Bass is the daughter of Anthony Bass, her father, and Reba-Davies Bass, her mother. Her parents prefer to maintain a private life away from the media and public attention. They have always valued their privacy and have raised her with a similar mindset.

Tamara Laseon Bass is sitting on the lap of Anthony Bass.
Young Tamara Laseon Bass with her father, Anthony Bass (Source: Tamara Laseon Bass Instagram @mizztamarabass)

Bass’s parents had her at a young age, which created unique experiences for her growing up. One such memory includes visiting her father at college, where he was a member of the Kappa fraternity, along with his fellow brothers. During that time, her father also worked at Montgomery Ward, showcasing his dedication to providing for his family while pursuing his studies.

Has Few Siblings

Bass has the unique experience of being the oldest among her siblings. She has four younger brothers and one younger sister. However, she was primarily raised alongside her brother Brandon, fostering a close bond between them.

Bass’s siblings, like their parents, prefer to lead a low-key life away from the public eye. They value their privacy and focus on their pursuits. Despite their low-key lifestyle, her siblings form an essential part of her support system and have likely played a significant role in shaping her character and ambitions.

Bass’s Directing Works

In addition to her acting career, Bass has also made significant contributions as a writer and director. She has proven her talent behind the camera with several notable directing works. In 2005, she directed the short film “Exposure,” followed by the short film “Broken” in 2008. These early projects showcased her directorial skills and marked the beginning of her journey as a filmmaker.

Tamara Laseon Bass is sitting in the directors chair and going through the papers.
Tamara Laseon Bass as a director (Source: Tamara Laseon Bass Instagram @mizztamarabass)

Bass’s directing career continued to flourish with her involvement in the TV series “All That Matters,” where she directed three episodes in 2015, the same year Nova Whitfield’s parents had met. She further demonstrated her directing abilities in the TV movie “If Not Now, When?” in 2019, and the film “Don’t Waste Your Pretty” in 2021.

Bass’s passion for storytelling extended to the television series “Tales,” where she served as a director for one episode in 2022. She also directed the TV movie “Hello” in the same year. With her diverse portfolio of directing works, she has proven her versatility and creativity as filmmaker, leaving lasting impact on the industry.

Education Background

Tamara Laseon Bass has a solid educational background, having graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Like Amy Van Nostrand, she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, which provided her with a strong foundation in the performing arts and further honed her acting skills.

Additionally, Bass also pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts, focusing specifically on screenwriting as mentioned on her IMDb page. This emphasis allowed her to develop her storytelling abilities and gain insights into the intricacies of crafting compelling narratives for the screen.

Bass’s educational journey has equipped her with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in her multifaceted career as an actress, director, and writer. Her academic achievements serve as a testament to her dedication and passion for the arts, and they continue to contribute to her success in the entertainment industry.

The American Actress Filmography

Tamara Laseon Bass has an impressive background in the entertainment industry, with a diverse range of roles in various TV series and movies. She started young in the industry has made her acting debut at the mere age of 16 as mentioned in an article from Fandango. In 1999, she appeared in the film “Bellyfruit” as Shanika, showcasing her early talent as an actress. Her television appearances include roles in popular shows like “Moesha,” where she played Chanel, and “Sliders,” where she portrayed Stacy.

Bass also had the opportunity to work on the TV series “Redemption High” as Danai. Her career continued to flourish as she landed notable roles in well-known TV shows such as “The Fugitive” as Alex Gerard and “Boston Public” as Debbie Nixon, appearing in multiple episodes of both series. Her portrayal of Peanut in the film “Baby Boy” further solidified her acting abilities.

Additionally, Bass demonstrated her skills in screenwriting with her involvement in the TV movie “Marry Me for Christmas.” Her work in the TV series “All That Matters” as Joy Maxwell and the TV series “10-8: Officers on Duty” as she also contributed to her growing recognition in the industry. Her extensive acting credits and dedication to her craft highlight her talent and determination to make a mark in the world of entertainment.

Bass Has Also Done Some Writing Works

In addition to her directing endeavors, Bass has also made significant contributions as a writer in the entertainment industry. She has showcased her storytelling skills through various projects. In 2005, she served as a writer for the short film “Exposure,” followed by the short film “Broken” in 2008. These early works demonstrated her ability to craft compelling narratives.

Bass’s writing career continued to flourish as she worked on the TV series “All That Matters,” where she contributed as a writer for five episodes in 2015. She further displayed her writing talents in the film “If Not Now, When?” in 2019, and the TV movie “Color of Love” in 2021.

Bass’s ability to weave engaging stories and create captivating characters through her writing has undoubtedly added depth to her artistic repertoire. Her multifaceted skills as an actress, writer, and director have solidified her place in the entertainment industry as a talented and versatile creative force.

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