ASMR Cherry Crush’s Net Worth

ASMR Cherry Crush is a YouTuber and video creator from the United States. Her net worth is approximately $3 Million. Through her YouTube channel ASMR Cherry Crush, the talented YouTuber earns between $846 and $13.5K every month, and her annual earnings are projected to be between $10.2K and $162.5K.

ASMR Cherry Crush's r net worth is approximately $241K as of 2021.
ASMR Cherry Crush is a YouTuber and video creator from the United States. Source: Instagram

The video creator rose to recognition as an ASMR performer after launching a self-titled vlogging channel with over 213K subscribers. Furthermore, she has earned $60-$963 a month on her second channel Cherry Crush, and her annual earnings are predicted to be $722-$11.6K. Cherry Crush has also published songs and covers on YouTube and Spotify. Some of her songs are Dream a little Dream of me, Love is in the air, Hold Heart, and so on.

Furthermore, Crush also earns money from modeling as well as her adult business. She has been able to meet her necessities till now thanks to this money.

ASMR Cherry Crush’s Career

ASMR Cherry Crush started working in the beauty industry after graduating from high school. She had even entered a pageant but could not lead her to victory, so she dropped out. Cherry and Kayla Suzette started their own YouTube channel after leaving the beauty profession. On her website, she began to offer diverse vlog content.

The teenage YouTuber has created numerous question-and-answer videos, cosmetic and beauty instructions, and other content depending on her mood. Similarly, in 2012, she launched two-channel ASMR Cherry Crush and Cherry Crush at the same time. It also includes videos on meditation, relaxation, and sleep. She has a large number of subscribers on both of her channels as a result of these videos.

The social media star had started working as a porn performer, which mirrored her film career. Her parents were surprised to learn that she had started working for herself. But after a year, her parents accepted her career, and she was able to work on several films as a result. Baylen Levine and FouseyTube are famous YouTube stars.

ASMR Cherry Crush’s Relationship and Social Media Detail

ASMR Cherry Crush is not married or in a relationship and is currently unattached. Crush is simply concentrating on her work and devoting more time to herself. She has never dated anyone before. Cherry rarely speaks about her personal life in the media or in public, and she hasn’t made any public statements about her affairs.

ASMR Cherry Crush is currently unattached.
ASMR Cherry Crush is not married or in a relationship.
Source: Instagram

The YouTube sensation may be found on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media channels. She now has over 442k Followers, on Twitter above 986K subscribers on YouTube, and over 667k followers on Instagram.

ASMR Cherry Crush’s Early Life

Cherry Crush is an ASMR artist born on July 10th, 1990, in Florida, United States. However, the actual name of the YouTuber has never been revealed. Crush’s father is from England, and her mother is from the United States. She even lives with her English aunt and has been filming videos since she was a child. Apart from that, there is no information on her parents, siblings, or childhood.

ASMR Cherry Crush's current age is 21 years old, and she is an American citizen.
Cherry Crush is an ASMR artist born on July 10th, 1990, in Florida, United States. Source: Instagram

Until she finished 12th grade, Cherry was home-schooled. Similarly, she had only spent one week in a conventional school when she was in ninth grade. There is no indication that she will continue her schooling when she completes her 12th grade.

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