Anneliese Judge is an American Actress known for playing a role in the movie Where’s Rose. She is a famous television personality and also a famous social media influencer and she is also doing modeling She started her acting career at a very young age.

She was born on December 17, 2001, in Pinehurst, Northern California. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She gained a lot of popularity after playing the movie.

Early Life

Anneliese was raised in her hometown with her siblings. She had a pretty normal childhood as she was born in an average American family. Her parents were able to give her a good life with all the basic facilities and necessitates. Her family was very supportive of her.

Anneliese Judge portrait picture wearing black outfit
Portrait picture of Anneliese Judge picture Instagram: @anneliesecjudge

She was interested in an acting career from the very beginning and later she took some acting classes. She had been a very hardworking and ambitious child which is why she was able to achieve much at such a young age.

How Does She Look In Real?

Anneliese Judge has a doll-like face and she has very appealing physical features. She stands about 5 feet and 5 inches and she weighs about 55kgs. She looks very fit and slim. She has a very fair complexion complimenting her dark blonde hair and hazel green eyes.

She has big round eyes with chubby cheeks and rosy lips. Her exact body measurement is not given. Her charm attracts many fans and followers.

Family Background

Anneliese grew up with her younger brother and her parents. Her father’s name is Mike Judge and her mother’s name is Andrea L Judge. Her brother’s name is William Judge he is currently practicing Judo.

Anneliese Judge with her brother William Judge with a blue background.
Anneliese Judge with her younger brother William Judge picture source Instagram: @anneliesecjudge

She has shared some of her pictures with her family on her social media account. Her parents were very supportive of her goals and dreams. They played a vital role in her achievement.

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Education And Qualification

Anneliese has been a very hardworking and obedient student from her childhood. She was very good at her studies which is why she was the teacher’s favorite. She completed her schooling at Pinehurst High School. She used to actively participate in many extracurricular activities during her childhood.

She joined her college at The University of North Carolina and she will be completing her graduation in 2024 in International Business and Marketing. She is also continuing her acting career along with her studies.

Relationship And Dating History

We get to hear many rumors about celebrities and their dating life but there is no information about Anneliese Judge dating anyone yet. She has been very private about her personal life and her love life. There are no details about her dating life or her past relationship.

However, she seems very close to her costars, and her fans ship her with her costars. She hasn’t shared any information nor has she posted any pictures related to her love life. As of now, she is not engaged to anyone.

Career Highlights

Anneliese started her career at a very young age after completing her training. She started her career in commercials and short films. Her first short film was Untitled Sam Ashby film which she did in 2021. Later she got opportunities to appear in films and she appeared in the movie Where’s Rose.

She started gaining huge popularity after appearing in movies. Her OTT series Sweet Manolians was also loved and appreciated by a large audience. She also got selected for the second season of the same series after watching her performance in the first season.

Income And Net Worth

Anneliese Judge has been able to gain huge success at such a young age because o her hard work and dedication toward her work. She has been able to amass a good amount of fortune through her acting carer. She owns a car as well.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2.8 Million. It includes all her assets and royalties. Her major source of income is acting, modeling, and working as a social media influencer. Her exact income is not given however, She will be able to collect more amount of fortune shortly as she is still active in her acting career.

How active is She On Her Social Media?

Anneliese is quite active on her social media accounts. She is mostly active on her Instagram account. she often posts about her day-to-day activities, co-stars, family, and friends. She even posts about her pet and travel experience. She has quite good engagement on her social media account. She had been gaining popularity after working in movies and series.

Anneliese Judge is with her co-star during her shoot in a series.
Anneliese Judge with her co-star picture source Instagram @anneliesecjudge

She has about 109K followers on her Instagram account. For more information and update about her, you can follow her on Her Instagram account. Her name on Instagram is @anneliesecjudge. Her content on social media is quite interesting and is loved and appreciated by her followers. She also has a youtube account with 2.25k subscribers but she hasn’t posted any videos yet.

Does She Have Any Pets?

Anneliese easily gets along with pets and animals. She looks like a great pet mom. She keeps posting about animals on her Instagram account. She has made many posts about her pet dog and cat. Her dog’s name is Felix and her cat’s name is Jack. She loves to spend her time with her pets. She shows great compassion towards animals.

What Does She Like To Do During Leisure?

Anneliese is a very outgoing person. Besides her major interest in acting, she loves to travel whenever she gets time. Along with her studies, she loves to read others books and novels during her leisure. She even loves to listen to music.

She likes to spend most of her time with her friends and family and she keeps posting pictures while she goes on tours and outings with her friends and family. She also loves to spend her with her pet dogs and cat. She even likes to cook for herself during her leisure and she has shared many pictures about it on her social media account.

Is Anneliese Vegan?

Anneliese isn’t Vegan as she keeps sharing her nonvegetarian recipes on her Instagram account. She has shared many pictures of food recipes.

She hasn’t planned to go vegan yet. Although she shows great compassion towards animals, She has meat on her diet plan to maintain her balanced diet.

Does Anneliese Have Tattoos And Piercings?

Anneliese doesn’t have any tattoos yet but she has done piercings. She has done piercings only in her ears. She loves to wear earrings and ear jewelry.

She looks amazing with her piercing. however, she hasn’t planned yet to make any tattoos or more piercings.


Anneliese Judge has never been in any kind of controversy. There are no rumors about her yet as she keeps her personal life quite private.

She is known to have a sweet and humble personality which keeps her away from all the controversies and rumors. She is very new to this industry which is why there are not many rumors.

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