Anna Shaffer is a British actress who is best known for her roles as Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter film series and Ruby Button on the long-running drama soap Hollyoaks from 2011 to 2018. However, she has lately gained notoriety for her role as ‘Triss Merigold’ in the Netflix series ‘The Witcher.’ Although the series is new, it is already a hit, with an IMDb rating of 8.6.

Fans of the new Netflix series Witcher may be interested in more than the role Anna portrays; they may be interested in the actress’s personal life. For example, is the actress married or unmarried? If that’s the case, who is her husband? If that’s not the case, who is her boyfriend? What kind of relationship do they have? All of the answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Is Anna Shaffer Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Let’s talk about Anna’s marital status. Is she married or not? Well, she isn’t married. She is currently dating a guy named Jimmy H. Stephenson. Shaffer has been in a long-term relationship with Jimmy. Since 2015, they’ve been dating. It’s been nearly six years since the two have been together.

Anna Shaffer is currently dating Jimmy H. Stephenson.
Anna Shaffer wishing birthday to her boyfriend on Instagram.
Photo Source: Instagram

There is no more information about her boyfriend, Jimmy. However, she posts images of her lover on Instagram regularly. They come together for vacations and picnics. Shaffer frequently shares photos of the two of them attending ceremonies and important events together on Instagram.

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Jim also posted a picture of him and Anna having dinner together on his birthday. Shaffer also shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram, enjoying their first anniversary. The photographs proved the deep friendship they post on social media. The couple frequently uses such occasions as an opportunity to display their excellent love and dedication for one another.

Will This Marvelous Couple Go All the Way To Tie A Knot?

After meeting each other’s parents, Anna and Jim’s long-term relationship progressed to the next level. They’ve kept up an excellent relationship with each other’s families since then, and they frequently celebrate significant occasions together. As a result, we can assume that their relationship is still going strong and will not be splitting up anytime soon.

Anna Shaffer and Jimmy are planning to get married.
Anna Shaffer with her boyfriend, Jimmy H. Stephenson.
Photo Source: Instagram

The love birds were about to marry on March 12, 2021. But unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, the plan couldn’t accuse. Anna wrote on Instagram, captioning, “today was supposed to be the day we got married down the registry office with our parents (because… f****** hell, joy please!) but COVID had other plans. Ah well. I was gonna wear this dress, so I figured I’d wear it anyway, and we’d drink champagne all day. Swings and roundabouts.”

The love life of Anna and Jim is an example of long-lasting relationships. They inspire people who have faith in true love. We want to see the lovebirds tie up their knot so that they can strengthen each other’s, deep love.

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