Allison Wardle is a photographer from Canada who loves traveling a lot. Most people know her because she used to be married to a famous Canadian actor named Graham Wardle.

Allison Wardle And Graham Wardle Were Married For Three Years

The gorgeous lady Allison and her ex-husband, Graham Wardle, got married in April 2015. They had a small wedding with their close friends and family, even though Graham was famous.

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Allison Wardle was married to Graham Wardle. Image Source: Pinterest

Moreover, the love mates never really talked about how they met, but it was clear they cared for each other during their time together. Allison was 42, six years older than the Supernatural actor, who was 36 when they got married.

In addition, the celebrity pair’s marriage didn’t last long, even though they seemed happy at first. They ended up getting divorced in 2018, but they never said why.

Meanwhile, Graham talked about the divorce in a Facebook Live video in 2020 but didn’t say much because he wanted to respect their privacy.

After the breakup, the star spouse kept a low profile. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, they both seem to be doing okay now and moving forward.

Is Allison Wardle Active On Social Media?

Even though Wardle is married to a famous person, she likes to keep her life quiet and doesn’t share much online. She doesn’t have social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

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Allison Wardle is not active on the internet. Image Source: Pinterest

However, Her ex, Grave Halloween actor Graham, is the opposite. He’s active on social media like Instagram and Facebook, where he shares about his life, job, podcasts, and friends. Likewise, he has amassed over 422 thousand followers with the username @grahamwardle.

What Is Allison Wardle’s Net Worth?

The celebrity ex-partner Allison keeps her life pretty private, even though she was married to the famous Canadian star Graham. Not much is known about her stuff, but they say she might have around $400,000.

Similarly, Hudson actor Wardle, Allison’s ex, is a big deal in Canada. He’s an actor, filmmaker, director, and writer. You might know him as Ty Borden from the TV show Heartland. Most of his money comes from acting, ads, and stuff like that, and he’s said to have about $3 million too.

Apart from acting, the charming personage owns quite a few properties. He’s got a fancy house in Los Angeles worth about $2.5 million. There’s also a ranch in Canada, in Alberta, that’s worth around $1.5 million.

Allison Wardle’s Early Life

Allison, who was originally Allison Poff, was born in 1980, which makes her 43 years old now. She grew up in Canada and is Caucasian.

However, there isn’t a lot known about her early life—like where she went to school, details about her family, or her childhood. Information about her parents, siblings, or what she achieved in school is hard to find.

Short Bio On Graham Wardle

The big-name Wardle is a famous guy from Canada. He acts in shows and movies, takes pictures, and makes films. You might know him best as Ty Borden from the TV series Heartland opposite Michelle Morgan( Derek Tisdelle‘s wife).

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Allison Wardle’s ex-husband Graham Wardle with his friend. Image Source: Instagram@grahamwardle

Likewise, the TV star grew up in New Westminster, near Vancouver, with five siblings. Graham started his TV career after a chance meeting at an audition for a toy commercial in 1998. His first show was an episode of a series called The Sentinel.

In 2007, Graham got a role in a movie with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody (Arlo Day Brody‘s father) called In the Land of Women. That same year, he was picked to be Ty Borden in the show Heartland. His acting in Heartland got him nominated three times for a Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Guy in a Dramatic Series in 2009, 2010, and 2012.

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Besides acting, the household name also makes movies. He’s worked on three short films Under Pressure: A Story of Microscopic Stakes, The Vessel, and Mi Madre, My Father. In 2013, he started a production company called Lone Maverick. They’re busy making their first film called Cold Lights.

To add more, Graham also wrote a book called Find Your Truth. He’s big on supporting human rights and runs a podcast called Time Has Come. He does videos on Cameo and likes doing nice things for people.

Graham Wardle’s Role In Heartland

The TV star Graham became famous for playing Ty Borden in the show Heartland on CBC. He kicked off his acting journey in 2007 when he got the role of Ty.

But after being Ty for 13 seasons, Wardle decided to leave the show in 2021. He had told the creator of the show, Murray Shostak, about his decision two years before it happened. Wardle felt it was time for a change in his career. His co-star, Amber Marshall, supported his choice and mentioned how Ty’s story would still be significant for the show’s future.

To wrap up Ty’s storyline, the show decided to have his character die from a gunshot wound and a blood clot at the start of Season 14. Wardle’s departure from the show was a surprising and emotional moment that really shocked the show’s fans.

How Is Allison Wardle’s Professional Life?

Even though she’s famous because of her relationship with Wardle, she doesn’t talk much about what she does for work. It’s tough to find details about her job because she likes to keep that part of her life private.

Some people think Allison might be into photography and loves traveling, but it’s not confirmed.

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