Aaron McClelland Gamble is known as a famous person from a well-known family and is the younger half-brother of the basketball superstar LeBron James.

Aaron McClelland Gamble’s Wiki/ Bio

Aaron McClelland Gamble was born on May 31, 1987, in Akron, Ohio, USA, and he’s Afro-American. His dad is Anthony McClelland, but there isn’t any info about his mom.

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Aaron McClelland Gamble is currently 36 years old. Image Source: Pinterest

Similarly, Aaron’s got a famous brother, LeBron James, and a sister, but there’s not much known about her. Both LeBron and his half-brother grew up without their biological dad around.

What Is Aaron McClelland Gamble’s Relationship Status?

We don’t know if McClelland is dating someone because he hasn’t said anything about his personal life. However, the renowned personality is a dad to a daughter, but we don’t know who her mom is.

She puts up pictures of his daughter on social media, and it seems like they’re close. Similarly, the celebrity brother doesn’t talk a lot about his personal life; he likes to keep things private.

Aaron’s Half-Brother, LeBron James Is Happily Married

LeBron and Savannah Brinson have been together for over 10 years! They first met when LeBron was 17 and Savannah was 16 in high school.

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LeBron James with his family. Image Source: Instagram@kingjames

After chatting on the phone, the athlete asked Brinson to one of his basketball games. They went out with friends to a local Applebee’s, and their first real date was at an Outback Steakhouse. Verna Aho is also the wife of NBA star  Lauri Markkanen.

When Hustle producer went pro in 2003, Savannah was pregnant. They welcomed their first son, LeBron James Jr., aka “Bronny,” on October 6, 2004. Three years later, their second son, Bryce Maximus, was born.

In 2010, the Smallfoot star signed with the Miami Heat, so he and Savannah moved there. They got married on September 14, 2013, in San Diego, California. Also, Beyoncé and Jay-Z even performed “Crazy in Love” at their reception! In 2014, their daughter Zhuri Nova was born.


The 36-year-old McClelland Gamble is James’ half-brother, but he’s chosen a different path for his career. While LeBron is a huge success in basketball, Aaron’s life and career are more private.

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LeBron James on his dashing arttire. Image Source: Instagram@kingjames

Moreover, the siblings duo’s father, Anthony, is Aaron and LeBron’s father, but he’s not in the spotlight and isn’t part of professional basketball. That’s why there’s not much info out there about Aaron’s early life or what he does for work.

Since their dad isn’t into basketball, it’s likely the celebrity brother picked a career outside the basketball world. But because he’s not in the public eye like his brother, there isn’t any info available about what he’s achieved in his career or how much money he has.

Why Is LeBron James Famous?

The 38-year-old LeBron is a famous basketball player from America, and right now, he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s made history in the NBA many times and is known as one of the best players ever. Throughout his career, he’s done some incredible things on the court and earned a lot of praise for how well he plays.

At 38 years old, the big name is the oldest player in the NBA and holds the record for the most points scored in NBA history. He started playing professionally when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 and won the Rookie of the Year Award in his first season.

Likewise, the TV star helped the Cavaliers get to the NBA Finals in 2007, but they didn’t win—they lost to the San Antonio Spurs. In 2010, he said he was going to play for the Miami Heat. He was a big part of the team winning two championships in a row, in 2012 and 2013.

Then, in 2014, Trainwreck star went back to the Cavaliers and led them to their first-ever championship win in 2016. He was named the Finals MVP and said he came back to help the city win a championship.

In addition, the TV star’s been chosen for the All-Star team 19 times, been part of the All-NBA Team 19 times (13 times in the First Team), and made it to the All-Defensive Team six times. LeBron has won four Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, four Finals MVP Awards, three All-Star Game MVP Awards, and was the first-ever NBA Cup MVP.

Besides, James is the only player in NBA history to score over 39,000 career points and is close to reaching 40,000 points soon.

Net Worth Collection

The star sibling Gamble is famous for being the younger half-brother of basketball superstar LeBron James. There is no details regarding his net worth and assets as of now.

However, the NBA player LeBron has amassed a whopping net worth of $600 million and owns a bunch of properties all over. He’s got a $23 million mansion in Los Angeles, a $9 million home in Akron, Ohio, and a $21 million estate in Brentwood, California. He’s also got a $37 million mansion in Coconut Grove, Florida.

What’s more, the 6 feet 9 inches tall athlete is not just into properties; he’s invested in lots of businesses too. He’s in a production company, a media company, a bike-sharing one, and even a pizza franchise. He’s also got a share in the Liverpool Football Club.

Social Media Presence

McClelland is on Instagram, but his account is private at the moment. His Instagram username is @ya_boi_ag, and he has about 921 people following him as of 2023.

Meanwhile, LeBron’s Instagram, @kingjames, has over 159 million followers. He is also available on Twitter with the username @KingJames.

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